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46 comments to “Cher Is NOT Happy With DWTS Judge Bruno Tonioli”

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    You can certainly tell those words were hurtful to Chaz. Everyone in the studio picked up on it to. Nothing to do with dancing, it was a personal attack. Perhaps those comments and later comments at Hope Solo set Maksim off on a justified response to the judges about the unfair (appearance vs technique) comments. Maksim was totally right in protecting all the dancers who are working hard every week from the bullying mean words.

  2. 2

    aw lighten up

  3. 3

    Sometimes the comments the judges make r hurtfull and mean and they go to far. But when Bruno does the british version we dont take these comments to sierously we just take it as part of his sense of humour. I guess the british sense of humour is different to the american sense of humour xx

  4. 4

    But it was okay when the judges said harsh things to Bristol Palin?

  5. 5

    who gives a shit?!? someone flush this turd!!!!! this show has turned to dogshit, it is all bout ratings and not talent…….thay should move it to vh1 with all the other celeb sewer trash.

  6. 6

    Cher, your kid is huge and can't dance. Get over yourself.

  7. 7

    I haven't been watching DWTS but I have to say that Chaz didn't look too bad out there in this clip. His footing looked perfect to me.
    I agree with Cher. Bruno's comment was just simply uncalled for and mean. A little penguin? Really? I'm guessing someone called him that in the past and he couldn't wait to use on someone else. I hope it made him feel better. A-hole!

  8. 8

    She's 100% correct to be upset. What a mean theing to say…ABOUT PENGUINS!! Her DAUGHTER is flopping around like a walrus, and she knows it.

  9. 9

    never watched the show, but per the video, yeah, i think she's right. some judges these days just wanna be simon cowell on crack.

  10. 10

    Oh please….blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….shut the eff up. Don't like it, don't watch. He's been this way since the show started. Bruno's comment was kind compared to what I was thinking. She should have been booted a long time agao.

  11. 11

    'little penguin"? More like a big gay whale.

  12. 12

    That was the WORST dance of the night. Team Bruno! Chaz should have been gone a LONG time ago!

  13. 13

    Get over it, he did look like a little penguin.

  14. 14

    Perez your only saying this because Chaz is gay. Where wer you when they ripped Bristol Palin apart? Your such a pathetic man. You do more harm for Gay peeps than good. We all know, that DWTS is rigged. They keep Chaz on, for the ratings. She is the worse dancer they have, but if she gets kicked off, all the GAY groups will protest and say its mean. OH no, she cant be kicked off because she cant dance, its because shes gay..so lame. Cher is getting more hype for the show by saying these things. She in it with them all. The ones who should be offended are pequins.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Ah, well, at least Chaz is getting sleeker by the week, and people seem to be voting and enjoying Chaz's foray into dance. I doubt Bruno would have held back the comment on anyone else, and the fact that Chaz is being treated the same is a good thing, apart from the wincing comment. Sticks and stones. Cher's got good instincts, tho, as per usual.

  16. 16

    Bruno has ticked the wrong one off, now! You would think that he would have learned after his spat with Michael Bolton, but apparently he hasn't. Now that Chaz's mom Cher is mad, he might be kissing this job goodbye because Cher has the pull to get him fired. Cher has a lot of contacts from years in the entertainment business. He better be kissing Cher's bare feet if he wants to keep his job.

  17. 17

    I am sure George Clooney's new girlfriend thought it was pretty harsh that you said she should enjoy her relationship "while it lasts". I am sure she thinks YOU could have found a nicer way to make your point too. Or better yet…not make that point at all!

  18. 18

    Ok lets go back calling him a Ewok,…CHazz sucks IF YOU CAN"T STAND THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN JAZZZ and u should have left week one jsut be happy and STFU

  19. 19

    Cher has the right to here opinion and she can use all her votes to vote for her daughter. BUT, Bruno is a judge on the show and can say whatever he wants. I see you didn't post about the Len/Maks exchange last night. That was a whole lot worse then this crap your posting about. Chastity needs to toughen up cause that's what the judges are there for. If she's on there for another week I'm sure she'll hear it again!

  20. 20

    Truth hurts! . . . How Chaz seems to be the only contestant on this show to get fatter as the season progresses? everyone else is always announcing how much weight they lose but she is just getting bigger? . . .Also since she is biologically a woman and is dating a woman she identifies as a lesbian right? I mean she isnt trying to say she is straight is she?

  21. 21

    Ohhh cry me a fkn river. This is a competition. There is going to be hurtful things said. Take the criticism and name calling and get over it. CHAZ NEEDS TO GO ANYWAYS!

  22. 22

    She looked like a big penguin and she was horrible last night. I hate watching this chic dance.

  23. 23

    Am I the only one who doesn't get the fuss? Bruno was using a metaphor )although I doubt many of the fuckwits who watch this show actually understand what one of those is) to describe how he felt Chaz's dance didn't fill the character of the phantom. He wasn't saying he looked like a penguin, he was saying it was like a penguin trying to be a bird of prey. Just another way of saying that the dance didn't work. People need to calm down. If you go on a show like this, people should be prepared to get judged on their performance, that is what the JUDGES are there for.

    Oh, and all of the people who continuously call Chaz "she"'; you are all assholes.

