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And The Plot Thickens! More Details On Stacy Francis' Shockingly SUCCESSFUL Past!

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Girlfriend has had more opportunities in the last 20 years than most people have ever had EVER - including people competing against her on The X Factor!

When American audiences were first introduced to Stacy Francis weeks ago on the premiere of The X Factor, everyone (including us) was taken with her incredible voice and her gut-wrenching story of being silenced by domestic violence and so on. While we have no idea if her home life was as bad as she made it seem, we're learning more and more each day that Stacy was never kept from sharing her musical gifts with the world. In fact, for the last 20 years, she has had a very SUCCESSFUL career, starring in movies and TV shows, performing at celebrity benefits and even starring on Broadway. Some people are lucky if they've done one of those things; she did them ALL!

And now, we've uncovered MORE about the singer, including new details about her friendship with Adam Lambert. Oh yeah! There are those who would have you believe that Adam is just another celebrity fan of Stacy's simply because he watches the show. In actuality, the pair go way back, back several years ago, where they performed alongside together at the Upright L.A. Cabaret. (above) Funny how no one seemed to mention that on Twitter.

But wait, there's more! Yesterday, we told you how Stacy had performed with the likes of Madonna, Prince and Chaka Kan, but there is one more diva name you can add to that list: Whitney Houston! Stacy actually performed with the diva herself, who referred to her as "a very successful singer from New York City who’s currently on Broadway," and her "friend."

And about that stint on Broadway. Or should we say, STINTS! First, she join the cast of Smokey Joe’s Cafe. That was followed by a role in Street Corner Symphony. But then, she actually originated the role of Rusty in Footloose. You can even hear her sing on the album HERE!


When she was 16, Stacy was in a R&B group called Girlfriends, which led her to a part in performed in Girlfriend, a made for television movie produced by Oprah Winfrey! Girl is freakin' connected to OPRAH!!! It doesn't get any more "well-connected than that."

You can add all this information to the fact that she's also lied about how many marriages she's had. Not two - three, with her first marriage resulting in a child in their 20s now, who she has kept mum about for many, many years.

Phew! We're exhausted! That's a lot of dirt to dig up on one person! But here is the point people: girl is a fraud!!! A FRAUD!!! And no doubt, she'll be out of the competition as soon as Simon Cowell gets wind of all this treachery. If there is one person who appreciates professional honesty, it's Simon!

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59 comments to “And The Plot Thickens! More Details On Stacy Francis' Shockingly SUCCESSFUL Past!”

  1. 1

    Sandalooooooosooooooooo! All her "crying" is nothing but a front to get sympathy!

  2. 2

    ha I was like who is that gorgeous man?!? YUM! haha its Adam Lambert. dammit, Adam why must you be gay??!!

  3. 3

    I saw Stacy perform in the Musical MAMA I WANT TO SING with Chaka Khan in the West End in London @ 1995 , I'm sorry but she is amazing, the CD of Mama I want to sing willl BLOW YOU AWAY! Her voice is amazing, and at the time I was shocked she wasn't a bigger star. I think she's pretty fantastic.

  4. 4

    Don't kid yourselves. I'm sure Simon has known all along. This is TV, not reality. Its all fake.

  5. 5

    That bitch is full of shit and great thing about it is next week is the live shows so i hope someone calls her out on it cause she ever does is cry and talk about her abusive ex!

  6. 6

    as much as "perez" usually annoys the crap out of me… he has a good point on this one.
    not fair at allllllll to the other contestants

  7. 7

    The group was actually called Ex-Girlfriend. You really need to check your info before posting.

  8. 8

    Fuck you Perez! Why do you have to try to bring here down?!?!?! She could win this whole thing and she deserves it. She is not a fraud, why don't you explain to your readers the advertising deals you have to promo some people over others (ahem, cough, cough… Lady Gaga much) But no, you wouldn't want to expose yourself. You're such a fucking hypocrite.

  9. 9

    wtf cares about the woman's history? Performing on Oprah doesn't mean she has an "in" with Oprah. So she tried to seem less pro than she is. It means nothing.

    You're wrong about the only thing that matters here: Her vocals. You talk about her "incredible voice," when in fact she's a mediocre singer. I don't care if she sang before the Trinity and the hosts of heaven. This is a singing competition, and she is all over the place when she sings. Nuff said.

  10. 10

    Damn, I hate these sob stories people make up. Bitch is fake.

  11. bhn says – reply to this


    they never met.

  12. 12

    Where in the rules does it say they couldn't have had a previous career? It only asks that they're not currently signed by a label/manager/agent deal! The majority of the talent that auditioned had worked before, some having released albums. There's nothing wrong with that. They're not supposed not to have a past and they are not supposed to just come out of working at McDondalds!!

  13. Glen says – reply to this


    Yeah it was Ex-Girlfriend , damn I knew I recognized her. That is some serious bullshit and if they don't kick her off the fix is in. She was part of the "full force" team in the early 90's Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Full Force, Ex-Girlfriend…You can still find their songs and remixes on youtube lol. That is like Asslee Simpson showing up on American Idol…what bullshit. And I now Paula worked with Full Force and Cult Jam –she HAS to know who Stacey was so yeah there is the fix in this shit. I guess I can stop watching now.

