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The Kardashians Vs The Obamas: America's Famous Families At War!

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Oh goodness! Two of the most powerful families in the nation are at odds. Who will come out on top? (Anyone else got their money on the family worth almost a billion dollars?)

The Kadashian family is a bit miffed with President Obama after he told the press that he doesn't allow his daughters to watch the family's E! reality shows. Michelle Obama made mention of her husband's position just recently at an event, saying that the President feels there is nothing to be gained or "learned" from watching the Kardashian girls on TV.

Well, wind of this has reached Kardashian manor and the fam is none-too-pleased to hear that the White House is not a fan of theirs. In fact, sources report that the family is extra ""surprised" by the news because President Obama personally told Khloe Kardashian when they met last year that he thought Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a "great show."

Would they be as equally surprised if we told them we think he was just being nice? You know, politics is all about playing to a crowd. He probably was just being polite.

Regardless of what he said or didn't say, the family maintains that his two daughters could actually learn a lot by watching Khloe, Kim and Kourtney's lives unfold on TV. They feel it could teach these young girls, who are similarly growing up in the public eye, how to deal with real-life problems such as healthy, relationships and fame.

What do U think? Do the Kardashians have a point or should the Obama's stay firm and keep their kids away from the show?

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50 comments to “The Kardashians Vs The Obamas: America's Famous Families At War!”

  1. 1

    lol, like there any better than the Kardashians, anyway, I thought they only had bet on at the white house

  2. 2

    #1 you're an idiot.
    Nice to know some parents care about family values and personal substance. The Obama's are people with a social minded awareness that is wholly lacking in the Kardasian universe (some like something from Star Trek ;o).

  3. 3

    What do I think? You're an idiot!

  4. 4

    Are you freaking kidding me this? It's mindless television. The only thing people can learn from that show is how to be a whore and earn millions from it. That how Kim became famous anyway is starring an a adult video.

  5. 5

    Oh, genuine political show

  6. 6

    these girls are nothing but privileged b……

    if the president of our country's children acted like them, that would be worthy of impeachment. seriously. there would be something wrong with our country.

    it's sad enough that Kim is actually selfish enough to feel like it's okay to wear a wedding ring that could potentially save millions of lives as people are starving to death in Africa.

    It's actually SAD that they think the president's children should watch them. Honestly, what kind of f'n world do we live in.

    Not to mention, Kim makes every "most hated 'celebrity'" list. What a GREAT role model for America, let alone the nation's president's children.

    The fact that they would literally do ANYTHING for fame is ridiculous. Since when do people get famous from MOFO'n SEX TAPES then complain that the President of America doesn't like them?

    Honestly, sad.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    this bothers the Kardashians, hmmmm, has to be some kind of angle for publicity because I saw a news anchor make a mockery out of Kim and the ugly sister on t.v. and they laughed it off. I mean this guy really insulted them with his imitaiton of their naselly voices and their weird clothes but they want to talk about the President of the United States. I tell people things like "yes, that looks nice on you or yes your hair looks great," when it doesn't, it is just good manners and I am sure that Obama telling the tall fat one that he likes her show was just being polite. Kim has been compared to a urinal and the whole family has been labelled attention whores etc., but Obama's comment bothers them. I don't know why you American's keep watching these people and making them richer and richer. I have yet to hear about one act of charity that they have done. Did Kim donate the proceeds of her wedding pics to charity like Brad and Angelina did when they released thier baby pics…….hell no.

  9. 9

    ThHe Kardashians, representing what is wrong with this country. Right Obama wants his girls to watch the show and hear Chloe and her big mouth swearing up a storm. They Are So obnoxious When the three girls get Old, they are just going to look like three armenians with huge asses and short legs. They have to work so hard to steer clear of that now…

  10. 10

    I wouldn"t let my dog watch those immoral foul-mouthed tramps. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Obama is right!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Keep All children away from such 'reality' shows. Period. Study's show girls who watch those shows display more aggressive behaviour and are more focused on their appearance rather than substance. If there's anything to be gained from those shows, it's money for actually on those shows and for the rest of us, they serve as a warning of what Not to do, how Not to be. Sure, for adults, it's fun to watch others act like morons and to laugh and have fun with that. But kids can get that from Looney Tunes, not from adults in a position for role modeling.
    Have a look on You Tube for: "Miss Representation": Official Trailer for more on that topic- girls and positive image vs reality shows etc. Tis a good watch.

  13. 13

    Are you kidding me? His daughters are not going to learn anything by watching that show. All you see in the commercials are crass statements, some naked photo shoots, whining, and attitude.

  14. 14

    Go Obama!! He is absolutely right. The only thing to learn from this show is how to be vain, materialistic, money hungry, and make lots of money showing your T&A off. Very valuable lessons for young girls today, it is so……..real.

  15. 15

    I could not agree with the Obama's more…… although I enjoy watching them at times, which is FINE because I am an adult, when my kids are old enough to know better then they can watch whatever they want. Parents aren't as active in supervising what their children watch….. then they wonder why they behave the way they do.

