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Get Ready For The Bad Girls Club Finale! And The Shocking Reunion - Hosted By Perez!

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Season 7 of The Bad Girls Club is sooo juicy!

Those girls have just been throwing their fire everywhere in New Orleans, and the house is really about to explode in the season finale!!

But if you think the finale is going to be dramatic, just WAIT until you watch the reunion special with PEREZ as UR host! Sh*t hits the bejeweled fan!!!

Tune in to catch the finale Mon. Oct 31 at 9pm ET and the crazy reunion Mon. Nov 7 also at 9p ET!!

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7 comments to “Get Ready For The Bad Girls Club Finale! And The Shocking Reunion - Hosted By Perez!”

  1. 1

    were you not just bashing this show……about how violent it is…….you are disgusting perez…this show promotes nothing but violence amonsgt women, sex and alcohol…..and u always preaching about how we should stop the violence

  2. 2

    a 1 minute ad to watch a 15 second video? wtf???

  3. 3

    Yeah, you've got some nerve, perez, to expect someone to watch 1 minute of ad for 15 seconds of video.
    If you can't control your ads distribution like any normal site would, then put OVERLAY ads instead for your videos and stop with these greedy and unsuitable pre-rolls.

  4. 4

    this must be what hell looks like …

  5. 5

    "it gets better" right? "stop bullying" right? This show depicts bullying at it's finest.. a bunch of girls get together to try to see who is bigger, badder and tougher all by tormenting each other, physically and verbally attacking one another, and belittling them (which despite how much these chicks say they don't care what people think about them) has to take a toll on their self esteems. And yet here Perez is supporting this shit.. go figure. :)

  6. 6

    Do not EVER wear a kilt again! You are not Scottish. You are degrading Scotlands traditional clothing!

  7. 7

    Lose the kilt.