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And Speaking Of X Factor… Watch This Standout From Australia!

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Let's head down under for a little something, something!

Yesterday, the Australian edition of The X Factor kicked off with something extra HOT!

Check out Johnny Ruffo's incredible rendition of Michael Jackson's classic Billy Jean! (above)

Just watch this guy moooooooooove! So, so, so hot!!!

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59 comments to “And Speaking Of X Factor… Watch This Standout From Australia!”

  1. 1

    naaw :) , but, i think he was bit nervous, but who wouldn't. but i think he'd do better if he wasn't nervous at all. i think he did fine though, and he was cute.

  2. 2

    This should be sent directly to Lady GaGa!!! He is absolutely amazing and needs to come here and perform!!! WOW!!!!! The next Justin Timberlake?

  3. 3

    WOW this boy is incredible and sexyyy!!!! His talent can truly make him an international superstar!!! TOTALLY agree with ashpoli someone needs to show JT this star; I can already imagine their duet. BRING HIM TO AMERICA!

  4. 4

    this isss amazingggg

  5. 5

    too bad he cant really sing. this was for his chance to stay in the competition. he should of went home. there are way more better people then him.

  6. 6

    He sand all find except the chorus where was kinda off. The rest was great… if imitating Michael Jackson was about. So, how about himself??.

  7. 7

    He is amazing, definate favourite but he needs more support! As for the next JT comments, he sang JT last week! YouTube the rest of his performances he gets better every week! So proud of him 

  8. 8

    I think he should win. He has made the most progress out of everyone, hes hot and he seems like really a nice person!!

  9. 9

    Johnny should be SO proud of himself. He has improved so much since his audition and definitely should win the X Factor. He is such a genuine and kind-hearted person, he deserves a great career. Love you Johnny :-) Your fans are sooo proud of you

  10. 10

    omg! i love him. he is my most favourite contestent on x factor australia this year! i love him so much, he is the one who has progressed the most and its so amazing to see as the weeks go by! i think he really pulled off this michael jackson song, i was worried at first when i heard he was singing MJ but he did a fabulous job and i am so proud! i met johnny at the australian nickelodeon kids choice awards and he was just an all round lovely guy! i realllly hope he does well on the competition because he definitly deserves it! although he is already a winner in my eyes! :-)

  11. 11

    Johnny is not only an amazing performer.. singer, dancer, charisma, enthusiasm, etc. He is portrayed as the hardest worker! Every judge always comments on his amazing personality, positive attitude and work ethic. He is the type of guy that has constant and never ending improvement. He is such an inspiration and is the type of man that DESERVES every bit of success he has. I know he will be something. He has everything going for him and I wish him all the best! God bless you Johnny.

  12. 12

    Hey all this guy can sing,he was a bit nervous because he was singing for
    He's life!! Also he has done many performances like this before and alot better he really just needs the chance
    To shine Australia's very own jt!!

  13. 13

    Wow. Johnny is a STAR! Listen to his voice! LOOK AT THOSE MOVES! I haven't seen somebody move like that since MJ himself. I think MJ would be proud. How do we make this kid stand out? He deserves to be on a stage infront of millions of people! I can not wait to buy his first, second, third, fourth.. we know where I'm going with this.. album! I can not wait to see his own stuff! I hear it is amazing!! GO JOHNNY!!!!

  14. 14

    I wish I could move like that. I agree.. we need a new young (not too young) pop/r&b star. I can't wait to see what he comes out with! This guy will make it big!

  15. 15

    THIS GUY IS THE NEXT STAR.. calling it now!

  16. 16

    Wow - Johnny is amazing. It is sad that Aussies are the only ones putting him down here - but I'm over the moon that American's can appreciate his talent. I'm voting for him - he is such a nice guy and works so hard every week. I wish American's could vote :)

  17. 17

    SEXY!!!!!!!! I agree. Next star. I give it 3 months until he is on the top of the charts and 6 until he is jet setting around the world on a tour. IM AMAZED!

  18. 18

    I'm from America! He has a lot of friends here! He has quite a large fan base here as well! I wish we could vote too! But I know soon enough he will be performing here as well.. at his own concerts!

  19. 19

    Re: bowled_em – - Jealous much!!!! Clearly the overseas audience doesn't agree and can be objective about Johnny's talent. Seriously - did you really need to be so negative and nasty?????

