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Airplane's Window Comes Loose Mid-Flight After Being Duct-Taped!

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Airplane Malfunction Duct Tape Window

Oh yes! You read that headline correctly.

One of Ryanair's jetliners, with its 200 passengers on board, had to pull a uie and head right back to the airport when the pilot's window came loose!

The window had reportedly been duct-taped! DUCT-TAPED!!

According to the Irish Aviation Authority, the duct tape was merely there as a "precaution" to secure a new window seal…

Riiight…new window seal our butts!

Luckily nobody was hurt! But just what we need, more crazy airplane malfunctions right before the holidays!

[Image via AP Images.]

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9 comments to “Airplane's Window Comes Loose Mid-Flight After Being Duct-Taped!”

  1. 1

    Smfh! I actually facepalmed when I seen "Ryanair" Im irish and that airline is the crappest ever! I feel nervous flying with them! -__-

  2. 2

    Um this story is old and was all over the internet yesterday. Stick to gossip and stay away from "NEW"S.

  3. 3

    This is such a non-story. The said tape is actually called Speed tape that can withstand 600mph and is used routinely on aircrafts.

  4. 4

    Airline companies make millions if not billions and here we have them putting tape while endangering the lives of people that paid for their seat. Pilots don't even make much either but the airline companies are quick to raise fees for anything and everything.

  5. 5

    I had taken a flight once and I looked out the window at the wing of the jet. Some piece of metal at the tip of the wing was duct taped in place. I thought to myself, "That doesn't look very secure…" The flight was completed safely, but still, I think if I were to see it again I would inform the flight crew, photograph it and call my wife to describe the shoddy repair in case the worst happened.

  6. 6

    Come on, it's Ryanair. Who else can get you to Eastern Europe for a tenner?

  7. 7

    When I was studying in Ireland, I used Ryanair all the time to visit friends in other countries, but it was pretty much terrifying every time I got on one of the planes because I'd heard os much crap about it. I mean, I wound up not having any issues other some rather bumpy landings, but I am not remotely surprised.

  8. 8

    Ya know, the closer we get to holiday travel, i would prefer to NOT hear about airplane snafus!!! I already have a fear of airplanes and tend to be medicated while on one, i have never flown in the winter before however and hearing about duct taped windows just makes my anxiety level spike!

  9. 9

    Like Rose14 said..it's called speed tape. If any of you folks going through hysterics knew the amount of tape and mechanical problems on EVERY aircraft…you would NEVER fly again. It's all safe though. Those of us in aviation know this.