  16. 16

    are u kidding? KIM KARDASHIAN's "FAME" STARTED WITH A SEX TAPE, they, including the mom are all unrealistic spoiled whores… modern day stars= super rich spoiled trash buckets
    old hollywood is dead

  17. 17

    oh yea and obama also said yes to change

  18. 18

    i still have no clue why those ugly whores on even ON TV ?? Who the fuck are they? Why should we care about them because they daddy was a lawyer? Is that it? I really dont know. WHAT is it that makes them worthy of my time? absolutely nothing, which is why I've never watched the show and never will. Had it not been for Perez constantly featuring these dim wits, I'd never have known who they were at all.

  19. 19

    Neither is particularly interesting

  20. yeez says – reply to this


    I can't IMAGINE why he wouldn't want his daughters to watch a woman who is famous for getting pissed on. How unreasonable of him.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Obama better stick to his point saying he doesn't allow his girls to watch their show. I will be so mad if he issues an apology to the Kardashians about how their show is "terrific" or whatever. The Kardashians are just rich trash. "They feel it could teach these young girls, who are similarly growing up in the public eye, how to deal with real-life problems such as healthy, relationships and fame." Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If I grew up and acted at all like the way the Kardashians do I would have been kicked out of my house. They're so foul.

  23. 23

    I'm not a mother yet but if I was, my children certainly wouldn't be watching any of these crap reality shows. Especially not at the ages of Obama's kids when they're so young and impressionable. It hadn't even occured to me that they would think their show was appropriate for children, it's clearly not.

  24. 24

    Why would you let a little girl and preteen watch those nasty whores? The big "man" or Khloe is really vulgar. There's a reason people call her a man (besides her manly figure) it's her dusgusting mouth. The older one is with a real creepy Ted Bundy type and she's no saint either..got knocked up by this serial killer. Kim is as plastic and phoney as her Botox face..and that mother..god that mother…she doesn't need to dress up for Halloween..she's scary as is….

  25. 25

    He never said it wasn't a good show. He said the show was inappropriate for his young daughters, and it is. I think the Kardashian response was amusing. Stating that the show can teach girls how to handle real life situations. You know, like "Should I drive the Bentley today? "My sex tape leaked, what should I do now?", "Let's x-ray my butt so I can prove I don't have implants." Situations we could all use some help on.

  26. 26

    "They feel it could teach these young girls, who are similarly growing up in the public eye, how to deal with real-life problems such as healthy, relationships and fame."

    Ok…wait just one god damn second.

    1) 'teach?' The idea that the Kardashians could teach any one anything is ridiculous.
    2) "similarly growing up in the public eye"– The Kardashians didn't grow up in the public eye, they got famous 5 or 6 years ago because Kim fucked Ray-J on camera.
    3) "How to deal with life"– Their idea of 'dealing with problems' is buying shit they don't need. How inspirational for a young girl. Stuff=happiness.
    4) 'Healthy Relationships' Like that time Kim Fucked Ray-J on camera. Or that they all fucked the entire NBA. Or that she married some guy she barely knew then sold the rights to her wedding to the highest bidder. That's a healthy relationship right there….
    5) 'Fame' The kardashians bought their fame by selling their bodies, souls and self respect.

    The obama girls are, what, 10? 12? They are not old enough to be watching such vapid crap.The kardashians have a pathology where they must be more famous than everyone else. But at the end of the day the Obama girls go into the history books, and the kardashians will end up as dusty relics in a wax museum. Forgotten.

  27. GIO says – reply to this


    Kardashians are one of the most powerful families? Nice…I almost threw up.

  28. 28

    Could have something to do with the filthy garbage that comes out of the Kardashian's mouth's. Pure trash.

  29. 29

    So he doesn't want his girls to watch Kardashians- What's wrong with that? He is being a good parent. The Kardashians is not a show for kids in school or for the entire family to sit together and watch!
    As a grown up and in polite conversation if he told one of the sisters he likes their show that is different. Don't understand what the ho ha is about?

  30. 30

    So he doesn't want his girls to watch Kardashians- What's wrong with that? He is being a good parent. The Kardashians is not a show for kids in school or for the entire family to sit together and watch!
    As a grown up and in polite conversation if he told one of the sisters he likes their show that is different. Don't understand what the ho ha is about!

  31. Eilee says – reply to this


    K's the most powerful family in the nation???????

    REALLY_ not in My country USA. They are gross.

