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Billy Joel's Daughter, Alexa Ray, Confesses Her STD Past! Says Ex Gave Her HPV!

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Alexa Ray Joel STD First Love HPV

Billy Joels' daughter loves being an open book. She figures there's nothing to hide, so we get to hear all about her life! Joy!

But the latest confession is one that might shock some folks.

Alexa Ray Joel is talking about her ex and the STD he gave her!

The singer admits:

I had HPV. But I mean, a lot of people get it from my ex. I mean it was fine, you know. There are no side effects. You just go and get it taken care of.

I wasn't angry with him, because it's so common and he wasn't cheating on me. I mean I was living with him; I saw him everyday.

I was wanting to help him with his drinking and various things and a lot of women do that, particularly with older troubled men; you want to be this young little angel that’s gonna help them, and it’s a mistake.

Wow, that sucks!! But it's prob the best one to get. We mean, out of all of 'em, that does sound like the easiest to get rid of.

Most celebs wouldn't dish this kind of info out, but at least she's raising awareness so snaps for that!

Now go get tested!! Click here to find out where you can keep your pleasure places in check!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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70 comments to “Billy Joel's Daughter, Alexa Ray, Confesses Her STD Past! Says Ex Gave Her HPV!”

  1. 1

    You guys are going to get sued. Herpes is so far from HPV. OMG I can't believe someone can be that careless when "reporting".

  2. 2

    She said he gave her HPV, why would you say in your headline that she has herpes? Pretty irresponsible, Perez!

  3. 3

    uummm HPV isnt herpes and it DOES have side effects for certain strains….do a little sexual health homework please

  4. 4

    Hey Kids,
    HPV is NOT herpes. HPV is genital warts. It's that disease that can be prevented with that new ghardisal vaccine (sp?)

  5. 5

    She doesn't have herpes. She has HPV. And while it is extremely common, you cannot get rid of it. It is a virus that remains in your body forever and affects people in different ways. Some forms cause genital warts and some forms cause cervical cancer. There is no getting rid of HPV.

  6. 6

    I thought herpes wasnt something that went away???

  7. 7

    and society is on its continuous decline. 1 out of every 4 slutty skanky women (most women are) have had an STD and people are like eww no. Now its getting to the point its just a-ok to have an std and come out and admit it..LMAO.

  8. 8

    Herpes and HPV are not quite the same thing.

  9. 9

    You dick! You better change that headline. It is completely inaccurate, did you actually take the time to read the quote? This is malicious, I hope you get sued.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    HPV and Herpes are NOT the same thing. Herpes, you have forever, and HPV, they are still arguing about. It can go 'inactive' for many years but they think it can come back many years after being dormant. You can't go and 'get rid of' HPV.

  12. 12

    Re: Isidora – I hope he gets sued by both her and her ex bf. Maybe that will force him to finally practice responsible reporting.

  13. 13

    yeah, wow. Perez, do a little research. You're turning out to be a very unreliable source.

  14. 14

    Re: nayster – You are right, Herpes does not go away.

  15. 15

    You do know that HPV and Herpes is not the same thing, right? And to say that HPV is "probably the best one (STD) to get" may be the single most retarded thing I have heard in a long time! Your stupidity is getting harder and harder to stomach.

  16. 16

    HPV is NOT herpes…. There are over 100 strains, 2 of which cause warts and 2 cause cervical cancer. Get your facts righ Perez. You were waaaaaaay off on this one!

  17. 17

    HPV is something completely different than Herpes.

  18. 18

    Perez! HPV IS NOT HERPES. not even close. some people who have a certain strand of HPV can get genital warts but just because you have HPV does NOT mean that you have genital warts! some people don't get any side effects at all! you need to do some research and remove this post immediately.

  19. 19

    Do some fucking research. HPV and Herpes are two very different things and neither are curable. HPV can cause warts and cervical cancer. Why do you think there is a vaccine for it??? To prevent CANCER. I usually don't get angry at anything you post because it's all in fun but this is fucking ridiculous and harmful to naive people who don't know a lot about STDs. Take Herpes off the title before they sue you.

