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Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz: Tina's Time Will Come

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Gleeks, let's face it: This season is kicking last season in the face, subsequently breaking its jaw and eliminating it from the competition. Though we've only gotten three episodes so far, we've felt so fulfilled by the quality of the music, the continuity of the storyline and the focus on some favorite characters. However, we've still got our fingers crossed that one of the show's original fab five will get some spotlight this season.

Jenna Ushkowitz who plays Tina is not to be overlooked, in our opinion. She sings a mean Cyndi Lauper ballad, can bust-a-move with Beyonce and can shed tears like a Daytime Emmy winner. (Also, she might be in Lady GaGa's new music video!!!!) When Tina does get a moment on the show, its always memorable (vampire Tina anyone?!), so we're hoping there will be more to her character this season. Unfortunately, with so much going on with the seniors, this junior might have to take a backseat for awhile to allow her costars the chance to get one last shining moment in. But how does she feel about that? Let's ask!

Here are some HIGHlights from Jenna's interview about the show and her character with Billboard Magazine:

On Tina getting a solo this season:

"Not that I know of for my character. I'm just patiently waiting, I know Tina's time will come. But nothing as of right now."

On which Glee club has Tina's allegiance:

"We saw that Mercedes wants to go over, and I think she's really sad about Mercedes. Mercedes is her buddy and she's always been there for her, and she was there when it was the start of the club with five awful people. She's sad, Tina tends to get really emotional."

On her hopes for Tina for the season and which artists she'd like to perform:

"At this point I'd love something, some challenge or issue that has to do with her own life rather than a relationship. I think we've discovered that whole thing, so I would love some song that has to do with a conflict of hers. We could go into a dream sequence maybe … I've always wanted to do Adele, but I also want to do Sara Bareilles, or Pink, something fun like that. I think that fits Tina's range of things."

Will Gleeks meet Tina's parents this year:

"It would be pretty interesting. Nothing has been set or written, but we always thought Tina's mom was extremely feminist and very traditional, and her father was Jewish. Mike's parents are so traditional in their ways and would get along with Tina's mother more than her father. I've always wanted Sandra Oh to come on and play my aunt."

On whether she really does have a cameo in Lady Gaga's Marry the Night music video:

"Um. Where did you hear that from? (Laughs) I can't confirm or deny anything at this point."


We've got our fingers doubly-crossed for her. We want to see more Tina on the show WITH Sandra Oh (paging Seattle Grace!) and we want her in that music video!

We're putting it out into the universe. We expect it right back!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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5 comments to “Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz: Tina's Time Will Come”

  1. 1

    Im a total gleek i love the show but isnt it a bit early in the season to just go around telling people that perez? No offence but u dnt seem like the kinda person id blieve when it c0mes the this bizniz yeah i saw u on 'when i was 17' haha…but love ur blog.

  2. 2

    i dont know why they don't give her more solos. her version of true colors was definately one of the best covers glee's done

  3. 3

    This seems embarrassingly written by the Glee folks.

  4. 4

    sorry perez. im sooooo over gLee. i appreciate that the show wants to go into "story telling mode" to be able to be a lasting presence on TV. but its not interesting. the first season had funny sarcasm and surprise. this season is dull and lifeless. in it's attempt to "cultivate" new characters (brittany/tina/dancing asian) the surprise/one liners or the things that were unexpected and funny are lacking. and the characters that we initially fell in love with are becoming annoying farces of what they once were - racheal used to have enduring qualities. and if i have to have my heart strings tugged for kurt being gay again i will loose my mind. everyone gets bullied not just gays. fat kids, skinny kids, kids with achne, band geeks, goths, EVERYONE. when the gay community stop looks at their sexuality as part of their lives like breathing and not what "defines them" maybe people will stop giving a crap and go back to bullying them for the regular stuff - which sucks all the same. im so tired of that song and dance. blah. glee is so bad and i cant believe i still watch it.

  5. 5

    What kinda of Kool-Aid have you been drinking? While I do believe that better episodes are ahead of us, so far this season of Glee has been UNDERWHELMING. The writing has been bad, the characters are making one stupid decision after another, and the songs selection is just blah so far. I haven't downloaded one single song! And every other Gleek I talked to said it hasn't been good.