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Disgusting! Real World: San Diego Cast Member Threatens To 'Beat The Gay' Out Of Lesbian Roommate

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real world castmember zach makes antigay comment

Absolutely sickening!

On the most recent episode of Real World: San Diego, cast member Zach Nichols got angry when his lesbian roommate Sam threatened to throw ping pong paddles off the porch.

Here's what he said to her:

"I will beat the gay out of you if you throw these paddles off the porch. Don’t play that game with me. And don’t get aggressive with someone who is four times your size."

Not only that, but when another roommate said "that's evil," Zach just laughed it off.

Yuck. There's nothing funny, cute, or clever about Zach's comments AT ALL.


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60 comments to “Disgusting! Real World: San Diego Cast Member Threatens To 'Beat The Gay' Out Of Lesbian Roommate”

  1. 1

    Maybe someone can rearrange his face. That creep is ugly!

  2. 2

    If he is pissed, he is going to say what he wants. My mother told me she would beat the black off me… is she all of a sudden racist? Come on folks, stop over thinking everything and getting all sensitive.

  3. buck says – reply to this


    I guess its worth a try.

  4. 4

    It seems both of them said stupid things. Don't watch it so don't know if both of them are basically immature.

  5. 7897 says – reply to this


    I've watched twice, unfortnately, and I get a def gay vibe from him. I bet he's on the DL.

  6. 6

    Seriously? They showed this on the preview for the show LAST WEEK. The episode aired on Wednesday, as usual late to the punch.

  7. 7

    Anyone who has watched the show can tell he is an ignorant, disgusting person. I think he knows what he said was out of line, but he chose to say it anyway. What are you gonna do? There's a lot of assholes out there.

  8. markk says – reply to this


    i have to agree with tash20 people say things they don't mean when they get mad but i do think he is a homophobic person, i watched the season so far and hes not afraid to show that he is, all i would ask of anyone is to be treated how i treat you, there's no need to hate me or anyone based on how they are attracted to people, its not right at all.

  9. 9

    Re: Tash20 – If someone said, "I would beat the black off you" on national television, Jackson and Sharpton and that whole crew would be on the person in a heart beat.

  10. 10

    If you actually watched the show, you would see that he was being sarcastic, not homophobic. Should it have been said … no. Was he being serious with his comments … also no.

  11. markk says – reply to this


    Re: MsBehavin – um im pretty sure his tone said it all!!

  12. Lushh says – reply to this


    I knew you'd get hold of this as soon as I saw it.

  13. 13

    Zach and his douchey blonde girlfriend are redneck hillbillie christian LOSERS !! why does MTV continue to allow these people on their programs?
    p.s. he is GAYER than I am !!!

  14. 14

    So: you don't go postal on the filmed violation of a woman on a reality program that the producers not only didn't stop but covered up: you get upset about a jerkoff's idle threat.
    Classy. you really DO like men only.

  15. Glen says – reply to this


    When they were going to a gay bar he refused to go saying "I am just a big piece of meat to them and they will be all over me." The blonde said "yeah I don't want to see dude kiss a guy" (I don't know names I don't care enought to waste the brain cells to learn them." Other gems from this asshole - when he was describing one roomate who intvited them to her family barbque he said "she is 19, mexican with big fake tits, she invited us to her family barbque" What a gem.

  16. 16

    Real World used to be grea. Now the cast is usually a bunch of predictable douchebags who are all trying to out do each otehr for the camera time. Most of it seems like totally fake drama. Just not at all worth watching anymore since none of the people seem "real" at all!

  17. 17

    With all the young gay teens killing themselves, that was completely out of line. Someone should beat the stupid out of him!

  18. 18

    asshole. looks like a professional date rapist.

  19. 19

    So, not that facts matter but zach and the other dood were minding their own playing ping pong, gay chick comes out and sarcatically starts messin w/ them saying how she is going to throw their paddles over the side of the house. He says at least 4 times no yur not to her yes I will, finally he says ill beat the gay out of you if you do. Few things, first off, she startrd it, secondly, they have a sarcastic tone of joking around on the shows ive seen, thirdly, does anyone think a big dude like that was serious about actually beating her? Im so tired of gays walking up to the line, "instigating" a fight then turn and cry when someones takes it a step further. STOP creating these situations!

  20. 20

    I fucking hate him. He's such an arrogant asshole. He absolutely does not understand that what he said was so offensive. He didn't even apologize to Sam until the aftershow and it was a half-assed, scripted apology. It's not so much the fact that he said it, what makes it worse is that he doesn't feel sorry for hurting another person's feelings, not to mention an entire group of people are offended by what he said. What makes it worse is that it's not only violence against homosexuals, it's violence against women, as he added this little gem after the initial blow: "Don't get aggressive with someone 4 times your size…" so what, if she threw the fucking ping pong paddle off the roof, that's grounds for women beating for you? Fucking idiot.

  21. 21

    Re: litnight – wait what happened?

