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Chatting With… LMFAO! They Reveal Their Homeless Past, Perez Connection And Being Drunk At Our Interview!

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Perez and LMFAO go back! Way back! Back to 2005 and the Coffee Bean days!

Find out all about it in our exclusive chat with Redfoo and Sky Blue!

We caught up with our old boys to talk about their global success with Party Rock Anthem, being homeless and living in a car, being drunk at our interview, the dance music world, how they got their start in music, what's next for them, and living the LMFAO lifestyle. Plus so much more!

Read some highlights from our interview…. after the jump.

Watch our chat in full (above)!


Perez: Everybody, its Perez joined by Redfoo, and SkyBlu otherwise known as LMFAOP today.

Redfoo: Yeah.

Perez: And actually we go way back —

Redfoo: That's right.

Perez: — to the year 2005, 2006, 2007.

B: Yep.

Perez: I was this dude back then who would go into this coffee shop, the Coffee Bean and Tealeaf on Sunset and Fairfax everyday, and I would see you. I wouldn't see you that often. But you were there everyday.

Redfoo: Yep.

Perez: And you would always be outside playing chess.

Redfoo: That's right.

Perez: And I would see you everyday. There were like the regulars there. There was like me, and then Diane Warren would come in every morning, and then there was like the AA crew that would congregate there too. And I wasn't sure if you were part of the AA crew or not.

Redfoo: No.

Skyblu: Hell no.

Perez: But then flash forward –

Redfoo: But I was friends with all them though.

Perez: Yeah, we love everybody. Flash forward, and now you're in this really successful band who had as christened by Billboard Magazine the Song of the Summer for 2011.

Redfoo: Yeah, baby.

Perez: So that whole time, in addition to playing chess, were you working on music as well?

Redfoo: Yeah, I think I was just kind of working out like what are we going to do, you know we don't want to work. And we want to party. You know and we were just figuring it out, you know. And I think chess was just keeping, keeping us occupied. And I was, I was writing, I was doing Improv and standup comedy.

Perez: Really?

Redfoo: So I was doing that stuff. And you know but we were always in the music. And we would, yeah, we would go to the Coffee Bean, we would go back, make music –

Perez: Because you had come from a musical family?

Redfoo: Yeah.

Skyblu: Yeah.

Perez: Your dad or your grand — wait explain to people.

Redfoo: Okay, dad is Barry Gordy Motown.

Skyblu: Dad is Barry Gordy the 4th.

Perez: The 4th, wait a minute, where did Barry Gordy Jr. go? You're junior?

Redfoo: Yeah, junior is my dad. No his dad is the fourth –

Skyblu: His dad is the junior. My dad's the 4th.

Redfoo: And his dad is my brother.

Skyblu: Right.

Perez: And so how old when you then when you decided, "Okay, I kind of figured my stuff out, I'm over playing chess, and I want to form a band"?

Redfoo: Yeah, yeah, that was — well we went to the Miami Music Conference.

Perez: Winter music conference.

Redfoo: The winter music conference in '07 and I was, to me I was going to –

Perez: So you went as spectators?

Redfoo: Yeah, we were spectators, and you know we were DJing and we made a mix tape. We actually made "I'm in Miami Bitch" before we went down there. And it was me you know kind of like showing my nephew like you know, I mean, we had both never been but it was like taking him under my wing, and like, like lets go out to this party, and check out this scene. And we were hanging out everyday. I think he had to be kind of like, kind of like ran away from home.

Skyblu: Yeah, yeah, I was living in my car for a while.

Redfoo: He was living in his car.

Perez: Troubled child.

Skyblu: You know what's so funny, I never really wanted to ask him, but he would pay for my food for about a year, I was eating because uncle Phil you know what I'm saying.


Perez: And now it seems to me though that LMFAO is also more than just about the music, it seems to be this lifestyle –

Redfoo: Yeah.

Perez: That you're you know representing. It seems authentic but I mean, like do you party as hard as you sing about and rap about?

Skyblu: Yeah, no doubt.

Redfoo: Man, we drunk, we drunk right now dude.

Skyblu: Straight up, real talk.

Redfoo: We invented a new drink, we invented a new drink. Its beer and tequila with a lot of lime, and a sweet and sour thing, and we just were at the grove, and we been just drinking. And because it's the daytime, it's the playtime.

Perez: I believe you.

Redfoo: You know, and its just like that's what we do. But we're working, you know we're doing an interview with you, we're going to the studio tonight, you know its just like you can just, you can sip off some stuff, man.
ur, you had a huge number one, you're really famous, are you enjoying what it's coming along with that?

Perez: Do you have a lot of groupie loving?

Redfoo: Yeah, baby. Bow chica wow wow, wow.

Perez: I like that.

Redfoo: Yeah, the groupie loving is great, and its just great to just kind of you know just do what you love, and people love what you do, and you know we just love entertaining people, and going to the party, and just to do it, and this is what our life is. And just to make people happy is just the best thing in the world. So –

Perez: I love that.

Redfoo: Yeah. And –

Perez: Because everybody should be happy.

Redfoo: That's right.

Perez: And wasted in the afternoon.

Redfoo: Yeah, baby.


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9 comments to “Chatting With… LMFAO! They Reveal Their Homeless Past, Perez Connection And Being Drunk At Our Interview!”

  1. 1

    "Homeless"?? I thought these were the sons of lengendary music writer/producer Quincy Jones??

  2. 2

    first of all I thought redfoo was the nephew and skyblu was the uncle!
    and secondly redfoo is 36 and he fingered my friends 15 year old friend after their show in singapore. soo gross

  3. 3

    Excuse me, it was Barry Gordy from MoTown fame & upstart of Diana Ross & the Supremes, The Jackson 5 & too many others to name…

  4. 4

    Yeah, I was thinking about the same thing in regard to being "homeless"… I guess he was disowned or f-ed up really bad in the family. It happens. Look at Madonna's brother, having a rich family doesnt guarantee a silver spoon.

  5. 5

    Re: sophieritchie – Your friend's friend is probably lying. Why are teens so stupid? "I am going to just accuse someone of being a pedophile so that I feel like I have something cool to talk about"

  6. fiera says – reply to this


    Redfoo is son of Barry Gordy from Motown, SkyBlu is Redfoo's brother's son, which makes him his nephew. I love them both, they are cute and crazy-
    Re: SophieRitchie-Bullshit,not true!!
    Re:Tash20-Yes, it doesn't guarantee a silver spoon, but I don't think he was disowned by the family.

  7. 7

    How could Barry Gordy's son and grandson have been homeless? That's bananas!

  8. 8

    LoL -
    "Kuz everyone should B happy……and wasted……in the afternoon"!
    Thanks 4 posting…..(btw: nicenice on the hat choice P.)

  9. 9

    Homeless, they are fcuking liars.
    They are super rich.
    What a crock of sh!t.