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Madonna Disses GaGa At London Premiere Of W.E.

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But maybe she was just making a funny. Yeah, we're sure that's probably, most likely what was going on here.

Last night, Madonna finally got to premiere her new film W.E. in London. The masses turn out for the event, press and fans a like, but Madonna started quite a stir amongst her fans inside and outside the theater.

First, fans were lined up for hours hoping to get a chance to meet Madge before she went inside for the premiere. Unfortunately for them, their time was wasted in vain as Madonna only made time for a handful of fans before rushing into the theatre. As she went, she was barraged by the jeers and boos of those most loyal to her, though in all honesty, she didn't really seem to mind.

Things got a bit worse for Madonna once inside, as a lucky fan who got in to see the movie, actually overheard Madge diss Lady GaGa. The inside source explains:

"Everyone took their seats and with a brief introduction to the stage Madonna made her entrance. Madonna then went on to introduce the movie before taking her seat. My favorite Madonna moment of the night occurred once Madonna was seated when a fan seated behind her shouted out something relating to the Lady GaGa comparison to which Madonna responded “Lady Who?!!!” I thought great response!!!"

You might be the only one!

Madonna fans are fierce, but GaGa fans are equally so and there is nothing they hate MORE than the comparison of the two divas. No one wants to be labeled a copy cat, especially someone who strives so hard to be original.

Our hearts, however, are big enough for both and we just hope Madge was simply trying to brush the question off, rather than say something disheartening about Mother Monster. Plus, maybe she was just rattled from all the commotion outside.

[Image via WENN.]

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149 comments to “Madonna Disses GaGa At London Premiere Of W.E.

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  1. 101

    Perez You are a fair weather fan.

  2. 102

    Madonna stories are the only ones to surpass his usual 7 comments. LOL!!! He is so desperate for attention and hits!!!

  3. 103

    madonna is soo rude no one dosnt like her

  4. 104


  5. 105

    Madonna is great because she doesn't apologize for who she is. Both me and my husband Kevin are overweight and she helps us with her problems.

  6. 106

    Madonna rules! My husband Kevin and I love her.

  7. mw says – reply to this


    but Gaga has ripped off Madonna all over the place

  8. 108

    if u watched the video on youtube u will hear her say lady who?? ok i used to respect madonna but now i lost all the respect i have for her and i will never be her fan again.. that's a promise

  9. 109

    Re: Die4me

    For that? Yeah right you were a fan LOL

  10. 110

    Re: BAEEAB – do u even know me to know if i were her fan or not ????
    so shut the fuck up

  11. 111

    Re: Die4me

    yeah something tells me your not because if that were the reason i'd have to call your ass pathetic

  12. 112

    So the comparisons between Madonna and GaGa are there because GaGa has copied everything Madonna has ever done? Ok, well I'm still waiting to see where GaGa has done Like A Virgin or Material Girl or Desperately Seeking Susan. Although it's obvious GaGa is inspired by Madonna, not everything she's done has been. If your goal is to give credit where is due, you're giving Madonna way too much of it. I mean, it's not like people weren't having these same conversations twenty years ago about Madonna copying or ripping off everyone.

  13. 113


    This made me love Madonna even more!

  14. 114

    I'm 38 years of age so i remember the 80's quite well Madonna had a few good songs few good videos she could sing perform dance well but onething she has never had and thats a real connection with her fans. Lady Gaga is the sweetest woman on the face of this earth she was the first artist to nickname her fans shes 100 percent real all the time so humble so smart kind and caring loving to everyone makes me mad when people dis her shes worked really hard for her Career and continues to do so shes Orignal unique and here to stay so get use to it Madonna you had your day in the sun now its someone else's turn Thank you Gaga for bringing Pop music back to life your the Greatest gift the music industry and us fans have ever recieved love you Paws up forever Baby. James!

  15. 115

    Rihanna is the true star… Lady GaGa has lost momentum with her latest whack-ass album. Rihanna has been going NON-STOP for YEARS and people still buy her albums and singles. It won't stop and she is one of the few pop singers actually evolving with each release (and Katy Perry? Though she's only released two albums compared to Rihanna's six)… Lady GaGa took a step back and released NOISE with HYPE rather than LISTENABLE MUSIC.

