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Book Publishers Want Nothing To Do With Casey Anthony

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casey anthony to pay florida 97k

Can you blame them?

An NBC news reporter is trying to get an interview with Casey Anthony but she's reportedly only agreed if she can get a book deal.

However, book publishers want NOTHING to do with her and are refusing to give a cent of their money to give her a deal.

Three of the biggest book publishers have come right out and refused, saying there's absolutely no way they would agree to sign her.

Simon and Schuster says:

"We are 100% not interested. We are NOT NOT NOT interested. Simon & Schuster is not publishing, and has never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, or any member of her team."

Harper Collins says:

"We are planning on publishing the Prosecutor’s book who was involved in the Casey Anthony case, so we have no plans in releasing a Casey Anthony book. We’re sticking with the prosecutor."

Penguin Group says:

"We have no plans on doing a book deal with Casey Anthony."

Another publisher went so far to say:

"Hell no…it's bloody money."

WOW. Although, in all honesty, we completely agree. Casey Anthony does not DESERVE to get a book deal, doesn't deserve to get money from the horrible tragedy that ended her daughter's life, and most likely, doesn't even deserve freedom.

We're happy the publishers said no. Can she just disappear already??

[Image via AP Images.]

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20 comments to “Book Publishers Want Nothing To Do With Casey Anthony”

  1. 1

    Shes a murderer. Wonder if she has any remorse?

  2. 2

    No one wants anything to do with this piece of shit murderer. Even if she wrote a book saying " I did it" No one still would buy it. We all know she did it so it's nothing we don't already know.

    She is a murderer and that dirty lawyer of hers has blood on his hands too. He knows she did it and he still is trying to make money off the murder of that baby.

    Fuck both of them. Her and that lawyer will burn in hell!

  3. 3

    No one wants to see this trash so go fuck yourself NBC and stop trying to get a story no one believes or gives a shit about. This bitch is a murderer and her parents are just as fucked up and deranged as Casey. They can all rot in hell

  4. 4

    may god have mercy on her soul bc none of us do. and thank you SOOOO much to the book publishers who took the high road and actually told her to shove it… in not so many words. everybodys just interested in exposure and money.. like vivid who offered her a porn deal… douchebags

  5. 5

    and to second that heather, go fuck yourself NBC

  6. 6

    I only want to read casey,s obituary..

  7. 7

    I guess NBC thinks they'd get big ratings for this but it's kind of disturbing that they'd go to all this trouble to make it seem like they didn't pay her. I mean, I'm sure they'd announce that they didn't pay her for the interview and it would be true that they didn't directly pay her but if they land her a book deal didn't they indirectly pay her? She'd benefit from doing an interview with them.

  8. 8

    Remember the Casey Anthony who got the tattoo, its a beautiful life? Well enjoy it and remember that we pray for the daughter she killed. I would hope she would not profit one cent from the death of her child. I am so happy the publishers listed above have seen the light. Now ABC, CBS AND NBC need to cop a clue. No one wants to see or hear anything she has to say.

  9. 9

    And I thought you were going to put positive thoughts and energies out into the universe but you continue to judge and assume the role of the Almighty at your convenience. The law of the country has spoken loud and clear. The woman has been found NOT GUILTY. Were you there to witness the murder and know something that the jurors weren't presented with? And how can she "disappear already" when you keep bringing her back into the limelight with your negative, cruel, "stoning" and persecution of this young soul. Allow the Creator to do the judgment and be law abiding citizens and respect the decision of the court and focus and judge your own pathetic lives.

  10. 10

    They need to make a show of turning it down i suppose. though why she doesnt just call their bluff and self-publish i dont know. with e-books no one really needs a publisher anymore.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Ha, enjoy the sweet life now Bitch!

  13. 13

    Wow, it's nice to see that the big publishers are doing what's right over what will make them money. However, it's only a matter of time before a smaller publisher comes crawling out of the woodwork. The real test will be if the American public chooses to BUY Casey Anthony's book. People bought Monica Lewinsky's book (okay, so she's not a murderer), I'm sure a few bought O.J.'s. If nobody bought this crap, then there'd truly be no way for her to make money from killing her daughter.

  14. 14

    Life ain't so sweet no is it ? she has a huge karmic debt to pay and I for one would love to witness it.

  15. 15

    I'd buy her book. And despite what the publishers are saying, they'd kill for a chance to sign her. They're juts afraid of the blowback. But someone will eventually make a deal with the devil. The ratings that trial generated were monster. And that will translate into massive revenue for the first publisher who grows a pair. The need for profit will eventually outweigh all other concerns. I'll even make this prediction: A book deal will be announced in the next 6 months.

  16. 16

    Publishers are not stupid: They know that no one would buy this crap, which is anything that comes out of Casey's herpetic-riddled mouth. Who wants to read the blathering lies of a murderer? No one I know; no one I can imagine.

  17. 17

    Good for them. Finally SOME integrity in business.

  18. bwhit says – reply to this


    Re: MarioMonjack – You are dumb… Even if you think she didn't murder her kid is it okay to not report her missing for over a month? She is a piece of trash and will always be.

  19. 19

    KARMA…..I would not spend one cent or one minute of my time reading the book of lies.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    The title 'If I Did It' was already taken, so they don't think she'll sell.