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44 comments to “Cher Says She Could "Cut A B*tch" After Chaz Bono Is Eliminated DWTS!”

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    Ya see gayboy, this is why people tune out the gays, because of the agenda. First off, why is she so pissed, the judges insult everyone. But if you insult a gay, than all of the sudden you are a homophobe. It's stupid. Your looking for special, not equal. And another thing. While ugly ass old hag Cher talks shit, why don't you mention all the things she said and the way she acted when she first responded to Chaz going through this. And one more thing, why is it unfortunate that he went, because he's part of the LGBT community????? He was the worst all season, but yet you act as if he should have stayed. The only reason, he's a she and that hit's home with you. Hypocrite.

  2. 2

    what talent? the judges werent being incompetent, they were saying what they felt. chaz overstayed on the show.

  3. 3

    They called Him/Her a penguin … ? Try Elephant, Hippo, ……Just say'n !

  4. 4

    And again….WHAT did Cher to do her ? ! ? !

  5. 5

    Chaz danced like an Iron bUTTERFLY ! Sorry, but He/She over-stayed his/her welcome, and was lucky to have stayed as long as He/She did !

  6. 6

    im a fan of chaz and he should have gone home weeks ago. and i understand the judges were not being cool, but cher is being a sore loser. and for someone who promotes non violence Perez, im surprised of you rooting on the 'cut a bitch' comment.

  7. 7

    Too bad He/She did not stay longer by dancing better and then loosing a ton of weight and then becoming a spokes'person' for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or something ……

  8. 8

    Chaz is so big, he irons his pants on the driveway…he stands in front of the micro-wave and yells 'Hurry!'…he went to the beach, and people kept trying to push him back into the ocean…he got his ear pierced, and out came gravy…he went to Canada, but got busted for 'crack' - they pulled down his pants and found 60 pounds of crack…He got a suit made, and there was enough material left over to slip-cover New Jersey…he has more chins than a Chinese telephone book !

  9. 9

    Bruce Willis having a kid with a young chick will give him publicity and drive Demir Whore Craz(ier) !

  10. 10

    get a life! and stop bullying somebody on their sexuality/ gender.

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    I think half of America did a collective eye roll when this whole mess about the judges being too harsh to Chaz started. I mean come on, have you heard some of the things Simon has said in the past to teenagers on American Idol and now X Factor? No one came out with a statement or complained to the media about it. They knew what they were going in to as did Chaz. SO MANY MORE people would support equality if that was in fact what the LGBT community was seeking. Are they implying because he is Transgender that they should have treated him differently than other contestants? I do not see the equality in that.

  12. 12

    The judges always say rude things to contestants so Chaz should have been prepared. Why should he be treated differently than other people. Isn't that what he wants?? Cher is just being a mom with her comments but she went way overboard.

  13. jham says – reply to this


    Ha! Cut a bitch! She's hilarious!!! Chaz did GREAT!!

  14. 14

    Re: Be-Atch – Agree. And if having her young husband banging a 22 year old doesn't make her feel old - this certainly will.

  15. 15


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    I love them both (CHER tops it thought, I love her). But Chaz stayed in too long. Its not fair to the other contestants who are actually really talented. But Bruno, the "flailing arms" judge always wants to be the 'funny one'. And he really just isn't. He's actually obnoxious.

  17. 17

    Re: rosebud99 – LOL ! Hope that Kabballah 'crap' religious training kicks in, or Hag is gonna be snort'n freeways to Oklahoma !

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Chaz had a great run. For every DWTS, there are dozens of really good dancers who go home early, and only one winner.

  19. 19

    When will Cher be back doing some more TV infomercials ?

    I loved when she was trying to sell hair products, just so sorry did not tape that
    If anyone has the linc please post

  20. 20

    Demi Whore, Chaz, HoHan should all make a sex tape together - they would make millions !

  21. 21

    SO he should have stayed in due to his "Circumstance?" That's detrimental. He was voted off because he wasn't that good. Plain and simple.

  22. 22

    Chaz should not have been on the show to begin with SHE is not a star SHE is just someone with famous parents.

  23. 23

    imagine how fat that thing is going to get now

  24. 24

    LMFAO!! A penguin! Well, they didn't lie SHE is a penguin.

  25. 25

    Re: D-INCARNATION – How insensitive !

  26. 26

    He needed to go weeks ago, let's get serious. There were better dancers voted off before him because of who his mommy is.

  27. 27

    Did Chaz ever write a hit song? Act in a movie or play? Preform at all before this show? NO he was used and exploited just because he was the trangender child of two famous and talented people. He should of saw it coming and stepped away.