  20. 20

    Sitting with my sorority sisters KAPPA DELTA!!! watching all of Johnny Ruffo's videos on youtube on the big screen in the sorority house! Wish we could watch it live in America! PLEASE SOMEONE GET THIS GUY A RECORD DEAL HERE!! Perz.. can you post more of his videos please!!! People need to see this!!!! WE LOVE YOU JOHNNY!

  21. 21

    Re: LindaScardelli – That's awesome Linda - spread the word - he deserves this xx

  22. 22

    Delta Phi Epsilon LOVES JOHNNY TOO!!!! We are doing the same thing!! HAHAHA! We are all fighting over who is going to date him when he comes to America! Perez.. do you have the pull to make this happen!!!!

  23. 23

    TRI DELTA LOVES JOHNNY MORE GIRLS!!!!! We voted him Dream Guy 2011! We are watching his videos too! It must be sorority youtube night.. along with Perez Hilton's help!? POST MORE OF HIS VIDEOS PEREZ!!! I discovered him and now 82 sisters in Tri Delt want him too! Do I get first dibs when he becomes famous over here?

  24. 24

    yay, so happy all the Americans and around the world agree with me! Australia loves you Johnny! He's so amazing, so talented, and obviously amazingly hot and great at dancing heheh. Ruffnation!

  25. 25

    Kappa Kappa Gamma… SAME THING!!! THIS IS HILARIOUS!! EmilyPhil… WE WANT TO STEAL HIM!!!!!!!! If guys could move like that here… girls would be a lot happier. If guys looked like that here… pretty sure we wouldn't have to wear big sunglasses anymore.. if guys sounded like that here… no one would be single!!! THIS GUY IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! He's on the X Factor there? Why don't we have people like that here? I'll move to Australia if this guy doesn't come here!!!!!!!! Does he want to be international? We were sitting on our laptops doing some research and some blogs say he has plans of moving here?!?!?!? HE'S GOING TO BE MINE GILRS!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! all i can say is WOW.. along with 53 of MY KKG Sisters!!!

  26. 26

    Where the F**k did this man come from and why isn't he famous already? I agree. a few months top of the charts, front cover of mags, and selling out the continental arena in less than 3 minutes. I want one of those tickets since I'm one of the first to see! If Johnny sees this can he make sure I get one! I'm a fan now. SOLD ME. You had me at OHH.

  27. 27

    Haha RobinCro, ofcourse he wants to be international! But you can't steal him from us! heheh, he's ours! Can you believe alot of Australians give him hate and say he can't sing? Wow I wish Americans could vote! Yayyyy, I'm so happy Johnny's getting so much love!

  28. 28

    i heard from a friend that the girl who dates him is telling her friends to comment on this…hence the comments…justin timberlake ? are you kidding? JT is one of a kind with an amazing voice. this kid, not really.

  29. 29

    How many friends from America can this girl possibly have? And every page says he's single. Get your facts straight MATE! WE LOVE HIM HERE!!!! CASE CLOSED!

  30. 30

    Re: joeyp123 – Joey - nice of you to comment - but Johnny is single so your lie is exposed. Didn't your mum tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything :)

  31. 31

    Can I marry him! WOW he is a young JT/Usher/Beiber type. How old is he! I can't wait for him to come perform here! I need something fresh and sexy in my life! Johnny Ruffo might just be my new obsession!

  32. 32

    Thats right girls he is an aussie and all the girls here in Aus love him just as much! HOT! It was one of his best peformances as he was able to choose the song he sung. Given the chance he could make it big!

  33. 33

    OMG ! I met Johnny Ruffo last Monday and he is absolutely amazing ! I have never supported someone so much in my life! he is incredible and will go along way!! good luck Johnny!

  34. 34

    Re: ashpoli – i reckon! LADY GAGA would LOVE him!!

  35. 35

    Jenna he's 23 :)
    and he loves Bieber and JT so someone send it to them! Would be the most perfect thing ever if he did a duet with either of them :)

  36. 36

    So proud of johnny. I am from Perth and met him through playing footy. he is a good mate and words can't describe how hard he works and what a top bloke he is. Its great to see him finally getting recognized, and in America too!!!

  37. 37

    I think I have watched all of his youtube videos! I am speechless with how amazing this guy is! And how people describe him in every single interview and comment.. he really sames like an actual nice guy too!