  16. 116

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    keep it real please !` :)

  17. 117

    Re: BAEEAB – well if u call my ass pathetic then what do u call madonna's old ass??? LMFAO
    i wasn't the biggest fan of hers but i sure loved alot of her songs but me personally when i hate someone \s personality i hate their voices and i could never watch them again .. call me pathetic if u want but i will never be her fan EVER again , Got it??

  18. china says – reply to this


    i think it`s a great response, too.
    who cares about the ugly tranny when it`s madonna`s movie premiere?

  19. 119

    Re: CanadianMonster38 – soO true she was the first to nickname her fans and after her bliebers and navy and katycats happened LMFAO ,,,, all the haters r secretly in love with gaga or maybe obsessed cuz at the end of the day they r the ones sitting on their asses waiting to see wt perez is gonna write abt her and the saddest part is that they hate gaga just cuz they know perez loves her, how pathetic is that LMFAO
    @ADELE'S CHAIR WTEVER nice try but rihanna and all her fans know that she will never have the talent that gaga has and try and talk when her album scores the BTW sales

  20. 120

    Re: SassySusan – gaga is done dear.shes a flop. MADONNA IS IMMORTAL… u cant even compare both. madonna and MJ are queen and king. gaga is a copycat.just that. that used mdonna over and over again….. madonna even after 30 years performs for 90thousand ppl per night.gaga cant even sold out a small show.THE WORLD IS TIRED OF GAGA.PPL THINK SHES PATHETIC. MADONNA IS A MACHINE. #1 PPL LIKE MADONNA ARE NEVER OVER. WHEREVER SHE GOES THERES MILLIONS OF OPPL WAITING FOR HER. and the world cant wait for madonna new album.gaga is just done dear.she always will be a wannabe

  21. 121

    Re: tellall – loser madonna enw movie had amazing reviews. critics that actualy understand about cinema.not tabloids asshole. GAGA IS A LOSER. JEALOUS MUCH? MADONNA WAS JUST KIDDING.ACTUALLY WE CANT EVEN HER SAYING THAT … BUT GAGA DESERVES IT.SHE WAS PLAYING WITH FIRE. FOR MANY TIMES.SHE NEVER SHOWED ANY RESPECT TO MADONNA.

  22. 122

    Re: kirknyc24 – shut up. it was never proved. in 30 years madonna has a original career.for some reason all young stars wants to be like her.think like her. not like gaga. gaga is a copycat. it was a funny thingRe: OriginalRecipe – MADONNA ALWASY DOES THAT.SHE EVEN MAKES FUN OF HERSELF. it was a joke. if u knew madonna u would know. actually for all that gag done to her i thought madonan would respond earlier. madona is not like that.she is just making fun of the situation. she always does that. but i prefer madonna cause shes sincere. she speeks her mind. and gaga is fake.GAGA CALLS PPL RETERDED.SHE PAYED TO ROLLING STONE TO PROMOTE HER…. SHE STOLE MONEY FROM CHARITY….THIS IS NOT A GOOD PERSON

  23. 123

    When will you wake up and see reality. Yes Madonna is an icon but she's also a bitch. It's obvious dude.

  24. 124

    THATS WHY I LOVE MADONNA. HEY PEREZ why dont u post the fact that gaga called us retarded in a interview some months ago, just because ppl dont share her opinion.and why dont u post that she PAYED TO ROLLING STONE TO PROMOTE HER…OR THAT SHE IS BEING SUED FOR PLAGIUM BTW ALBUM…. or that she stole money from japan charity or the fact that HER OWN FANS TREW EGGS ON HER FACE IN AUSTRALIA.AHAHA

    u never post the dark side of gaga. thats why we hate her-shes so fake… i know ppl that work for her and they say shes a BITCH. she uses everybody.thats why she flopped. and noone respects her. she is a FRAUD…. AND UNFORTUNALY MADONNA WAS JUST KIDING…SHE LIKES GAGA .SHE LOVES BRITNEY AND RIHANNA….. she was just making a joke cause of the situation….. just that. shes not fake like gaga….. gaga puts that "saint" face ,…ridiculous… madonna is the only artist that remains popular after 30 years.the only 1 that young artists wants to be …. madonna is like GOD IN MUSIC SO PLEASE dont compare both…. and u should know @perezhilton that madonna makes fun of everything.even with herself.smart ppl do that

  25. 125

    perex everybody understood this is a joke.even gaga fans ….. everybody laught at this…. now imagine if tjis madonna was the 80s madonna.lol gaga ould cry all night lol. madonna makes fun of everything specially makes fun of herself….adam lambert says shes very down on earth and shes always playing around….. thats why ppl love her.shes not boring… and well gaga deserve it-…. madonna never called ppl retarded like gaga did

  26. 126

    u should take ur wifey that madonna doesnt like when ppl play with her face….. gaga disrespect amdonna.she lied about the email that madonna sent…. shes a liar… amdonna was joking but we all know madonna is right…. she used madonna and never credit her… saying BORN THIS WAY WAS NOT EXPRESS URSELF….. i madonna was mean she would sued gaga…. but she didnt… thatscause madonna likes gaga….she was just amking fun of this all situation.