  22. 22

    Get on yur knees and beg for forgivness zach, 90% here didnt watch how she started it or how sarcastic she is, the PC crowd will haunt yout ill you apologize…lol good luck!

  23. 23

    That's great! We need more dialoge like that on TV.

  24. 24

    Re: buck

    Violence. Typical Republican/Conservative approach.

  25. 25

    for anyone whose been watching the whole season, you KNOW that was not a sarcastic comment. infact, it couldnt have been any more NOT sarcastic. hes just a douche and its been apparent all season that hes extremely homophobic. i understand being brought up different than others and having different opinions and beliefs, but to be straight up RUDE and close minded and make comments like that is unacceptable. if you said "ill beat the black out of you" that would be considered dispicable and racist, and no one would give a crap where you grew up or if thats just how you were raised. its fucking 2011, get over yourself and be open minded to people that you may not have encountered before

  26. 26

    He doesn't know any better. Living with the two gay people will at least open his mind. I hope.

  27. 27

    Re: XraySpex – so basically gay ppl have no expectations? They can just act a fool and hope someone calls them on it so they can scream unfair? This is the world we sadly live in. What you and Perez and most of the gay community dont realize is, you do more harm to your cause. Most people (not here) look at the whole picture of a situation and this gay girl started this, it almost seemed on purpose so when you run around with your hair on fire over a forced event, it doesnt tend to help the cause. If he would have walked up the the girl and said, i just want to beat the gay out of you..then you might have reason to be alarmed. I dont care how hard perez tries to push half a story, the FACTS dont favor what he is selling…AGAIN!

  28. 28

    you keep posting articles about lbgt hate everyday… maybe it's not so disgusting afterall and quite normal b\c it's not right?

  29. 29

    I have heard that it does cure them

  30. 30

    perez you are far too sensitive to any mention of the word gay. this was not an anti-gay comment. you just WANT to be offended. Typical liberal. Im gay and i take no offense to his statement. It was what it was, some competitive razzing. I suggest you work on getting thicker skin if this little comment "DISGUSTS" you. Honestly some of the 5 dollar words you use in 1 dollar context just shows youre kind of a drama queen. You make it seem all gay people are alarmist cry babies. youre not helping.

  31. 31

    This is old news. I get your gay advocacy thing, really I do, and I'm totally for equal rights. But come on - every single time? Everyone gets insulted or made fun of at some point, whether it's their clothing, hair colour, gender, race, sex, eating preferences, etc etc. Is it right? No. Is it worth getting up in arms every.single.time someone's feelings are hurt? No. Just let it go and get on with your day. Save your rants for the big stuff.

  32. 32

    Re: jamesG – slow clap for jamesG….I totally agree. you said it all. kudos!

  33. buck says – reply to this


    Re: XraySpex – i'm part of the non-violent street occupier dudes…hilarious.

  34. 34

    Get over it people. He was being sarcastic. She was sitting there and being a biotch to him so he said something back. He wasn't saying he didn't like gay people or that he actually wanted to beat her up, he was kidding. Getting this upset about one little comment that he wasn't even serious about is dumb. Perez- why don't you put a picture up of Frank ( the bi-sexual) on the show who insults people every day, tries to beat up girls and throws stuff and gets verbally abusive in a NOT sarcastic way and write boo on HIS FACE? Because he's gay you automatically like him and everything he says is excusable but one sarcastic comment is not? Double Standard. Ridiculous. Annoying.

  35. 35

    Maybe he was joking… Seriously, stop being so holy, all the time.

  36. 36

    I don't think his comment was serious , He and is very homophobic and the puppy dog that followed him became homophobic for him. If you don't love homophobes you won't like these gay haters

  37. 37

    I like the cut of his gibb

  38. 38

    Re: Babycakes!!!

    Obviously you don't watch the show, there has been one person having sex this season thus far and they didn't even show anything of it.

  39. 39

    Perez, You have said some seriously nasty comments about people in the past. There are also slurs made about people that aren't gay every single day. You only seem to go after gay slurs, and people do say things they don't mean when they are mad. And on the other hand, what was the girl doing in return? Arguments generally are not one sided.

  40. 40

    I absolutely hate this season! Zach and his little girl toy Ashley are so homophobic it's disgusting!!

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    There's nothing funny, cute, or clever about threatening to throw ping pong paddles off the porch, either. He was reacting to a juvenile situation brought about by Sam. I highly doubt he has anything against gays whatsoever.

  42. 42

    Why are comments off on your story about Ellen and Portia opening a restaurant but comments on for a story open to hate on a alleged homophobe?

  43. 43

    wow what a psycho!

  44. 44

    Ommf this dude right here is an idiot! This whole season is bullshit! Wow way to pick some super creepy mother fuckers.. Seriously, Fratboy Redface needs to go home and the Homophobe and the "bi" guy(creepiest of all) need to fight it out and fuck… Sam's the only one thats actually fun to watch keeping it real

  45. 45

    LMAO That's hysterical, I wish slapping the gay out of people would work!!!!!

