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THE HORNED GAGA RETURNS! Check Out The Album Art And Tracklist For Born This Way: The Remix!

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The HORNED GAGA, dipped in Ivan Ooze, has returned for all of her Little Monsters!

Check out the just-released cover art of Lady GaGa's new remix album, Born This Way: The Remix, featuring our Mother Monster one again dressed in GAK and carrying a heel in her mouth, as well as the accompanying DVD compilation collection, Born This Way: The Collection featuring even more slime and ferocity (above)!


More than a little avante garde, but there's no denying it - these portraits are STUNNING!

And check out the tracklist for The Remix album…AFTER THE JUMP!

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29 comments to “THE HORNED GAGA RETURNS! Check Out The Album Art And Tracklist For Born This Way: The Remix!”

  1. 1

    horned? she is no sex symbol perez.she is ugly as fuck thats why she has to be always covered like a clown. noone cares for this woman.shes so BORING AND PREDICTABLE.next

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Satanic not stunning.

  4. 4

    Re: lington – says you she has plenty of fans just cause you dont like her doesnt mean the world fades to black

  5. 5

    When is this attention whoring satanic chick going to stop all of this?
    She is filled with ego and she is so pretentious! She needs to get off her high horse

  6. 6

    STUNNING?!?! You ARE kidding, right?? What the hell IS that? I'm all for trying to be different but this woman continues to make an ass out of herself. She looks like the alien that ripped out of Sigourney Weaver's stomach. And that's probably the look she was going for.

    What I find so incredibly sad and pathetic is she truly is talented. She does NOT need to keep doing these hideous gimmicks to get attention.

  7. 7

    Where's the tracklisting?

  8. 8

    Boy, you gays are so fucking easy, like a lost hungry puppy, will follow anything that shows you the least bit of attention. SO, to recap, let's get this straight. She has made 2 "Albums", but has released each one many times, labeling it a remix. Remix is what rappers with very little talent do, the remix in good artist to make themselves sound better. This nasty no tittie whore is pathetic, but hell, why not make millions more on the same exact shit if the gays will fork over more money. Your cocksuckers are SUCKERS!!!!

  9. 9

    I swear she's paying you to kiss her ass. She is absolutely not unique and she's a hypocrite. She preaches that people are "born this way" but yet she goes under the knife to fix things SHE was born with: i.e. her nose. You little "monsters" can use whatever excuse you want like contouring, angles, or whatever to make it seem like she's all natural, but it's all bullshit. As for these pictures, they're absolute trash. She looks ridiculous and at this point it's just getting old. I don't buy for a single second that she's actually anything like she's portraying herself to be.

  10. 10

    Once again, she looks stupid. I am so over her. I have a lot of friends who used to love her and now can't stand her because of all the stupid shit she does. Stop being an attention whore. She can have a great career with her music alone. If she keeps up this stupid shit, she won't have any more fans.

  11. GIO says – reply to this



  12. 12

    Re: GIO
    Who gives a rat's ass???

  13. 13

    The second picture with the hat and goo is AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. FS says – reply to this



    The Japanese are making Gaga scarecrows to scare away crows. That is how ugly she is.

  15. 15

    SHE IS A MUSIC/FASHION TITAN! The second pic is probably the best shot I've ever seen for an album. She will continue to be the Queen of pop as long as she keeps doing what she's doing.

  16. barny says – reply to this


    The sooner this ugly (not sure if it's man are woman) Publicity seeking whore going to stumble off the stage break her neck and die.Sooner the better.

  17. 17

    These were images on the cutting room floor that they offer up as new and exciting.

  18. 18

    The remix albums that her pr team push. She releases them with each single sometimes two to one single. Monsters say it's cause she loves them but tell me this why does she release her album as edited with out telling her fans and the release the normal explicit album a couple months later. To generate album sales and make money it's what it's all about with her. She did that with two albums in a row. Open your eyes.

  19. 19

    Gross! luking like a smely dirty beggar.not apealing AT ALL!!!second one nice though,cul in a traditional 'gaga' sort of way.i sort of prefer the overdresed gaga than the underdresed

  20. 20

    Over exposed and under dressed, stop trying so hard.

  21. 21

    Re: hoochpit – HAHAHA! You're AN IDIOT! I'm gay and i HATE this BITCH and her HIDEOUS attention whoring. Hideos face, hideos outfits, hideous bitch! ;) U straight guys are so stupid! :D

  22. 22

    Re: brienna92 – Born this Way (the album and the songs on it) isn't edited, I bought it in the first couple of weeks of release. The only editing is in Government Hooker and is stylistic in nature, there won't be an explicit version of that song, there isn't much profanity in her lyrics in any event but what little there is comes unedited. However, the lyrics book IS edited, I have no idea why that should be…

  23. 23

    YAWN… please ur just like an annoyance now

  24. china says – reply to this


    i`m laughing my ass off that they call this mess "art".
    it`s a optic nightmare!

    it`s not art, it`s not stunning, it`s not gorgeous - it`s plain UGLY.
    and even worse: you could even replace caca buy a random girl that`s not so terribly hard on the eyes, it wouldn`t make it any better.

    though emptying a bucket of shit over caca`s head is a fetching idea that crossed my mind not for the first time…

  25. 25

    Re: lington – I dont think he meant it in a sex symbol way but in a Satanic way!

  26. 26

    WOoHOo i love it

  27. 27

    Re: lington – so FIRST OFF ALL he was talking about her horns, horned = horns, why are yu so stupid?? second of all, she is not ugly and only elementary school kids run around calling ppl ugly, so why don't yu practice some maturity??? and lastly… how is bleeding on stage PREDICTABLE? ever since she came out, all these other pop stars have been scrambling to keep up with her… and if anthing, she is NOT boring, nothing about ehr is boring and thats why yur here isn't it? either shes boring, or yur so boring yu hav nuthing else to do but comment on boring ppl. yu can't have it both ways. PEACE.

  28. 28

    Re: china – no yu fuckin idiot, just bc yu hav a narrow minded view of the world doesn't mean this isn't ART. i personally don't like the Mona Lisa, but that doesn't mean it's not ART. stop acting like you are the authority on what is art and what isn't!!

  29. 29

    PEOPLE if you don't like someone: why do you waste your time sitting at your computer talkign about them? doesn't it make more sense to do soemthing else with your time?? don't you realize that making fun of her like a fucking ten yr old buly ont he playground makes her MORE FAMOUS? i personally LOVE GAGA, and i don't like any other pop music but i don't run around making fun of it! get lives, act yur age, and stop showing yur asses!!!! and smh, most of yu are adults… SMH!!!