  38. 38

    I think the judges are too harsh about his singing ability and he isn't given enough chance to show his dance moves in his performances. His voice may not be as strong as some other contestants but to say he can't sing is so untrue, and he has got the X-Factor and the performance that a lot of others in the competition don't. Yes he can probably not yet be compared to JT, but I think he sang better and moved just as well as Jason Derulo did when he was live on X-Factor the other week.

  39. 39

    HOPE YOU WIN XFACTOR JOHNNY! So glad you made it through on Tuesday night, can't wait to watch your next performance, keep up the good work :)

  40. 40

    LOL I suspect a lot of these comments are from the same IP address! Just like the Jedward ones. Trying to create FAKE buzz.

    He's average and cliched. MJ impersonations? really now? Zzzz. Dated and irrelevant to 2011.

  41. 41

    I don't like some of the Aussie attitudes to be honest. If you have a problem with him.. SEND HIM HERE :) OPEN ARMS BABYYYY

  42. 42

    Almost 1:30 in the morning finishing writing my first big college paper and i have Johnny Ruffo's performance on repeat to keep me going. If only I had his spunk. I just want to say that I really do wish this guy the best and hope he gets over here soon! If Johnny reads this.. Thanks Johnny for helping me get through this midterm paper! couldn't do this without you! Wish you all the best! I'm sure I'll see you in concert soon!

  43. 43

    @Jenna - you are 100% right - there are some ugly Australian attitudes on here. It is embarrassing to see Aussies continually knocking their own. I think he is great and wish him all the very best - as you would hope anyone would. He is just doing what he loves .

  44. mfst says – reply to this


    omg. johnny rufffo rips up the df. if he doesnt win x factor there is something wrong with australians. want too see him do a song with jt.

  45. 45

    I love Johnny! But you guys gotta YouTube Reece Mastin. His voice is insane.
    Still adore Johnny though! Sickest last name!

  46. 46

    What a hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love the dancing and the singing, you go boyo!

  47. 47

    He may be a really nice guy, but he's one of the weaker singers in the competition. I do think he did MJ well though. I suspect either Reece, Christina or Andrew will win. (My favourite is Declan though.)

  48. 48

    JOHNNY ROCKS!! he is really talented!!
    he may not be the strongest singer on the show, but so what?! he shouldn't constantly be reminded that or put down!!
    he is a great performer and has a good voice!! he will do great things!
    he is also such a hard worker as always mentioned and seems genuinely nice! hope he goes far!!
    shame on the aussies who are putting him down!! what happened to country pride?!

  49. 49

    Johnny is the complete package sings, dances and so hot to look at, He has made the most progress on xfactor. The sad part is Australia will lose him, but he will make a name for himself. So proud of you Johnny xoxo

  50. 50

    Perez we must have the same taste in guys! If you liked Johnny, you ll love this: Josh Brookes The X Factor 2011 Auditions…. every single lady was… hmmm.

  51. 51

    Johnny Ruffo = SEXY NEW STAR

  52. 52

    Johnny ruffo is a very talented singer and dancer. He has been singing since he was 13 and is now 23. He works hard each week and i'm pretty sure he will win x-factor. Kudos to you Perez for raising awareness of an amazing entertainer. So good to hear that he has American fans. Obviously they can recognise talent when they see it. I just wish more Aussies would be supportive of him. I know I am and I will be buying his cd's :)

  53. 53

    Yeah he is good, and yeah he is improving, but there are some far better acts in the competition, like Reece Mastin. Johnny has already been in the bottom two twice, and I reckon he is not consistent enough to win.

  54. 54

    Can everyone quit saying Australians have a bad attitude towards this guy?! We love him here, just because one or two people actually commented on this doesnt mean all aussies agree. I have voted a thousand times for Johnny!

  55. 55

    just because 1 or 2 aussies said something bad does not mean all aussies feel the same!!!

  56. 56

    us Aussies love Johnny, no need to worry about that.
    he's ours, and he will go far no matter what!

  57. 57

    seriously SEXY

  58. 58

    yeah i really love this i've been watching hundred times already!i want to go to Australia just to see johnny ruffo.love him!he is really fun to be watch.UNLIKE other contestant they don't know how to dance well.he is really a simple guy with a dream to become big.from being a builder omg i want him to succeed in everything he does.

  59. 59

    Re: zane0315 – without johnny i will not watch x factor anymore anyway there's still guy sebastian.