  28. 28

    I thought penguin wasn't right either! SHE should have been called a hippopotamus! I'm over this shit. GOODBYEEEEEEEEEE! go back to the real world and gain all your weight back.

  29. 29

    LMFAO! this makes me love cher. "your mom…..could cut a bitch" lmao! priceless

  30. 30

    All this fake outrage over being JUDGED at a COMPETITION.

    Between Max & Chaz & now Cher whining you'd think nobody had a clue that part of the appeal to these type of TV competitions was listening to the judges sometimes biting comments as well as some of their obvious attempts to avoid telling the truth about HOW bad a contestant is doing.

    Sorry but when you have judges bending over backwards to find something remotely positive to say week after week, even the judges are going to get sick of lying.

    The REAL outrage here was just as Max said (without naming names!)… some dancers being given low scores for not being great while Chaz was given ridiculously high scores for doing little more than walking around the stage.

  31. 31

    Chaz has undeniable charisma but unfortunately not much dancing talent. If I would hear someone judging my child like that in front of millions my hackles would rise too. Cher is just a mama bear that is trying to protect her cub.

  32. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Don't be hating on Cher ppl!!
    She's one of the greats!!
    Chaz had no business being in DWTS in the first place~
    They did it for publicity!
    SO what ever“ Ev1 got paid! ☺

  33. 33

    these type of show's always end up being a popularity contest more than talent itself. True, chaz should have left a lot earlier as he has less rhythm than a pacemaker.
    I found that the judges were quite sensitive towards him (a lot more than any other contestants). Cher is being a mom and sore loser. By the way, CHER - YOU ARE IN YOUR 60's, STOP TYPING LIKE A FREAKING TEENAGER…. That is even more sad than all the terrible facelifts she's gotten… Granted she does have a huge amount of talent so cuddos on that… Chaz unfortunatelly does not.
    Lastly, I do applaud Chaz for taking such a difficult decision to be himself and hope that him and all the LGBT community finds the acceptance and rights that they deserve… I believe in equality not special treatment…

  34. 34

    exactly how old is cher? why does she type like a teenager? lol but yeah, chaz is a disgusting fat slob.

  35. 35

    so she's complaining about their rudeness by being rude herself? OK then. And I think Len is about the same age as you Cher. Just saying!

    Your girl stunk and its not for the judges to pretend otherwise. Seriously, as she watched the show before? Dont sign up if u cant take it…especially if u know youre utterly crap at dancing!

  36. 36

    I disagree, pit. The judges are often very nice, even overly so to some contestants. Chaz tried, and with most contestants, the effort is rewarded. Check out the soccer player with 2 left feet. Were the judges afraid that cutting her and the rude Maks would be too obvious? I think both couples are worse dancers than Carson, who isn't a great dancer, but tried hard and had flair and great personality.
    Perhaps all three are equal as dancers. All three will be eliminated, but there is no reason to be rude. I usually like Bruno. He was rude enough for one to wonder if he came on to Chaz and was turned down? :D

  37. 37

    Re: Lasqueesha[/re] Lol re: Len vs Cher. At least he doesn't have a face full of Botox. That is so awful when it's overdone.

  38. 38

    That sick FREAK should have been eliminated after week one. She was BY FAR the worst dancer on the show. It was nothing but a publicity stunt for the gay agenda.

  39. 39

    likeed this story until u called the judges incompetent. unbelievable. Chaz was completely gracious, Cher took it like any mother. You give gays a bad rep.

  40. 40

    Bruno is great fun and is usually very very generous with his coments. Too generous. The penguin thing was just a harmles comparison to how a penguin moves. Too build it up into a huge insult is just pathetic. Hes not nasty at all and viewers should know that after years watching. Truth is Chaz looked more like a wounded walrus than a cute litle penguin! The Russian peasant is just deflecting from his own rudeness.

  41. 41

    Len is 66
    Cher is 65

    and she's calling him old?

  42. 42

    lol I love Cher…. yourtoppaidsurveys.weebly.com

  43. 43

    you could cut a bitch, why, because they didnt vote for ur DAUGHTER!? she was the absolute worst contestant on the show by far and well overstayed her welcome. the judges are there to judge and the men stood up and told her how it is compared to Carrie who just went right along and supported her b/c shes gay or w/e she is. and if u LOVED ur daughter so much, why did u only show up to ONE of her performances?!?!

  44. 44

    Thats Sooooo Disrespectful ….