  27. 127

    madonna was joking …if madonna didnt like gaga she would sued her for BTW EXPRESS YOURSELF THING. and she didnt. and gaga even lied saying BTW was not simiar to express urself…. gaga is fake.she played with fire. madonna actually answered very well.she wasnt rude.after all that gaga did.she used madonna ,and never show any respect. she was using all madonna "workers" anyway madonna was kididing she likes gaga unfourtunaly…but its funny cause when gaga does bad things u never post it.she REALLY PAYS U…. SHAME ON U,. MADONNA RESPECTED U.SHE WANTED YTO MEET U …. UR LAME PEREZ.. AN HYPOCRITE…. if u posted bad things about gaga at least u would been true.but u dont do that….ppl are tired of gaga and her silly attitudeSHE DOES THINGS FROM BEHIND…THATS BAD.MADONNA DOESNT….she was playing around

  28. 128

    Re: CanadianMonster38 – GAGA WHAT?SWEET? AHAHA no dear.she fakes it…. gaga is not sweet. she is acting like a sweet person. i hate fake attitude.. shes so sweet that she is lying all the time… she called ppl RETARDED.how sweet. she avoids kids in australia and then oppl trew eggs at her.how sweet.she stole money from japan charity how sweet, she payed to rollings tone to promote ehr….she uses others ppl ideas and doesnt give a shit.hopw sweet…. she dos charity but she stoles it…how sweet….MADONNA IS SWEET.SHES IS A STRONG WOMAN BUT VERY DOWN ON EARTH….. if u knew her u would know…. madonna is amzing. like the wonderful woman in the world.she does everything to her family.she fights for them.witha ll the press saying lies about her.she fights..shes strong.gaga is just fake… i know ppl that work with her and worked with madonna.they say gaga is a BITCH… nothing she does coames from her…. its all her criative director ideas…. amdonan ideas came from herself….madonna isnt rude just when ppl disrespect her.and gaga is doing this since she started…. she is doing this in a indirect way.just blind ppl cant see it… madonna is funny she even makes fun of herself but everybody that knows madonna says shes wonderful. gaga is fake.she uses ppl specially her FANS…. shes so rude that called ppl RETARDED… how rude… gaga is fake and u musr be blind

  29. 129

    if madonna didnt like gaga she would sued her for express urself born this way thing… and gag is so insincere that refuses to say she copied madonna.so lame. for some reason she is being sued for judas. madonna was joking…. big deal. and if she was talking seriously madonna has right

  30. 130


  31. 131

    I bet granneh smells like moth balls and Polident

  32. 132

    Really? Lady Who? And that is why the bitch still needs Liz Rosenberg to be her spokesperson. Madonna has never been clever in her retorts.
    Re: lington
    I think you live in some fantasy world where you think actually and personally know this person named Madonna.

  33. 133

    Madonna = looser, a has been, old hag with feelings of grandiose. I am surprised you left the comments on Peresito. Or are you pissed at her also?

  34. 134

    Re: CanadianMonster38 – You're 38 and gushing like a freaking 12 year old dumbfuck monster? PAWS UP???????? YOU'RE 38???????? How's living in your Mothers basement working out for you? How embarrassing……….

  35. GIO says – reply to this


    Re: gooch0503 – LAdy who? Yeah that ugly chick that stole from you babe…you take 3 years off and some skank has been stealin yo stuff Madonna…anyway why mention GAGA at her movie event….RUDE.

  36. 136

    Madonna just gained my respect.

