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Drama With The Stars! Maksim Chmerkovskiy Has Words With Judges On DWTS!

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That's definitely not the way to get a better score, Maks!

Check out the video (above) of Dancing with the Stars contestants Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo dancing the rumba, and then receiving a less-than-enthusiastic response from the judges…which causes Maks to start some dramz!

We bet Pee-Wee Herman wouldn't disrespect the judges like this. LOLz!

So………Team Maks or Team Judges????

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20 comments to “Drama With The Stars! Maksim Chmerkovskiy Has Words With Judges On DWTS!”

  1. 1

    i like hope solo and i definitely think that max has a point. people like chaz and nancy grace get complimented just for trying and they aren't good at all. hope tries and is better than both of them and she gets shit for her heels? that's not fair judging, at all. she shouldn't have higher expectations then others.

  2. 2

    FAKE! It's all a marketing ploy to get ratings :/

  3. 3

    Watched their dance…it was awkward at best. She's better than Chaz but that's not saying much! I think Maks does it for effect (fake drama) so it would go viral the next day and spike ratings and get people talking. Well done Maks! Mission accomplished…I'm sure Becks and Conn thank you!

  4. 4

    Yeah, Max was his usual hot tempered, blunt self but I can't disagree with a single thing he said. The judges are worse and worse every season about pushing their favorites and giving them an "E for effort" while ripping apart other contestants on their technique. They need to judge based on the same criteria or else ABC needs to find new judges.

  5. 5

    Definitly team Maks. There is critisism and then there is just plan mean! Maks is sticking up for his partner and should defintily not have more expectations then anyone else…I mean Carsen only stayed for as long as he did because he was fun to watch.
    GO MAKS!!!!!

  6. 6

    Max did the same thing with Brandy. He doesn't like being put down for his effort and will always say something back. The dance was terrible though IMO. Love Maks.

  7. chiro says – reply to this


    Maks is right! The judges show favortism. Chaz Bono waddles are the floor and they praise her. She's HORRIBLE and should've been kickjed off after the 1st week! DWTS is sooooooooooooo fixed!!!! Team Maks!!!!!!

  8. 8

    I have to side with Team Judge.

    Max & everyone else knows what this 'competition' is all about…. dancing, being judged by the panel & THEN hoping you have the fanbase to keep you alive.

    This show has been a popularity contest from the beginning & the judging on these type of shows has always been uneven at best.

    Max had a meltdown & came off looking very small.

    I love, love, love watching him dance but for me his overinflated ego is a huge turn off.

  9. 9

    Granted I think the judge's definitely pick favorites and the personal comments they make to the contestants are way out of line, but this season Maks hand picked his dance partner and she doesn't cut it. Maks, you were wrong, not the judges.

  10. 10

    Maks is such a WOMAN. Saw him on Broadway in Burn the Floor and when the TV camera is not on him, he is SUCH A WOMAN. And we all know that Hope is a LESBIAN (not that there is anything wrong with that)

  11. 11

    Max all the way!! Didn't catch his entire sound off speech, but that doesnt' matter. Anything that comes out of his mouth is fine by me.

  12. 12

    I thought the dance Max choreographed was horrible. It seemed like he just phoned it in this week, and then gets mad because it wasn't liked. He accused the judges of being "judgmental". That is their job!! When the judges say Chaz and Nancy tried their best, that doesn't equate into them getting high scores. Hope can do better, she is a accomplished athlete. Chaz can hardly walk, much less dance and the judges scores reflect that.

  13. 13

    Mak's ego is larger than Russia and The USA put together. He thinks we watch to see him. NOT SO!!! He is disruptive and insulting. It may be planed and part of the show but to me it is bad for the show in my opinion. BTW I like Hope Solo and have voted for her. i am just saying that maks is not the face of DTWS. Derik Cheryl and Kim are much closer.

  14. 14

    Team Max! Period!

  15. 15

    team maksim! he pointing out the hypocrisy. good on him.

  16. 16


  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Team judge. Mak's frustration is showing, but he and Hope need to listen closely and take the judge's constructive wisdom and improve on those points. Maks was out of line getting personal on a judge who knows his stuff inside and out.

  18. 18

    THe judges have not given Chaz higher scores than Hope. Maks problem is he doesn't know how to win. So the next best thing is to blame everybody else. It's not the judges preventing him from winning, the voting public gets 50%. Change the entitled attitude and maybe he will win some year. That dance was not good.

  19. 19

    team maks for sure. hope's attitude leaves an awful lot to be desired and last night's dance was awkward, but he was correct the she's judged on her performance while awful dancers like chaz and nancy grace are judged on their effort.

  20. 20

    Dear 'Start 'splaining, Lucy'

    I guess every strong, extremely successful, independent woman is a lesbian right?! Or wait, is it just strong, extremely successful, independent woman ATHLETES that are automatically lesbians? If you knew anything about Hope Solo (which clearly you don't) you'd know she has been in a relationship with a MAN for years now. Not gay. Not today, not yesterday and probably not tomorrow. Your ignorance is saddening. I feel sorry for you. Let it be known, she is the #1 women's goalkeeper in the world. You're welcome.