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Sister Act Is Missing Some Whoopi On Broadway!

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Perez caught Sister Act on Broadway on Wednesday night, and while we were very happy we saw the show and we enjoyed it….

We were underwhelmed by the production!

The biggest problem is that while Patina Miller, who plays the Whoopi role, is clearly very talented, she doesn't have the star quality needed to carry a show like this on her shoulders!

Miller was good but not great. Maybe she was tired from the matinee earlier in the day? Maybe not.

The video we posted above doesn't change our opinion of her in this role.

This character is tailor-made for someone like a Beyonce. She needs to be THAT GOOD! And, unfortunately, Patina Miller is not.

In fact, there wasn't anyone that was exceptionally good in the production! Everyone was good enough but not GREAT. And, for that, we blame director Jerry Zaks and the casting folks.

The only performance we really liked was Lael Van Keuren as Sister Mary Roberts. She was really really good! And, even though her part had a great arc and she had a showstopping number, if she wasn't able to deliver the lines and songs as well as she did, it wouldn't have flown!

Lael is actually the understudy for Sister Mary Roberts. She was hungry and had something to prove!

The same couldn't be said for Jennifer Allen, the understudy for Mother Superior, who went on in place of Victoria Clark, who was out for the performance we saw.

Allen was kinda just okay. We're bummed we missed Clark, as we had heard great things about her performance.

The music, by Allen Menken with lyrics by Glenn Slater - was really good. We just wish the production was as good!

Also very enjoyable, though, was the amazing set design!

The costumes, like most of the show, was good but not great.

Oh, and because we care, the volume for the vocals AND orchestra should be a little louder. And the temperature in the theater should be a little cooler!

Overall, though, it was an enjoyable experience!

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9 comments to “Sister Act Is Missing Some Whoopi On Broadway!”

  1. yeez says – reply to this


    What a bitchy, passive aggressive review. Guess the bully could only keep up the nice act for so long.

  2. 2

    I have worked as a theatrical designer for my entire adult life. I have come to deeply dislike some of the "stunt casting" that has been happening on the new Disney Broadway.

    If Beyonce had been the lead, would you have judged the rest of the production as poorly? Rather than relying on starpower to sell mediocre shows that will run for a year, I wish there were more new musicals being well crafted, well produced, and properly cast with stage - not film actors or music stars. Yes, there are exceptions, like Hugh Jackman, who truly are both. However, they are rare.

    I can't decide if your reviews this week have been deliberately for the lowest common denominator, of if you truly represent the majority of audience members. Either way, I'm disappointed.

  3. says – reply to this


    Re: MikeTheGoldfish – No, I didn't say cast Beyonce. I said cast someone AS GOOD as her.

  4. 4

    "The costumes, like most of the show, was good but not great."

    I see what you mean. They all look the same…..oh wait. *rolls eyes*

  5. 5

    This is Whoopi's show, fron start to finish
    You dont think that for one second she would let anyone be better than she was
    , which wouldn't be too hard to do
    Same thing happened with Color Purple, Big O made sure the woman playing her part, was not as good as she was in the film

    Is's a shame, that vanity does that to insecure people

  6. 6

    Patine is incredibly fierce with a voice to match. You're out of your mind. Stay away from the Broadway.

  7. 7

    You are crazy. The woman was nominated for a Tony and she has an incredible voice with tremendous power. After reading all your reviews this week I am convinced you know very little about Broadway. Stick to LaLaLand.

  8. 8

    You really have no talent for theater criticism and apparently little understanding of legitmate theater. Stick to gossip.

  9. pj88 says – reply to this


    Although, I do agree with some points… I strongly object to Patina Miller not being able to carry this show. I totally disagree. Patina is a star and has an incredible voice. I also saw Jennifer Allen in the role as Mother Superior and although I was dissappointed not to see Victoria Clark, Allen was wonderful and very suited for the role. Costumes and set were fantastic and the actor who played the nephew of the Deloris's boyfriend was hillarious.
    The biggest problem with this show is that it should have never been written to take place in the 70's. Although the same basic plot is that of the movie, I felt it strayed to far from the original which is dissappointing. Overall, it's a GREAT show and people should go see the show when they are in NYC.

    (oh.. and the actor who played the priest is wonderful as well!)