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This wasn't nice. It was the girl's birthday, after all! Kim Kardashian decided to celebrate her birthday this weekend the best way she knew how: Thr… Read more…

66 comments to “Kim K's Birthday To Remember Forget”

  1. 1

    NOT a good choice of dress, Kim. White and horizontal stripes???

  2. 2

    So a bunch of people paid good money to get into a club knowing she would be there just to boo at her. What a bunch of geniuses. I'm sure she's thanking them for her huge appearance fee.

  3. rcs says – reply to this


    Who need's em????? Aren't you forgetting how she gained her "popularity?"

  4. 4

    kim has nice puppies! to bad she was wearing a bra in her nasty porn video. ok having fun. a beauty and a great business women.

  5. 5

    They should have booed her, all she wants is their money with her sham of a wedding.

  6. 6

    Happy Birthday Kim.

  7. 7

    The Kardashians… you either love them or you hate them. Unfortunately for Kim, her constant over-exposure pushes more and more people into the hate category. It was her birthday, sure, but it was not her private event. When you stand up in a crowd, prepare for their honest reactions.

  8. 8

    Good, happy to hear it, she and other talentless money-grubbers are what gives women a bad name. Either she will figure it out and step out of the spotlight (unlikely) or the public will finally have enough of her and she will fade into oblivion like that other one…what's her name…Paris something, did? Can't happen soon enough.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    HAHA.. it's starting people are getting tired and over her and making it known.. guess it isn't always such a great thing to act like a spoiled stuck up bitch like Paris Hilton.. the person you copied everything from to get famous? .. and Perez, you dumbass, she does need the people.. because that's how she stays relevant and gets all her money. From the people who watch her show to the people who buy her products.. she is going to end up like Paris Hilton without them.. so be careful.. lol I don't even think she and the family realize it yet either.. xD

  11. d.f. says – reply to this


    as long as people watch her show and buy her products she will be around. you don't want to deal with her, stop supporting her efforts. and eventually will go away. that simple.

  12. 12

    Re: Paris France – The economy is bad and she is flaunting her money.

    fuck your birthday Kim

  13. 13

    LMFAO! That is absolutely hillarious! Finally she gets what she derserves. Sounds like perhaps her 15 minutes are almost up - dare we dream . . . Just once I would love to see this girl wear someting that actually fit and not something two sizes too small that she stuffed herself into like a sausage.

  14. 14

    Re: chunkeh – that was my thought too…

  15. 15

    Re: chunkeh – she has plenty of money alot of appearances like this is for the attention and the feeling like a celeb with people fawning and cheering over you. plus she knows her popullarity is based on peoples wanting to watch her and hear about her not because she has any talent at all…..so people booing her is a very bad thing and probably hurt and scared her quite a bit actually

  16. 16

    those pictures are very revealing….Kris Humpries looks completely miserable. they all do actually LOL!!!

  17. 17

    I think both parties were being kind of stupid. The people shouldn't have been there to boo/pay, and Kim and her group should have realized they would get money anyways!
    Maybe it's just me, but I think the view of the Kardashians is getting…..different. I really use to like them, but anymore…I'm getting annoyed. Maybe enough is enough?

  18. 18

    ya i'm sure she was really broken up about a bunch of drunk morons who were just jealous anyway.. ya right… i'm sure she laughed all the way to the bank with her FAT appearance fee check lol

  19. 19

    Ok that's kind of mean and kind of funny in a way!

    "Ever the SUPPORTED sis, Khloe…" Lmao…

    Also, "Khloe took to the mic to ream the crowd a new one." Yep, I can just picture that. And why the booing grew LOUDER (Khole and her big mouth). Hahahah that is funny to picture it.

  20. 20

    HAH!, yeah, then Khloe took the mic to scold them. Like that dyke looking loser could influence anyone. What a joke. These fat whores are done…NEXT!

  21. 21

    Kimmie sweetie, hang out at home and enjoy your new husband for a little bit….everyone needs a break sooner or later…..