  37. 137

    I love the talk about Madonna being washed and desperate. Thats funny cause she had tour in 2009 I watched with about 50,000 other people. The numbers for her tour are 400 million in a short 7 mths putting her in the lead again for top touring solo artist. that yr she signed a record breaking contract for 120 million. her last album may have bombed in the states but did good world wide. Its stupid to count her out cause of that. its not like its the first albums to do poorly remember american life also erotica were consider flops. she tires new directions all the time she's not afraid to do something different and if it don't work she always comes back. Madonna still has her fanatics difference is we're not kids sitting on the computer all day talking about her.

  38. 138

    Lol.. this is awesome if it is true and long over due.. gaga has been stealing shit from the get-go, specially from Madonna.. it is irritating as fuck! If I wanted to see Madonna or any other artist, I would go see them, the actual person, not some cheap ass knock off.. Even more annoying when she passes it off as her own ideas.. and seeing all these delusional fans go psycho because they can't realize the truth is hilarious.. must be nice to live in a fantasy world where Gaga is original and creative.. well you can keep that fantasy and I'll keep the truth and live in reality…you will never convince me otherwise.. if Gaga was so great she would of come up with her own ideas instead of stealing others.. and yeah i did say it right.. not borrowing..not paying homage.. stealing.. and she didn't bring up Gaga, someone else did.. so she can say whatever she wants.. not for attention.. what morons.. don't copy people shit if you don't want shit thrown back at you..

  39. 139

    Re: lington – 122 - Madonna can't sing. She can't dance. She can't act. She can't direct. LOL. She's such a fucking loser. REALITY CHECK!!! The reviews are in. W.E. sucks. ROFL. One more bomb for the old whore who stole everything from everyone. judiciaryreport.com/madonna-copyright-infringement.htm

  40. 140

    Seems to me that Perez is posting all these negative threads about Madge lately (even tho she is supposedly his queen and blah) because he knows she is working on an album, and he has been known to purposely try to sabotage other peoples careers (ahem BIONIC) if he sees that they are getting in the way of his beloved mother monsters stardom. HAHA i think the dig is awesome.. it just wonder what the comment about Gaga comparisons were.. were they negative.. or positive? =/ EFF both these hags…! LOL

  41. 141

    Re: lington – "loser madonna enw movie had amazing reviews" Really? Where? Because on RottenTomatoes she's on 33% (not likely that will sky-rocket to 60+% all of a sudden) and the reviews I read basically all said the same thing: don't quit your day job. And I agree. Andrea Riseborough was fantastic though, kudos to her.

  42. 142

    I think I'm starting to form the opinion that Madonna is a huge douche.

  43. 143

    Re: gooch0503 – When Lady Gaga is topping herself for the highest grossing tour for a female and solo artist 30 years into her career, then we can talk. Madonna doesn't need a cheap imitation to remind people of who she is, we know very well who Madonna is.

  44. 144

    Re: CanadianMonster38 – Wow, you're 38 and think Gaga was the first artist who gave her fans a nickname… I'm 19 and even I know that's not the case.

  45. 145

    In order for Gaga to have copied Madonna, Madonna would've actually had to be a good singer. Recording artist yes, good producers/managers yes, but other than the support/technology she used, Madonna has zero musician/vocal talent. Half of the American Idol rejects sound better. When the old buckface wants to remain relevant she should know class goes along way. And Lady Gaga is killing it with her live performances and tours. Madonna could learn a thing or two. lawl.

  46. 146

    Hey, I was wondering if any of you who have posted on here would be willing to answer a few questions over email to help me out with my media studies class? We are supposed to interview people who produce content on a blog. If you are willing, please email me at headleyealizabeth0@gmail.com! Sorry, I know this sounds like a scam, but I'm in college and I have to do this for my class

  47. GIO says – reply to this


    Re: Bran1616 – LOL OMG I just fell off the chair laughing…LADY WHO>>>>>???????????????? LADY DUDE? LADY CACA? LADY POSER? LADY CHEAT? LADY COPYCAT? omg LOVE BITCHY MADONNA…THAT IS A DIVA PEOPLE…LEARN IT.

  48. 148

    madonna is considered the most talented woman in music, according critics , madonna won a best pop vocal album in 1999 , for ray of light , she was nominated 8 times to grammys for her voice ,who cares shitty gaga , madonna has sold more than 221 m of albums , shitty gaga only 23 with 3 albums , she is NOBODY next to madonna , she only can sell singles , but less than rihanna ,poor gaga IS SHIT NEXT TO MAGDE

  49. 149

    She is a living legend and shouldn't be jealous of Gaga who needs decades more to get in the same league.

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