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Dina Manzo Weighs In On "Toxic Behavior" Of Her Sister Caroline & Teresa Guidice

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Another party (planner) heard from!

On Sunday night, the second part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired on Bravo and as we all well know, things got extra heated between Teresa Guidice and Caroline Manzo.

While many topics send the women into a frenzy of finger-wagging and eye-rolling, when the topic of Caroline's sister Dina Manzo is brought up (a former star of the show who left during season two), Caroline completely loses her cool and it is revealed that she and her sister have had a falling out that she is not willing to speak of.

Turns out, Dina isn't really ready to gab about their problems either, but she did have a lot to say about the "toxic behavior" of ALL the housewives on the show in her blog this weekend. She briefly touched upon what is going on in her family, but only to say as much as it was a private matter that she didn't want made public. She wrote:

During this time some things that I will NOT get into did happen behind the scenes with certain family members and there is no right or wrong really…it depends on who you ask. Feelings did get hurt…I won’t get into them because I have no desire to rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore. I would rather stay away from it than fight, that’s what works for me and guess what? that’s ok. You are allowed to avoid the negative, do what you have to do to keep your spirits up and your soul in tact. I also will not try to talk America into taking my side as some others may feel they have to in certain situations. There is no side here, this is a private matter there are 3 sides to every story remember…it depends on who you ask. It’s a shame this TV show used to be about our lives and now some lives are just about a TV show. That’s not how it should be…

Dina went on in her post to talk about her relationship with Teresa and touch on the "joke" she wrote about Caroline in her cookbook that sparked all the drama in the first place, saying:

"She mentioned the drama with her and Caroline and I told her that if this is all about a joke in a book (and she assured me it was) that’s not enough for me to hate the mother of my God daughter and a friend of 15 years. Was it necessary to write that stuff in her book? probably not but I don’t think it was written with malice either. We are all guilty of joking a little too much now…"

And then, she writes something we really commend her for, something we really hope the rest of the housewives read and get a real sense of where she is coming from having lived in the Housewives bubble and then succeeding outside of it. She writes:

"I wish all the girls the BEST!! ALL OF THEM. I say we change this housewives thing around and show the world what we’re really made of! Let’s lift each other up instead of trying to tear one another down. Lets showcase what women are capable of, what I thought this show was going to be back in the day~ Running successful businesses, supporting amazing causes, raising incredible children and looking fabulous every step of the way. Unfortunately, not sure what the ratings on that would be : ( so I doubt that will happen."

You hit the nail right on the head there, Dina. Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

In all of this, we just hope Dina and Caroline can make amends. Whatever is going on between them, all we can think about is Caroline once saying so famously that her family was a "thick as thieves" and that nothing could come between them. Sisters fight, no doubt, but they also should always make up. Hell, we even hope Teresa and Caroline make amends as well.

Can't we all just get along!!!

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10 comments to “Dina Manzo Weighs In On "Toxic Behavior" Of Her Sister Caroline & Teresa Guidice”

  1. GIO says – reply to this


    Always liked Dina…she was smart and left.

  2. 2

    Years ago there was a group called Italian Deformation League, they put pressure on TV, Films, Press about the Italians were being portrayed as all Mafia types
    I think they need to step in here and do something
    The Housewives , husbands, and children (some) are giving Italians a bad name again
    I dont blame the greedy gaudy bitches, as mush as I blame that little weasel Andy Cohen,

  3. 3

    They are both adults, start acting like it. Life is to short to not talk to family. If they won't talk about it maybe they are making mountains out of molehills. What happens in the past is in the past. Dina grow the hell up and start thinking that your shit doesn't stink. It does honey. And Caroline take the stick out of your ass. Kiss and make up.

  4. 4

    Re: MR Pete

    LOL… Italian DeFORMation League…. ? LOL
    try Italian DeFAMAtion League…

  5. 5

    Dina your a fake..you said on your blog you were offered a huge am't of money by the rags for your story but you'd rather give it for free..then you say your desperate to raise money for your 'ladybug foundation' which by the way teresa will be pushing on celebrity apprentice,so that's why your using teresa.and you could have sold your 'story' and endorse the check over to your charity..i don't believe anything any of you say anymore..'the jersey no more for sure show'

  6. 6

    Caroline manzo is so ignorant and just a Bully can her sister be much different?

  7. 7

    Teresa talks like she is in grade school and her husband is worse.
    Dina, you totally suck as a sister. You need a shrink!

  8. 8

    Andy is disgusting for ruining families and lives for a few laughs.

  9. 9

    Teresa Giudice is toxic to everything and everyone she touches. She thrives on the attention and wants it all. Dina allowed her to entangle herself and her family into this huge feud that is effecting the whole family. Be mad at your sister but dragging her kids into it too, please, are you not an adult? Grow up Dina. When you were down and out and had not 2 dimes to rub together didn't your sister offer you a place to live and then you met your husband and poof, you don't need her anymore?

  10. 10

    The mother of her God Daughter??? How about the mother of your nieces & nephews &
    her own kid's aunt???? Dina is an ugly bore her new show sucks & she is only ass kissing TREE APE JOO DICE because she thinks it will help her charity (Shady bug) and help her get her blog & ugly mugly out there more. She never left she is just loomingin the background waiting for a better opportunity which won't come because she is a phoney bore. No one can be upset about Tree's remarks because the Caroline, Dina, & family are not full Italian they ARE only part & very American. Caroline Don Caro Corleone act is an ACT. Teresa on the other hand is for real. Like her or hate her she is being herself. She's kick Dina's phoney ass to the curb soon enough too.