  32. KAB38 says – reply to this


    This family is so full of themself.. what are young girls going to learn how to be snobby bitches.. to think life is grand these girls are attention seekers.and noting but snobs.. they think becuz they have money they are above the law.. if it werent for kim nasty sex/pron tape these snobs would be nothing. i cant wait til they fade away..but if that happens i bet all of a sudden another sex tape would be back out there

  33. 33

    And this is the president of the United States?! Never in my life did I think we would have a celebrity as the President of my country! I know this is about him and his family NOT watching the show, but why is Obama and Kardashian in the same sentence?! I don't remeber George W. Bush ever being in the celebrity magazines on a weekly basis. Now I'm not saying Bush was a greeat president, but I am saying her was not a celebrity, he was a president! Obama is more worried about being famous than he is making our country a better place!

  34. free says – reply to this


    If dumbing down the US is your goal, please have your children watch series like The Kardashians and Jersey Shore as much as they like- and feed them fast food at the same time to poison their bodies & brains even more. If you care about the world you and they live in- and would like it to become better, not worse- teach them independent thinking, respect and compassion and help them study to find a job where they can use their talents -and I'm not talking BJ's- so they earn a living working hard and honestly and maybe -heaven forbid- even do some volunteer or charity work on the side. This way you create a world that's good for everybody to live in, not just a select few. Amen.

  35. 35

    I think Michelle is pissed off that the Kadashians have snagged some very hot/rich black men for husband
    And speaking of being pissed off, she was not happy to see the video of Kim getting pissed on

  36. 36

    the kardashians are a bunch of god damn dipsticks. there is nothing to learn from their idiotic television show, and in fact only causes people to lose BRAIN CELLS. i despise that family and find it pathetic that they are paid to act like morons.

  37. 37

    Perez, are you kidding with all this coverage on the Kardashians?? What's with you and that family? You want to get more political why don't you blog on the families that cant feed their children and are still struggling to find jobs, rather than a "billion" dollar family? What good do they put into the world? Their clothing lacks any innovation or design, and that's on top of horrible fabric. Their books, really? I don't even need to comment on this. Everything else they do is a complete joke. They do NOTHING for anyone except themselves. Now I've read your blog everyday for the past 7 years, but honestly what value is it really bringing to me and everyone else. Especially, when you talk about garbage like this.

  38. 38

    Good for President and Mrs. Obama. Lots of parents monitor the TV of their children, it's called ACTIVE PARENTING. It's an odd concept to most. TEAM OBAMA!

  39. 39

    President> fame whores

  40. 40

    Kardashians are trash! Only reason they're famous is thanks to Kim's sex tape with a black guy aka Ray Jay.

  41. 41

    Seriously??? The Kardashians think their show is appropriate for children? Give me a break. One of them is in the fakest marriage ever…another is dependent on a man who is not only an alcoholic, but seriously has issues with her family, and a third has no filter on what comes out of her mouth…Yeah, that may be a show for adults, but not for children and all the Kardoucheian's need to get their egos out of their assess and suck it up. YOU'RE FAMOUSE BECAUSE OF A SEX TAPE AND AN OLYMPIC ATHELETE WHO CAN'T SAY NO TO PLASTIC SURGERY….I think Mr. President wants his children to aspire to more.

  42. 42

    Re: HILRAY – I hope you believe in God and you burn in h*ll.

  43. 43

    This just gave me more respect for him.

  44. 44

    Did anyone stop to think that The Obama objection isn't to content, but to age appropriateness of the show???

  45. 45

    the girls are too young to be exposed to the kardasian ways of life

  46. 46

    Re: MR Pete – Huh? Seriously STFU. You sound like a retard :/

  47. 47

    He is totally right. His kids are way to young to watching it. I have only seen it a couple of times and I thought it was too much. They talk about adult things and the Obama kids don't need to be watching that. Seriously can't kids be kids anymore. I actually agree with President Obama!

  48. 48

    He's right. What in the hell are the girls gonna learn from the Kardashians? How to make your family crazy famous and rich by making a sex tape? Then say your embarrassed by what happend only to turn around later and pose for Playboy? Oh, and the mom posed too. How to get exposure in press by having a boyfriend, then husband act like a public ass to people when boozed up? Yeah, sounds very educational for young teenage daughters of a president.

  49. 49

    You are so fucking stupid.. really ? You think those girls can learn something from watching that show? How to act like a spoiled brat and not appreciate anything? Yeah they can learn to be fame-hungry and flaunt their riches and act like they are royalty of this nation.. haaaaaaaaaaaaa… whoever says they are royalty needs to be shot.. I hate Kim's stuck up self-envy self.. you is so self-centered it is crazy to watch her.. I can't believe someone can be so stuck on material as much as she and be so ungrateful for what she has… don't even get me started on her mother.. all these bitches care about is money and business it is painful.. and i'm surprised that they are surprised because if they would actually read blogs outside of their own pages, they would see that everyone pretty much hates them.. -_-

  50. 50

    Besides the fact that they are not exactly good role models for girls, based on clips I have seen, kids that young should not even watch the show based on the content. There is sexual content, swearing, Nudity/partial nudity and often the cast is engaged in partying and drinking and violent behavior. As a Father, and as all parents should be doing…young kids should not be watching the show! Like he said, there is nothing to be gained or learned!