  20. 20

    Seriously thought, love this website too much for you guys to get sued. Please change your headline–HPV is not Herpes!!!

  21. didi says – reply to this


    Dude i cannot believe you don't know the difference between HPV and herpes. You better fix that title ASAP before Alexa's people find this.

  22. 22

    This article is incredibly irresponsible. HPV is NOT herpes, you morons!

  23. 23

    You may want to check your facts….2 completely different STDs…..

  24. 24

    I guess she needs the publicity!

  25. 25

    Well yes herpes is completely different from HPV they are both diseases which stay in your body forever even if they go dormant

  26. 26

    She is a moron, and so are you. HPV causes WARTS AND CERVICAL CANCER and you cannot "get it taken care of". There is no cure for it. And HERPES is a completely different disease. I hope someone sues your ass for LYING. And BTW, you can still get HPV even with proper condom use!

  27. 27

    Really? Are you trying to make her look bad? Herpes and HPV are not the same thing by far. You just proved that you do not do ANY research at ALL when it comes to your stories, thats why people dont believe half the shit you have to say….maybe next time get the facts straight….its funny cause she clearly says what she has and you STILL get it wrong…dummy

  28. 28

    Perez thinks HPV is Herpes? What a gem of ignorance.

  29. 29

    STDs happen, I like that she's open about it. (Of course HPV is not herpes, as many people have pointed out.) Yes herpes is forever, but HPV can lead to cancer which is super scary.

    I wish people wouldn't be so judgmental, though. Even when you're careful, you can catch one so let's not call someone a slut just because something like this happens. Condoms don't protect you 100% from herpes or HPV. It only protects the skin covered and since condoms don't cover everything…

    So everyone be safe, but don't judge. Accidents happen even when you are careful.

  30. 30

    He changed it….how could you mess that up? seriously…wow

  31. 31

    wow you guys arent very educated are you?? HPV is caused by genital warts. so her having an STD is TRUE. HPV does NOT have a "cure" bcuz it is a virus that lives within you. the best thing you can do is live a healthy life in order to prevent cancerous cell from evolving so thats a LIE. and GENITAL WARTS or HPV DO NOT have a cure so THATS A LIE. Genital warts is just like Herpes in the sense that it is trasmitted through oral or penetration and there isnt a cure. if u got it u got it for life. the vaccine u hear about only protects u from catching it but if u alrady have i ur stuck. sorry girlie but u just kinda admitted to the world u still got it. ppl seriously need to educated themselves. cmon now guys.

  32. 32

    HPV usually is taken care of by your immune system. It is a virus, and therefore you do carry it around dormant forever (only to reactivate with severe immune deficiency). The same goes for chicken pox and various flu viruses. A conservative number of HPV infected adults is 50%. Most people catch it and never show symptoms.

  33. 33

    ummmm, Celeb, when did she become a celeb????? This is the first time i've ever heard of her.

  34. Heh says – reply to this


    First of all that's defamation of character whether its true or not why would she put that out there in public just to spite him? that shows absolutely no class on her part second there is no taking care of HPV once you have it it just has to run its course the only taking care that one can do is to get vaccinated before it happens so she's also a complete idiot, I guess she is more like her mother than I thought

  35. 35

    What about Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and Chlamydia? Which btw, are CURABLE through medication!! Herpes, HIV, HPV and one of the Hepatitis viruses are TREATABLE but not CURABLE. Wow, you are a dumbass, Mario. I just hope you are smart enough to use protection.

  36. 36

    Re: jenjen1284 – DId you mean to say Genital warts are cause by HPV….cause you have it wrong

  37. 37

    And I'm sorry but Jade Goody anyone? I don't mean to act like a self righteous prick but there is a limit to how stupid, one can be. Especially a sexual active person.

  38. sof says – reply to this


    UM, HPV does not go away. it's a DNA kind of disease and you can't just "take care" of it. Some strains cause cervical cancer, some cause genital warts (or regular warts) and some have no effects at all. But it doesn't go away.