  22. 22

    i understand that she is put togther to lool like a porn star but i just don't find her attractive, from her horse hair weave, to hear dead stare, to her oddly shaped cheek implants, the feeling of her stretchedc out dead skin, to the tip of her carved up nose, lips filled with toxic material sandbag feeling boobs fake ass….fake nasty is not sexy most guys who think that probably spend more time spanking it in mommy's basement to playboys

  23. 23

    you could have at least got the video or audio of all the boo'ing, I would have loved to see that go down. pimpmom thinks she in her 20's with her raggedy self

  24. 24

    It's NOT a birthday party when you are PAID to show up at a Las Vegas Club and the attendees have to pay to get in!

  25. 25

    Re: workinmama – i bet you it did matter to her people who are narcisists/ big egos and are in the business of getting attention are very very in love with peoples love for them. why do you think she does any of this to big with, she doesnt need the money her family was loaded before all of this, its all for attention and for every girl to want to be her and every guy want to be with her. i bet she is devastated and that whole its just jealousy thing…that didnt work as a defense mechanism in grade school and it doesnt work now, we are not jealous we genuienly don't like and/or reaspect her

  26. 26

    Re: workinmama – i bet you it did matter to her people who are narcisists/ big egos and are in the business of getting attention are very very in love with peoples love for them. why do you think she does any of this to big with, she doesnt need the money her family was loaded before all of this, its all for attention and for every girl to want to be her and every guy want to be with her. i bet she is devastated and that whole its just jealousy thing…that didnt work as a defense mechanism in grade school and it doesnt work now, we are not jealous we genuienly don't like and/or respect her

  27. 27

    Did Kim have a concession booth where drunks could touch her fake boobs & fake ass for a buck? NASTY NASTY PORN WHORE!

  28. 28

    Lady it's downhill from here, your 15 minutes are up.
    You made a billion dollars and now cheap clothes made in China for Sears. You won…go away!!!

  29. 29

    Re: toolman85 – ya i doubt it.. the girl has a successful attractive husband, a close family, and thousands upon thousands of adoring fans.. i doubt some drunk morons in a bar really effect her.. any woman that beautiful and successful is gonna have some haters.. it comes with the territory.. not all people are secure enough to just congratulate the girl on her success they have to try to tear her down.. jealous people will always hate.. if you don't have haters you are doing something wrong

  30. 30

    Does she really have to be out on every birthday trying to make money. They are such over exposed gypsy/grifters. Celebrate with you

  31. 31

    Over Exposed Gypsy Grifter that needs to be payed to celebrate every birthday!
    Why wasn't she celebrating in private with her fug husband???

  32. 32

    Re: HILRAY – Lol… I thought she had gotten over her obsession with black men with Kris, but it turns out his father is black! I should have known!

  33. 33

    Is it just me or is she gaining weight?

  34. 34

    What's with this site suddenly shutting down comment for certain celebrities? If you don't want us to talk shit about them why don't you just NOT post about them on your site. I'm actually shocked you still allow comments for Kim's CRAPPY life.

  35. 35

    She will blame this on being married.

  36. 36

    There was no booing…I was there…there were asshole bouncers that were pushing specators all around because there was a traffic jam near her. Kim didn't stay long and the place was crazy…they should have put her somewhere easier to see.

  37. cika says – reply to this


    WTH is she doing celebrating her bday in vegas?? Bitch is 31 y/o and needs to start acting like a classy lady n not a desperate whore. Do the cameras need to alwaysvb involved in everything u do kimmie??? What kind of life is that???

  38. 38

    And so it begins, the beginning of the end…Kardashian OVERKILLLLLLL. ppl are starting to get over Kim and her money grubbing family. I mean FFS, her raunchy ass mom was/is contemplating changing her married name for the famewhoring Kardashian one? this skank made it to fame BY RELEASING HER OWN SEX TAPE. SHE LEAKED IT HERSELF! Just like Paris hilton, Tara Reid and now Lindsey Lohan, Kim K is turing into the next celebutard has-been. Yes, Kim I know your self-absorbed ass comes on here to read all these little comments, you are becoming a has-been. Its not like your a real "actress" leave the real acting to pros like Kate Winslet. you and your famewhoring sisters can finally start to live a normal ARMO life now get back to Glendale!

  39. cika says – reply to this


    BullSHIT! I don't believe it for a sec she wasn't booed. Nobody likes her anymore and it's a matter of time until she fades away like parasite Hilton.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Re: hoochpit – You're right, Chloe does look like your mom and sister. I hadn't noticed the resemblance til I saw these pics.

