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The Roots Of Lindsay's Problems Continue To Exploit Her For Press! Michael Compares Himself To An 'Archangel!'

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It's moments like these when you realize that she never had a chance.

Lindsay Lohan is once up to her elbows in legal trouble, and of course, instead if bonding together as a normally family would under such intense media scrutiny, her mother, Dina Lohan, is reportedly pimping out a tell-all book that both exploits her daughter's drug addictions and blames everyone but herself!

Not to be outdone, of course, father Michael Lohan has all kinds of opinions on the matter, and is sharing them with anyone who will listen!

He says:

“Shame on you Dina. Well I guess making Lindsay sign a LIFETIME management agreement (taking 20 percent of everything she earns) at the age of 10, wasn't enough. No, it’s a book? A tell all? Well from what I read so far at least she's accurate about allowing Lindsay to go to LA at such a young age. BUT does she say it was against my wishes? Or it was with a runaway (NOT A GUARDIAN) who was only 19? Or that I told Dina and Lindsay to get away from the people Dina said were good kids, and then against my wishes, she allowed them in our own house. Kendra and AJ, who turned out to be the people who introduced Lindsay to drugs and even stalked her, were two of these people. While filming Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Dina actually tried to sneak Lindsay a Bellini (alcohol based drink), without me knowing. The kids would even say ‘Daddy, don't let mommy drink anymore.’ Meanwhile, I am the one who gets all the flack, along with being accused of selling Lindsay out, when I never took a penny. I have been saying these things all along. Why don't people speak out and put more pressure on Dina, to FINALLY do the right thing? Just put our differences aside for the sake of our kids and deal with our issues between us. When will people, including Lindsay, realize that DINA did this to Lindsay and it was DINA who destroyed our entire family? Because of her greed, alliance to her mother and brothers, (rather than us as a family) and desire to be famous, Lindsay is where she is today. All the pain, suffering and heartache is due to Dina and HER family, while me and MY family offered the stability and support Lindsay needed and needs, Dina and her family offered the opposite. For God’s sake, I look like Michael the Archangel compared to Dina’s two brothers, Paul and Matt Sullivan. Well, when it comes to the book (memoires) don’t count on Dina taking any blame or admitting that what she did destroyed Lindsay, her career and our other children. What you can count on is a take off of Matt Lauer’s interview, and the disgusting lies to the courts. Lindsay has a hard enough time dealing with her own issues at hand. Instead of dropping more bricks on her, why don’t you come clean and be the professed, ‘good Catholic’ you and your hypocritical family say you are? Mend the fences, HELP Lindsay, and offer the support two parents are supposed to offer the children we brought into the world? THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, YOUR FAMILY OR OUR DIFFERENCES; IT'S ABOUT ALL OF OUR CHILDREN, BUT FOR NOW, SAVING LINDSAY’S LIFE. NOT TAKING MORE FROM HER.”

Wow. Wow wow wow wow.

We don't even know where to BEGIN with that tirade of crazy!

Perhaps the comparing himself to archangel? The tirade of accusations? The Kanye caps?

For the record, the Lohan's tireless publicist, Steve Honig, has denied reports that Dina's book will exploit the hard-pAArtying former actress, and explains:

"Dina has not written a book yet and has not signed with a publisher. If and when that happens, her book would certainly show the utmost compassion for her children. Right now her focus is on the well-being of her family."

And yeah.

There's nothing to even say anymore. It's just completely evident why Lindsay has never recovered, let alone know how to function in actual society.

And she never will, unless she gets away from these horrible excuses for parents.


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20 comments to “The Roots Of Lindsay's Problems Continue To Exploit Her For Press! Michael Compares Himself To An 'Archangel!'”

  1. 1

    dear lindsay, when you get out of jail (if you go) please separate yourself from your parents. you need a better support system. don't kill yourself with drugs. it doesn't make you marylin manroe. get help. it's harder to stay clean than it is to drink and drug, and you'll get more respect staying clean.

  2. 2

    Can't we throw them in jail for being terrible parents? Poor Lindsay has no idea how to get out of that hell, and her parents aren't helping!

  3. 3

    Re: xtrixiex – I actually think her parents are the ones giving her the drugs its really sad

  4. 4

    Dina is one scary looking woman!

  5. 5

    At one point you can say and do everything in your power too your kids and they JUST WONT listen! From most of the writings on this site, you can tell these kids stop listening to there parents a LONG time ago..You cant tell this generation NOTHING to better them!

  6. 6

    I dunno… To me it sounds like for once he's not doing this just to get attention for himself. It sounds like he's just banging his head against the wall trying to get Lindsay to realize what a bad influence her mother has been on her. Of course this doesn't excuse him at all for his atrocious past behavior, but at least he's not the one denying that his daughter has a serious and life threatening problem. Plus as far as the arc angel comment goes he said that he is 'like' the arc angel compared to Dina's brothers. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to convey how horrific they must be if he seems like an angel by comparison. Do understand what a simile is? Probably not.