  39. sof says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA

    you probably have it. HPV is something that you can't fully protect yourself from, even with condoms. Condoms reduce the risk, but aren't 100% proof. MOST women have it and they mostly get it from men that they trust. Get educated.

  40. sof says – reply to this


    Re: jenjen1284 – You should also educate yourself, because HPV is not caused by genital warts, genital warts are caused by HPV, which is a virus. Human Papillomavirus. It can also cause cancer or other types of warts OR it can have no symptoms whatsoever.

  41. 41

    Why would you tell the world that you have genital warts? She needs a hard edge manager to filter her statements. Bless her heart. She is sooooo talented and pretty but definitely needs a filter. Plus, I think her crazy mother is responible for any silliness she has.

  42. 42

    Do you mean to tell me that someone ACTUALLY F@#KED this FUGLY THANG ? ! ? ! And, for Gawd's sake, could she not keep such an item private .. ? ! Must have something to promote, and is thereby seeking the attention. …… And her mom is sooo Classy !

  43. 43

    WHOD dresses her ? ! Key-rist is she one FUGLY chick, and dressing like a 1980s Streeet =walker shore ain't making her any prettier !

  44. 44

    Gawd is she Ugly !

  45. 45

    WHY does anyone care that a Z-Lister has some sore of dirty sex disease ?

  46. 46

    Hi, Alexa. 'Pretty Woman' (circa 1990) called - she wants her hooker outfit back !

  47. 47

    What W I D E thighs !

  48. 48

    Re: NookiesWA – Most woman are slutty & skanky??? WHATEVER! I don't know what you expect to gain by making a ridiculous statement like that! Idiocy at it's finest…

  49. 49

    A lot of people have already said this; however HPV can't be 'cured'…it causes cervical and penile cancers as well as genital warts. It is also carried by close to 80% of Americans. Unless her ex was her ONLY sexual partner, I highly doubt he transmitted the virus to her…it can be dormant for YEARS! Being in the know about sexual health is important; check the facts before posting inaccurate information. Remember the first step to better public health is an educated public :-)

  50. 50

    …'The 'singer' admits'….She sings ? !

  51. 51

    If she wasn't such a COMMON WHORE none of this would have happened !

  52. 52

    Herpes, HPV, Suicide Attempts, Major Depression, and Seriously mentally ill thinking she can sing, model, and act…..plus her boyfriend is an alcoholic….

    You would of thought, at least one of her parents, could have tried to raise a well adjusted child by focusing on her instead of themselves….

    Alexa Ray is one messed up celebrity child; ADD ONE MORE TO THE LIST!

  53. 53

    Eww! She's got an oozing infected vajayjay……

  54. 54

    Hey guys! Did anyone mention the difference between HPV and herpes yet?! Fucking CHRIST. A lot of the commenters on this site are borderline retarded. WE GET IT. PEREZ FUCKED UP. Move on.

  55. 55

    There is so much wrong with this article. You cannot "get rid" of HPV. Once you've got it, you've got it for life. Makes me wonder if Alexa Ray Joel is lying or ignorant of the facts. Scary either way…

  56. 56

    Is this gal nuts or just stupid? HPV is a virus. It causes contageous genital warts. It often lead to cancer. You dont just "go and get it taken care of." Once you have it, theres no cure. It doesnt just go away. And how would this even come up in polite society - unless you're promoting awareness of the new vaccine (which only prevents some forms in people who havent already contracted it!)

  57. 57

    some of thee replies are just plain mean…I feel for her…someone , even if not famous poster's standards should be speaking out abt this..this is a serious thing to have and live with. It could happen to anyone…

  58. 58

    This is affecting a lot of really young people too. But, that was too much information.

  59. 59

    HPV can cause genital warts, but it does not always. Some people's immune systems clear the virus without the person ever knowing that he or she had the disease. In some women, HPV manifests as a group of abnormal cells that are discovered when a women gets her annual pap exam. The Guardasil vaccination protects against the most common types of HPV…but NOT every type. People who have received the vaccine still need to be careful and use protection if necessary. Also, the CDC estimates that approximately 50% of sexually active people have been affected by the HPV virus at some point in their lives… so if you've had sex with more than one person…. However, HPV is a very serious virus. It can cause CANCER. This includes cervical, penile, and oral cancer. There are even new studies that link the virus to heart disease. I'm not so sure that it is "the best STD" to get.