  42. 42

    Perez, you're the only one keeping the Kardashians alive.

  43. 43

    THANK YOU AMERICA - for making all these reality TV bimbos "famous". One is dumber and more embarrassing than the other.

  44. 44

    Re: cika – "Parasite Hilton" ha, ha that is priceless, why didn't you come up with this one when she was relevent? Now if we can just get the K's out of the spotlight. We just gotta remember that there will always be people that idolize these idiots and defend them…why I have no idea, why do you "workinmama"? There are a lot of talented, classy and intelligent women out there that deserve to be salivated over, why don't you save your spit for them instead of these famewhores?

  45. 45

    haha… ppl keep sayin "everyones finally gettin sick of her" which i agree with but really… i never liked her bitchass to begin with to even "get sick of her". shes fkn worthless.

    oh she works hard for her money her supporters say, YOU cldnt do what she does, they say….
    Bitch hand me the opportunities her fkn sex tape gave her we could all do it.
    fuck kim kardashian AND her dumbass fans

  46. 46

    Those are some nice f*cking tits!

  47. 47


  48. 48

    The funniest part is that their rep took the time to deny this story. Seriously?!

  49. 49

    ew. kim kardashian the pee lover. gag!

  50. 50

    She might not be the most admirable person, but booing her on her birthday was unwarranted.

  51. 51

    I like Kim I do…but she needs to stop wearing these tight dresses it just adds lbs to her frame. Take a look at Kris and Kim they are so out of sync, they do not look good together. Now look at Khloe and Lamar easy breezy they look good together they are in sync.

  52. 52

    eww all that class for nothing

  53. 53

    Yes they make alot of money but in exchange for their self-respect, honor and the humiliation of their future children. They don't realize that they are being laughed at not with. Sad really.

  54. 54

    there soo superficial and its sad when there like nothing

  55. 55

    I think the Kardashians have just about ran their course ( so-to- speak). Kim K is married now , Khloe is married and Kourtney might as well be married…Maybe the public has had enough..This reality show has been going on for a few years now..Really, not much more to see. Also, maybe it is time to keep certain things a private event like your B-Day. Will be interesting to see how much longer this goes on.

  56. 56

    Her end is near… Well, no one liked het to begin with, just a trainwreck waiting to happen. Did anyone see her tape? That is some bad and boring sex, I bet ray j didn't enjoy it that much. Very random!
    I also think she is realizing her injected fake ass and boobies aren't cutting it anymore, her face is changing faster than MJ's!

  57. 57

    Kim and Kris look soooo disconnected and tuned-out of eachother… highlarious!

  58. 58

    i hate ppl who judge other ppl so gues stop judgeing and btw i

  59. 59

    Re: leeann32 – ehhh who cares about what you love or hate?? just saying

  60. 60

    Gosh.. the headlines for this divorce are coming sooo soon. This young dude doesn't even seem to like her most of the time and she just needed to get married. Come on… a 26 year old young man that is so clearly still immature. ::sigh::: Get yourself a real life, Kim…. not this pathetic shame of a life that you're masquerading as one.

  61. 61

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  62. 62

    Honestly who would not boo her , she is fake the only reason she is famous is for spreading her legs , amd if anyone thinks her marriage is real is in serious denial , l watched part 1 of the wedding special (could not stomach watching the 2nd) they treated each other like shit , her with her spoiled behaviour not letting the dogs anywhere but a cage (if he cared about his dogs he should have said fuck of you selfish bitch and known they where not compatiable) and kris talking to her family like they are garbage which again most people would never allow. She was all about the wedding did not matter what sucker married her, she knew she couldn't seal the deal with Reggie and just jumped on anything that asked her. Give the public more credit Kim kardashians we all know your numbers up and you will sucking cock again for money.

  63. 63

    Re: Puchis – im just sayin u guess judge ppl that u dnt now for me thats realli stupid

  64. 64

    Its las vegas… i doubt many people went to the club for her. Nice Spanx honey! We can see the fat petruding above your waist.

  65. 65

    I wouldnt worry if there was any booing dont 4get she has plenty of more fans all over the world!!! If i was her i wouldnt worry about it. If she hasnt got any fans how come she made millions and her products are always sold ut???? xx

  66. 66

    i love the khardashins :)