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New Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Trailer AND Poster!

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Hey, worst case scenario, it's a mindless action flick with some pretty incredible-looking sequences!

Check out the second theatrical trailer for the fourth installment in Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible franchise, Ghost Protocol (above)!

Explosions, solid supporting cast, Tom firing a gun while in free-fall - we think everyone knows what to expect with this one!

And check out another new poster…AFTER THE JUMP!

What do U think?? Will U be checking this one out??


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7 comments to “New Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Trailer AND Poster!”

  1. 1

    please don't make me listen to Bobcat Goldthwait anymore.

    Also. Simon Pegg please marry meeeee.

  2. 2

    So basically this is the only role Tom get now? How many of these are they going to make it is just same shit different day!

  3. 3

    Like it or Not Tom Cruise always delivers the goods in the movie game….Youre wrong he's had more roles …Rock of ages….etc..and I bet he heads to Broadway someday.I believe that he could really stretch his wings as an artist and take on ALL kind of roles…he is wise however and continues tho deliver financially sound entertainment. Whenever I watch him , I forget that he's acting…and that is how it should be when watching a movie. I will pay to see this, buy the video, and if it's good might see it twice!

  4. 4

    When Tom finally kicks off, they're gonna need a separate casket for his EGO.
    He is to movies what worms are to apples.

  5. 5

    Re: linwoo
    My, such lovely words. How long have you been a Scientologist?
    As for his acting chops, he basically plays the same role in each film: The little boy in the Superman cape who grows up to save the world, and (ahem) get the girl.
    What I'D pay to see is Tom Cruise playing a gay man in a film where he DOESN'T do a bunch of technological tricks & stunts just to get our attention.
    And for crying out loud! Ever since Tom bought into the L.Ron Blubbard's version of space cake (for only thousands of dollars, you too can have a piece!) … well, his acting has sucked the big one.
    In each film, he looks like Tom the lunatic trying to impress us with another Tom the lunatic role.
    P.S. Action heroes don't translate well to "Broadway."

  6. 6

    Don't give any money to this movie unless you want to donate to Scientology. Scientology hurts people intentionally every single day with malice of forethought. Tom Cruise is the single greatest perpetrator in lending celebrity to this completely unethical organization and thus getting new people involved. Tom Cruise deserves to lose everything he has the way your average member does when they get entrapped in Scientolo-Madness.

  7. 7

    Re: Brainiac – I Love your post, But beg to differ….he's seen as an action hero, because that's all he's played…and done it well….for a long time. NO…Not a scientologist….LOL….but don't hate on those who are….his faith and relation to it belong to him.just as mine belong to me.Am a christian who doesn't need to put others down in order to build myself up like-sadly-so many of my fellow Christians do.Stop trying to "out" the guy.If he's gay…straight…bi….so what?????He's an actor and I watch him act….period.I watch him because he's believeable in the roles that he chooses….This post isn't about scientology making a movie…it's aboput Tom Cruise making one…..Let Tom do Tom, You do you, I'll do me and we can all spread rainbows and sunshine all over the universe!!!! And I don't care to hear the Christian bashing either, so keep it to yourselves….I am a pro-gay marriage, pro-feminist,Pro-Tom Cruise and his movies Christian!!!!I'm here…… My friends and some family are queer….I Think whatever the F*uck I want…..GET USED TO IT!!!!!LOL