  46. 46

    I will f*ck the gay into him!

  47. 47

    Yes, he should not have said that. but everyones making a huge deal outta this! i bet if he said "ima beat the white out of you" no one would have cared. also, if u watch the rest of the episode, she forces her lifestyle upon him, daring him to get mad. she posted a gay flag in his room and stuck rainbow stickers on his posters. no offence but this is NOW how pppl will repsect gays…..

  48. 48

    Why didn't you post the story of the homophobic cast member, I think Nate, who realized he was too homophobic that he decided to go to a gay bar with his gay cast member, now friend? I would have loved to see that. The positive that yes people can change with education, not by force.

  49. 49

    Well said James G…. this was taken wayyyy out of context!! If you watched the episode, Zach was in no way shape or form saying anything in a hate way… It seems you cant say anything nowadays without worrying if someone is gonna make a huge hate crime out of it… sometimes, yes ppl do say things in hate.. But i believe this is not one of those times.. And i hate it how Perez is the first person to downgrade and say absolute nasty things about ppl and even goes as far as drawing vulgar things on their pictures.. to me that is just as much hate as the next persons hate comments… and the sad part is Perez, you only do it for the "cool" factor… you can be such a hypocrite!!

  50. 50

    Re: lettheskyfall – like straight people do force their lifestyle on others….. ummm sure…

  51. 51

    pretty boy gone wrong threathening to hit a woman i dont care if shes gay or not shes a female he shouldnt threaten to hit her shows hes a woman beater thru and thru doesnt differentiate between woman and men clearly he was upset but disgusting funny pretty people can still be ugly underneath ..BEAT THE GAY out of u is that meant to be funny. what a creep

  52. 52

    I love how the douchebags are making excuses for him "how he was being sarcastic" NO he wasn't anyone who watches the show for 5 minutes or less can see that him and that dirty white trash side girl blonde chick are homophobic and disgusting. Nates homophobia was just because he didn't know any better but atleast he gave the two gay people a shot and showed an open mind. I have never seen such ignorance and out right hate in my life on a reality show, and that says a lot!

  53. 53

    lol they made fun of him on The Soup last night for prob being on the DL

  54. 54

    That's funny, becuase Sam is more masculine than this douche.

  55. 55

    EWWWWW this guy is RIDIC!!! As for his little blonde "gf" sidekick… there isn't a single thought between the two of them. The comment Zac made was ignorant and wrong (to say the least) and had this been a one time "slip of the tongue" okay, maybe we could all get past it (he said sorry first!!) BUT this loser meathead has done NOTHING but make offensive statements based off his own predigest and unfair judgements towards those around him the entire time. No one is asking him or his STUPID sidekick to understand Sam or the life she is living, but at the very least he owes her respect and speaking to someone the way he spoke to her is not appropriate no matter how you spin it! There is no excuse. He should at least pretend to be a real man ( at the rate he is going I need to say pretend because I don’t think he will ever truly get there) and say sorry to Sam. Some people might think that everyone needs to stop being so sensitive and reading into things, but at the end of the day there have been an increasing amount of teen suicides because clearly words do matter and its not that easy to just "stop caring" or "stop being so sensitive". Words and the way you use them effect others and that’s something that everyone should remember. Once they you say something, you have put it out there and there is no taking it back. Zac is just an example of someone who is going to have to live with that.

  56. 56

    The funny thing about him is that he dated a lesbian. I live in the town he went to college in and he dated a girl knowing she was bisexual.

  57. 57

    Ummmm….he obviously doesn't know many lesbians….I know several that could and would drop him like …OJ droped that glove behind Kato's house…..sad that he feels so threated as an iondividual that he needs to act out like this.Give him plenty of rope, because , like most idiots, when you do, they hang themselves with it.Just curious though….If she Whooped HIM….would she be beating the stupid, The overly macho and ignorant idiot out of him?!? …..Things that make you go …..HUUUUUMMMM.

  58. 58

    …and I don't want to hear any B>S> about the OJ comment because YOU ALLLLLLL Know that the Brother is GUILTY!!!!!NUFSAID.

  59. DZ349 says – reply to this


    Tash20, the difference with that is, your mom is obviously not a racist. She's the mother in a black household, so clearly if she says that she will "beat the black off you", she's saying it in jest, regardless of what her intentions are. In the case of The Real World, Zach has given maaaaaany indications so far that he is not comfortable with gays. Hell, he's even said it and shown it. Knowing that, AND hearing him say that he will "beat the gay" out of Sam for throwing the paddles off the porch, regardless of whether or not he meant it as a joke, was just…disturbing. It's nowhere near the same situation that you described, and I think that people have every right to feel offended and "sensitive" about what he said.

  60. 60

    i have to agree with tash20 i mean come on dude was mad at the time and there is a lot of people out there that say things in the heat of the moment they dont mean i mean come on now i am sure some one has said some things they didnt mean when they r mad get over it and move on