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Justin Timberlake Had Been Injured On The Set Of In Time!

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JT Injured In Time

Justin Timberlake doesn't hold back when it comes to action sequences — and he had the major calf injury to prove it on the set of In Time.

It was so bad that he had to limp around during a scene, but managed to somehow make it work:

"It felt like someone shot me in the leg.It looks like in the scene I'm hobbling because I'm pulling [a hostage], but it's because I'm on one leg. When they yelled 'cut' I actually fell down. But we got a great take out of it."

We're so glad you're okay!

We'll have to keep an eye out to see if the take made it into the film, though!

Are U pumped for In Time??

[Image via WENN.]

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6 comments to “Justin Timberlake Had Been Injured On The Set Of In Time!”

  1. 1

    does anyone else find him to be a total douchebag these days? used to love him when i was younger, but fuck i cant stand him and his lil girl voice now. so full of himself. n an ass to his woman…. NEXT!

  2. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: Bitch Please.. – He's actually the total opposite of everything u just said. Everyone who actually knows him and aren't just tabloids have said he's one of the nicest most humble people they've ever met. Tabloids have never had one iota of actual proof that he ever cheated on his woman. I doubt he has or in today's age of camera's everywhere there would be a picture. So no, I don't agree with you. Looking forward to this movie. If u actually kept up with news perez u would have seen Timberlake on crutches back during the filming of In Time and read about his injury then not a year later.

  3. 3

    I really dont care for his flicks!!! They are lame! He should continue singing!

  4. 4

    He's a good singer, but I like his acting also.

  5. 5

    Good hopefully he will go away and get out of our faces. Enough of this small talent. Give other people a chance.

  6. 6

    He annoys me a lot. When I was a teenager, I liked his singing voice but these days… Geez, it's like someone is raping a cat. And he also can't act. GO AWAY.