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22 comments to “Too Far? Ricky Gervais Makes Offensive Down Syndrome Joke On Twitter”

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    then I guess he is a neandrathol.

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    you american idiots with your fear of words. get over it.

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    people need to stop looking for things to be offended by. also, the term "mong" refers to the people of mongolia, who's facial features often resemble those with down's syndrome.
    it's also a hilarious light hearted insult which has been used in the uk for the last 30 years plus. i call my husband a mong every day, which is no less than he deserves. its a word…chill.

  5. 5

    Re: RDylan – Mmhmm that's great but guess what "mong" is BRITISH slang… No one in the US even knows what that means. LOL

  6. 6

    Schmuck still means schmuck.

    Another idiot celebrity who doesn't have the sense to know how to behave in 'public.' It's for schmucks like this that the PC movement had to be dreamed up…. idiots who refuse to show other people RESPECT & insist it's some kind of civil "right" to be intentionally hurtful to other people.

  7. 7

    Mong is a shortened version…unless some racist rant trying to hurt s/one why give words so much power?

  8. 8

    People really need to stop getting their panties in a bunch over everything. Instead of focusing on what other people are doing focus on yourself. If you don't like certain words don't use them, but I will say whatever I want, because it's my choice not yours.

  9. 9

    Well, most people who get offended by those things should know then that doctors between doctors themselves call down syndrome people with the calificative "retard" and not "special" as people would like. If you even grab a medicine book many times you will see words like "abomination" for certain deformities and the word "retard" for people with down syndrome…. but I bet if I say it just as a commoner or a doctor says that in front of a parent the world would end.
    I can understand why he used the word "mong" in the joke, in fact, without that 'slang' it wouldnt even make sense.

  10. 10

    I always thought that the moma's boy looking Food Network show's star, Guy Fieri was a bit girly with that bleached hair. He looks nasty. He doesn't wash his hands on the show either. ughhhhh!

  11. 11

    Food Network show's star, Guy Fieri is a smartass girly man with fried white hair.

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    Oh come on.

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    People need to Get Over It!!!! For goodness sake the PC police are bloody everywhere these days - Get a Grip People!!!!

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    It doesn't look like he's trying to change the meaning with that picture. And I wasn't aware one person alone could change the meeting of a word. Seems to me he's trying to cover his ass because we know it's impossible for him to apologize. Ever.

  16. 16

    He has the freedom to say it and others have the freedom to get angry. That's freedom for you

  17. 17

    I don't really think it is offensive in the UK. it may be a different story in the US. But yes I really don't see any offense in the word, it really is used all the time usually talking about being drunk e.g. " Oh my god I was so monged last night". or just the same as affectionately calling someone an idiot same as the words "Wally, Plank,Pillock" etc.

  18. 18

    he looks retarded himself so i dont think he should throw stones..

  19. 19

    if no one is 'familiar' with it, then what's the problem…a word gets its meaning from usage…if it is not used it has no meaning. in this case, no one uses it so it has no meaning.

  20. 20

    its not offensive in the UK and isn't used as a derogatory term for those with Downs Syndrome. Its just a word used to mean 'idiot' etc people really need to stop being so sensitive…its not like he even used it in the context of Downs Syndrome. Get a grip

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    Here is the thing, I think a lot of people are oversensitive about a lot of topics. With that being said, it is not cool to sit there and make fun of a certain group of people. Get creative when getting funny. Thats not funny. And if he is trying to say that words have different meanings, did he actualy stop and tell us what he meant by that then, while making a rediculous face? Clearly he meant what everyone was acusing him of. But listen, you have to be strong within yourself and not let things people say define who you are. Clearly this is an example of extreme ignorance.

  22. 22

    Everyone should stop getting so offended about everything. That being said, Perez and his liberal minions had no problems with making fun of, making derogatory remarks about or laughing at Sarah Palin's down syndrome son. However, they all get offended at gay slurs. Go figure!