  24. 24

    And that's one of the reasons why Max rip the judges a new one! Ha, go Max. Grant, Chaz is not the only one either. The judges should not hit below the belt.

  25. 25

    He's the worst dancer on the show. He's only on that show because of his mom, hes only lasted as long as he has because of his mom. Case closed. Gays do not want equality, they want special treatment. RID THE WORLD OF THEM

  26. 26

    He did not look like a 'little' penguin. He looked like a big 'ol penguin waddling around out there. His dancing is horrendous week after week. Just like Bristol's was. And the only way he's getting through like Bristol did is because of stupid, moronic fans of his mother voting him through. Jimmy Kimmel made a point last night. How is it Chaz hasn't lost any weight in 6 weeks? Because he's not dancing, that's why! Time for you to go home!!

  27. 27

    Oh wait…..we nee to be nice because Chaz wants to be taken seriously as a man…….shut up Cher….everyone gets picked on….

    Why hasn't Chaz been eliminated yet….she sucks…..and yes, she has a vagina folks…makes her born that way…..A WOMAN!

  28. 28

    Oh puhleeeeze the only reason she is still on is because of CHER! light on her/his feet he/she is NOT!

  29. 29

    Re: Michele Gardner – Cher does not have a daughter on the show, she has a son.

  30. 30

    wah wah wah cry me a fkn river. Learn how to take criticism and move the eff on. he did look like a penguin waddling all around. NEWSFLASH you signed up to be judged.. get a back bone and deal with it!

  31. 31

    Re: pollysue – ..who was born with a vagina O.o

  32. 32

    Cher needs to stop using her status to get her son votes. Between her being on the show and this fit, the votes Chaz gets don't have much to do with his dancing. Also, in "Is it Dwts or Looking Perfect Wts (what the s**t)?", "wts" does not mean "what the s**t", it continues with the "with the stars" abbreviation.

  33. 33

    should not have said little penguin when obviusly we are talking large size with Chaz

  34. 34

    why is she getting pissed off. It's the truth. he looks and dances like a fucking penguin. hey, truth hurts just get over it cher has been.

  35. 35

    If this was any other contestant this wouldn't be a question of being fair or not.

  36. 36

    Re: WhitePeopleLookUgly – Don't insult penguins. They are lovely birds.

  37. 37

    She is in denial and needs to get over it. Calling Chaz a penguin is understated. Chaz sucks out there and that is the truth. Chaz does not get special treatment just because she is Chefs daughter.q

  38. 38

    oh puhlease, SHE (chaz) is gone now & GOOD RIDDENS!!!!! i agree with Maks outburst, b/c all he was trying to say was that people are getting judged on dancing while SOMEONE, CHAZ, was getting scored for walking around the dancefloor and not actually doing any specific dance. goodbye, good riddens u penguin.

  39. 39

    Cher is right. Bruno is a DOUCHE. Not a comedian, a dancer & should stick to dancing, period. Chaz does better every week & is really a nice person who is a great role model.
    I was so sad to see him go last night, but he sure took the high road in saying thanks & good night. A class act like his Mom. Cher has more fans than all of ABC's shows put together. I hate the show now. &WTF are they kissing Rob Kardashian Jr's ass & Ricki fat & flabby has no viable career's ass??? Rob K needs to get a real job & Ricki needs to get her own 3 rate D list talk show, raise her kids lose more weight & scram. I hope JR wins now. After Bruno Douchioli's unnecessarily mean comments to Chaz I will no longer watch DWTS> Dunzo!!!!

  40. PSman says – reply to this


    I so feared from the very beginning that they were adding Chaz to the line-up for sensationatl purposes, and would laugh at him, and make him weekly the butt of their jokes. After seeing for years what these idiot judges say to people, I am surprised that Chaz was so naiive to it. I admire his courage to go on there, but I am not surprised with how this ended up. He is no dancer in the professional sense, but he did get out there in the public eye, a brave thing to do for a TG person. All here in Palm Springs salute him for standing up with dignity against these a**holes.

  41. 41

    I can tell that Chaz was furious with Bruno's comments and everyone just gasped; it was really harsh. :(

  42. 42

    Bruno, Simon and whoever else act like their sh*t don't stink need to grow up and stop being over paid, overbearing bullies! That's all they are. British humor my ass. Bullying, being a jerk and thinking its acceptable is NOT ok in any country towards anyone! Chaz dis his best and his mom should be upset. If that were my son I'd be pissed that some punk thinks because he gets paid a lot that he could push someone around and on tv for the world to see. If that was any of you, on pretty sure you would be hurt and embarrassed.

  43. 43

    oh ffs get a SOH. Jesus the world is so uptight and sensitive!

    dont go on the shw if you cant take these kind of comments from the judges! imple as that! Youre getting huge money to dance badly and you dont want harsh words? TOUGH!

  44. 44

    its part of the show

    they can be really mean chaz can take the lumps with the rest of them

  45. 45

    How dare you Bruno said that Chaz danced like a little penguin??? I don't blame Cher for not happy with Bruno's comment. Bruno sholud say:"Big fat penguin" that's better, and the old mama will agree and happy with that. Cher should be gratefull that Chaz stayed that long. He should have been voted out since day one.

  46. 46

    Wow… Unbelievable how many people don't have respect. Cher does not have a daughter on the show. She has a son and his name is Chaz.