  60. 60

    Re: jenjen1284 – I think it would be a fair statement to make when I say that chances are she didn't say that at all. If the Perez people got something that big wrong, you can't really rely on the rest either.

  61. 61

    Re: TXNOLA – So true!

  62. 62

    Re: NookiesWA – you can get a STD from one bad encounter so its not about being slutty. and its better to be open about it than be too ashamed to seek help and then pass it on to others.

  63. 63

    Sorry Perez normally a huge fan. But I work with many women who have HPV. And many people should know the true facts. Herpes and HPV are totally different. And this shouldn't be under the icky icky poo file, as people who have this disease normally don't even know, and it can be contracted from only having one sexual partner. No one should feel gross about contracting HPV, as it goes under the radar, even if you practice safe sex.

  64. 64

    There should actually be punishment for people that unknowingly pass on STD's. Considering society is on a decline thats attributing to the skyrocketing STD rates something has to be done. Theres 0 consequences for being a dumb ass and giving everyone you sleep with an STD. Start issuing out minor jail sentences for it and then you'll find people quick to go get tested multiple times. In fact, we need to go German Nazi mode, if you have an STD it goes on your public record, you have to carry around a card that states you have recently been tested and that you're clean. Put those types of rules in place and STD's will be kept in check unless of course all of them have cures.

  65. 65

    NookiesWA How effing disgusting of a human being are you! EVERYONE has sex, how the hell do you think you were made (undoubtable a huge mistake) STDS have been around from the beginning of time and it only takes one time. HPV you cannot see AND you can get it even with wearing a condom. A lot of people have it and don't even know. If you've ever had sex (I highly doubt anyone would eff such a low life) then you might have it as well. You judgemental piece of crap.

  66. 66

    first of all. people who get HPV are not a "sluts", around 1 in 3 women will get it atleast once over their lifetime. and there are different strains. you can get it even if you only have sex with 1 person your entire life! so stop judging people!.There is not a cure for it, but just because you have it once doesnt mean you will have it forever!From personal knowledge the cancer strains goes away on its own but you can get it again! Doctors dont even normally test for it when you get std testing and there is no way to test men for hpv. Some strains cause cancer and some genital warts. HPV can go away on its own but the effects of it -pre cancer cells etc will still be there and that is what gets treated not HPV itself! all std's are serious and should NEVER be taken as not a big deal like presented here but at the same time there is no way all you people can judge without understanding every circumstance.. 4/5times hpv doesnt cause cancer cells in womens cervix or your body treats it own your own! just because someone has it DOESNT make them a slut. and hey ladies if you've ever had an abnormal result from your pap: newsflash 90% chance its caused fromm hpv!

  67. 67

    "people should get themselves tested and carry around cards to prove it"
    so you think your parents should continuously get tested and show it even though they only been sleeping with eachother for however many years?
    there is NO WAY TO TEST MEN FOR HPV.
    a friend of mine is currently dealing with pre cancerous cells most likely caused by hpv and she got it from her LONG TIME BOYFRIEND who she was with for years and years and she got regular std checks with her physicals and never once was told she had an std! and he had no idea either! stop the ignorance people!

  68. 68

    Re: NookiesWA – Well if a woman has an STD it's because some sleazy guy gave it to her.
    Now go think about the decline of society and cry yourself to sleep.

  69. 69

    Re: NookiesWA – While I agree with you on this, guys can have HPV without knowing it. They never show symptoms. The only way they find out if they have it is when the girl discovers she has it. If you have the genital wart symptoms those are visual, but if you have the cancerous strains you can only find that out from a pap smear. My gynocologist told me about 80% of girls in college have it. For most it will go dormant, for others it can be fatal.

  70. 70

    Over 90% of all women IN THE WORLD have some form of HPV.