  7. 7

    Re: Yenkme – Her parents are the root of her problems…that's why she rebelled and stopped listening to them a long time ago. When your parents are pretty fucked up, you have a 95% chance of being pretty damn fucked up too (not trying to defend Lindsay here). It's a vicious cycle of abuse. Plus i have first hand experience (my dad is one mean bully, and he raised me and my older sister, and both ended up with personality issues. Apparently his mom was pretty messed up with him too growing up :/). It's a cruel and sad situation.

  8. 8

    Just because her father is an unstable violent monster doesn't mean he is wrong in this instance. I blame Dina most because she was the primary person calling the shots with Lindsay. This is a great example of having a parent who is "hands on" and doing everything wrong! Dina and Michael need to be in jail and Lindsay needs a mental hospital. All those kids need to get away from the parents. Why didn't the courts supervise with an appointed guardian ages ago when Lindsay was still a minor and Michael and Dina split up?

  9. 9

    This is what I was saying. But to Lindsay this is normal everyday functioning. I think I was about 30-31 till it finally hit me that it wasn't me it was them (speaking of my parents). At least they don't put full blame on Lindsay herself but Michael acting like he's above it all makes me laugh. It's like seriously? For some reason I think this book is just to cash in to help with all the legal expenses. Otherwise you would think Lindsay would be furious about it. Yes, they are her parents. Yes, she loves them. But eventually you get sick of it and wake up one day and say I don't want to live like this everyday. That may mean cutting them completely off. I don't think Lindsay's independent enough to do that at this time. Which she should. Even if it's just a few years to clear this crap out of her life and find herself.

  10. 10

    Mario, you really need a reading comprehension course. Michael Lohan's 'tirade', as you call it, was not crazy, at least this time. He did not say he was an 'ARCHANGEL' either. He said, COMPARED TO DINA'S BROTHERS, HE WOULD BE CONSIDERED AN ARCHANGEL' This whole family is dysfunctional, but Michael at least admits to his addictions. It is well known to many in the NY area that Dina drinks until she is sh*tfaced-used to seen with her own bodyguard just standing at her table, while she drank all night-probably to pile her in the car and drive her home. We can go months without M. Lohan in the news, Dina-idiot shows like Wendy williams call for a question- like did Ali have surgery and it is like- 'Oh, it just can't be answered with a yes or no, I have to come on and explain' ???? What, did she try to become an actress and fail? We know she lied about being a Rockette

  11. 11

    Just like how you exploit her for press.

  12. 12

    And Lindsay does not have contact with her father, just her MOMANGER. Fire her. If Dina did have her sign a contract at 10 (which would be great to view, because it would show what a meniacal Biatch she really was…. ) it can't be upheld, Lindsay was 10. Also, Dina is always dragging ali around, but what about the younger son? Never see him, she will be in LA, where is he? She will be everywhere but Long Island, who is with him? she won't let Michael stay there? What ever relative stops in and watches him or does he now, at about 15,16 stay by himself?

  13. 13

    Nice job on the "hurr durr" pictures of the parents. Their outside has never reflected their inner personality more than they do right there.

  14. 14

    awesome side by side pics! lol

  15. 6one9 says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter how fucked up your parents are b/c when we grow up ““ we ALL have “` a choice.
    By the time most ppl are 18ish“` they know right from wrong whether their parents taught them “ or not!
    So with that “` This brings me back to “choices.
    Lindsay needs to flip her shit “` tell both of her parents to “ fuck off“ get a decent therapist and re build her life ““““` and move forward!!
    Straight up “ no messing around! ☺
    If I can do it ““““““` so can she!!
    Choices ppl ““ make the right one(s)

  16. 16

    lindsay,s a lost cause.i'd be more concerned with saving the kid sister ali.dina sent her to live with lindsay at 15 yrs. old.and that kid ain't looking to good at all.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's a good thing Lindsay is 25 or 26 so that she doesn't have to have much to do with either of these two. He's dissing his daughter's mother again publicly, talking about Lindsay publicly, while he simultaneously tries to get back together with Dina 'to support' Lindsay after he lost his family years ago to divorce. The good thing is that most young adults can get their stuff together on their own without their parents baggage. In fact, most do. She has to get clean first, and love herself enough to.

  18. 18

    Both parents need to go to Parent Rehab.

  19. 19

    If "archangel" is synonymous to "psychopath", then yes, you are indeed an archangel, Michael. I'm just baffled by his lack of self-insight. His entire letter is self-contradictory. Both parents have abused Lindsay in different, but extreme ways. The fact that Dina is allowed to keep her younger children after what both Lindsay and Ali has gone through, is astounding. They truly never stood a chance against these sick people.

  20. 20

    Re: purplefox – First thing I thought when I saw the pictures, funny that we thought the very same thing.