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Let Them Eat Cake?! Hell No! LiLo Springs For Lunch For The Entire Morgue Staff, But Dessert Is Turned Away!

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This is just beyond!

This afternoon, after arriving for her duties extra early, Lindsay Lohan decided to do something nice for the folks she's working with at the El Lay morgue. She popped for lunch, having her assistant bring In-N-Out Burger for the entire staff, and then had cupcakes delivered directly to the morgue from Magnolia Bakery.

So fancy! So generous! So … transparent, which is exactly why Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter had the cupcakes turned away upon delivery! After the treats were sent back, Winter explained to the press:

"It's unacceptable. We're not here to accept food."

ORLY? Then how come a barrell of burgers was able to pass through your doors unnoticed?! A source close to the situation reveals:

“Lindsay is attempting to make amends for her actions yesterday, and wanted to buy lunch from In-N-Out for the staff. It was important to her to do this, and she wants to just perform her court ordered community service at the morgue. She is taking this very seriously. Lindsay is interacting with staffers, and performing all duties as assigned. It's manual labor, but Lindsay isn't complaining. She is being a real trooper and has apologized for the media that is camped outside the building because of her."

Innerstingly enough, Lindsay actually denied having the cupcakes delivered to the morgue. Maybe she was embarrassed that her good deed went rightly punished.

It's nice to see that Lindsay is trying to make amends, but we think its important for her to learn that she can't buy her way out of this one. She has to work hard, be punctual and then we'll maybe she'll make the right impression to sway Judge Stephanie.

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Let Them Eat Cake?! Hell No! LiLo Springs For Lunch For The Entire Morgue Staff, But Dessert Is Turned Away!”

  1. 1

    So pathetic. You can't buy your way out of things. Nice try. How about you just get your sorry ass there, do your work, and quit being an entitled bitch?

  2. 2

    Gee, and I wonder who spread this story that she bought lunch for the morgue staff? Could it be Lindsay and her publicist? This is absolutely transparent and I really hope this will not be counted in her favour as she is, once again, trying to buy herself out of trouble. I'm glad that the Chief Coroner is seeing through her trite b.s. and not having any.

  3. 3

    omg. this is not worthy of a blog post. this is getting absolutely ridiculous.
    you need to stop focusing ON LINDSAY LOHAN. wow.

  4. 4

    "It's manual labor, but Lindsay isn't complaining. She is being a real trooper"
    Okay, this is just hilarious to me for some reason. It's painted out to seem like she is doing some scruciating work and she's suffering. Um, no it's real work everyone does it, but nobody is calling everyday workers "trooper".

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Getting into the spirit of the thing is fine, but being a competent and dependable worker is worth a lot more to them, and to her. Doing a good job could give her some needed esteem.

  6. 6

    Could she be any more pathetic or desperate? Clearly she does not realize that proabtion is not a popularity contest and that the judge is not going to care that you bought lunch. She should be focusing on the task at hand and thinking about how she ended up cleaning sheets soaked in shit rather then worrying about who wants fries with their burger. Not too mention how completely innapropriate it is to send cupcakes to a morgue where there are grieveing families coming to view their loved ones.

  7. 7

    God, Perez, you are a moralistic moron.

  8. 8

    I work there. Whatever the gesture it was not done for the entire staff. Burger please!

  9. 9

    Re: Babycakes!!! – You nailed it.

  10. 10

    Oh and just one more thing how the hell does she have time to order lunch if she is working so hard? Another source ( the three letter site) is reporting she had her assistant do the order which makes one ask wtf is her assistant doing there? Lindsay should not be having time to chat with anyone either in person or on the phone about anything as trival as lunch!

  11. 11

    Mario Somebody needs to drag you out and beat you senseless on a regular basis until you stop. I guess nature already took care of the senseless part.

  12. 12

    This dumb cun*t simply needs to do her job.

  13. 13

    In general, county workers are limited in the amount of "gifts" they can receive from a coworker. The burger probably met that limit. Given the circumstances here, however, the whole thing was inappropriate. Loser Lohan just needs to shut up, do the job, and get it done. Period.

  14. 14

    Ok, I am not a Lindsey Lohan fan and I think she should actually do more than 16 hours before next Wednesday, but I think everyone is being a little harsh. I have known people to mess up at work, home, etc, and to apologize they spring for lunch, dinner, etc. No big deal. So she bought lunch, if she didn't buy lunch or offer someone would call her a stingy bitch. LOL She can't win. And she probably bought it to sit down with everyone and talk to them, who knows.
    Also, in CA, you are to have a 15-20 minute break I believe for every 3 hours worked, and a one hour (optional lunch) for every 6. She probably had her break, talked to her assistant and went back to work.
    One last thing, I volunteer a children's hospital. Those nurses have all kinds of goodies coming theior way everyday. Cupcakes dropped off with balloons or a potluck, just at two parents are crying because their child died. It sucks, but the people who work in these positions need a little lifting up also. I highly doubt that the coroners office never had anything delivered to them.
    I think the Chief Coroner likes the attention and talking to the media. See his smirk on his face on Wednesday. He could have accepted the cupcakes and told lindsey to put them away and take them home, not to do it again, all behind closed doors. No, he had to make it a big thing and talk to media about it.
    I hope she gets it together, dyes her hair back to red and ditches her parents. But that is all up to her.

  15. 15

    Re: Babycakes!!! – its called breaks. california law.

  16. 16

    Re: Sick_girl – It's manual labor that we all do, but I do not work near blood, dead bodies, emotional individuales and I don't clean random toilets for a living. (i do volunteer at a hospital, but i mostly file and play with healthier children). You would call me a trooper too if I was sentenced to do that and wasn't complaining within earshot of someone. LOL

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    She can figure out that she's instrinsically valuable all on her own, without having to buy or give people stuff like she seems to have erroneously learned from other people.

  18. 18

    Re: @v@ – She has nobody who believes in her and it seems everyone wants her to fail. The Coroners office could've been adult and handled everything behind closed doors, yesterday and today, but oh no they had to hold a press conference and tell everyone they are telling the judge on her. who gives a shit, that should be between them and the judge not us.
    Between her fuck up parents, Her no good friends, and starting in Hollywood at such an early age, she is full of low self esteem and a sort of "fuck it" attitude that she wants to probably change, but emotionally can't for some reason.
    Shit, if i partied with my mom at 16 in the clubs, fought with my dad over money and dated Wilmer Valderram, i'd be fucked up too.

  19. 19

    Wtf is "Innerstingly"….
    I get why slang in used, and although in some cases it bothers, me if it makes it easier to text I am all for it… But how does changing an entire word look cool? I think it makes you look like a bigger douche then you already are. If it was a normal, accidental mispelling, I could look past it, but you actually mispelled your new word that you use all the time. Both "inneresting" and "Innerstingly" are not words you tool…

  20. 20

    DEAD bodies have dead energy it sticks to all people who touch them .. she needs to shower immediately on return to home i dont get why she has to work in the morgue thats just crazy forced to fiddle with the dead..

  21. 21

    What's up with her teeth? I know the drug use/cigarettes messed them up. Is she too broke to go to the dentist? She looks like crap, even with a head full of ugly looking extensions.