  14. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: shhhhh

    it is not just a previous career she had a pretty successful one, 5 albums with her group, broadway etc…I mean Ike Turner's second wife was at least honest about it - Stacey put on this story of how she was an abused wife who was always told she was not good enough. umm..K despite the 5 albums and broadway..yeah other than that I was always told I sucked,…Simon flat out asked her why has it never happened for you and she told that shit and said"I have this music in me I have to get it out"….BULLLSHIT

  15. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: shhhhh

    here from wikipedia for chirsts sake -

    In 1991 they released "Why Can't You Come Home", the first single from their debut album, "X Marks The Spot." The single went on to become a Top 5 hit on both the Billboard R&B and Hot 100 Singles chart. The second single released from their debut album was titled "You (You're The One For Me)", followed by the radio singles "With All My Heart" and "What I Would Do To You". Like other female groups of the nineties [TLC, En Vogue, Salt-N-Pepa] the ladies of Ex-Girlfriend believed in "female empowerment". Member Stacy Francis is best known for her 5 Octave Range and piercing whistle register notes.

    As of July 2008 the members of Ex-Girlfriend decided to reunite for a new album. It was rumored that the album was to begin the recording process in mid September 2009.

  16. 16

    Let is go Hilton. You are starting to behave like a rabid dog. The rules are you can't have a current contract. I would hope by the age of 42 she's been in shows and performed. What happened to Mr. Nice Guy? You are sounding really bee-archy now. No, she is not too old to be a pop star. What about Madonna having hits well into her 40s? If you have good music people will listen.

  17. 17

    lol, Perez, you just sound like a bitter hater. get over yourself

  18. 18

    When you say "We've discoverd" what you really mean is you ripped this off from votefortheworst.com

    Why don't you give credit to people who wrote this story instead of stealing it? Bully.

  19. 19

    Why do you care. Your the fraud. Quit hating. Asshole

  20. 20

    Are you really stupid enough to think that the xfactor team doesn't know every single thing she's done in her life?? Wow. She has lied to no body. Most of the stuff you are saying she has done is false. Instead of just googling her name or stealing information off of another website, why don't you actually investigate and find out what's true and what's not true before you post something like this to try and ruin somebody's chance at success. How long do you think "broadway money" lasts? That is clearly not the level of success she wanted.For years and years she hasn't worked. Would that make you poor? I believe it would. She isn't and wasn't trying to sell any of us bullshit.This is all real and the fact that you are making it sound like she has had a wonderful and rich career is bullshit. Do you think singing at UPRIGHT CABARET will pay her rent???? I mean come on, get real! The only thing that she has done that could've potentially made her successful and have money and a decent roof over her head was the girl group "ex girlfriend" but guess what perez??? IT FLOPPED!! THEY MADE NO MONEY! NO MONEY = POOR. POOR WOMAN WITH 2 BABIES = TRYING TO LIVE HER DREAM. JESUS CHRIST!

  21. 21

    She is friends with Whitney Houston? Ummm - she was called out of the crowd to come up on stage to sing with Whitney! Does that make them friends??? You have no idea what you're talking about.

  22. 22

    Get over yourself you jealous bitch, She has something you don’t, talent. A Broadway show doesn’t make a star. There are plenty of brilliant performers on Broadway who are at unemployment when the show closes. Recording artists come and go and no one ever knows who they are. Singing at a cabaret club, really? That’s your dirt? She probably didn’t get paid for the gig. Why are you trying to slam this girl who is just trying to make something of herself?
    Or do you have to get paid before you’re ever nice to anyone. I mean really, how far up lady gaga ass do you have to be? The woman, gaga claims to be an “artist” who has never come up with an original thought. But thanks to the efforts of Madonna, Grace Jones, Bette Midler and Cher, lady gag me has been able to call herself an “artist”. But you must be on her payroll.
    Get off Stacy Francis’s ass. Who cares if she has had missed opportunities? The real question is, did anyone of us ever hear of her before? Was she a star? No, she is like so many others, a talented but unknown artist trying to make a living doing what she loves.

  23. 23

    THANK YOU JDS!!!!! Finally someone who knows what they are talking about!!!

  24. 24

    You are an idiot. Just because you sing backup for someone on one tour, or you meet someone in passing, doesn't mean you have an "in." You can spend your whole life trying to get out of someone else's shadow and now is finally her time! Let her have it, and stop trying to bring her down with all your "scandalous" gossip!

  25. 25

    I LOVE this fued and adore the fact you found all this out! Haha - I love me some Perez! She DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN!

  26. 26

    I also have to mention it's funny how all these people commenting "hate" you or don't like your site. I know I sure as HELL would not spend the time posting on someone's blog/website if I didn't like them.

    Perez for President - haha! ;)

  27. 27

    trulove - I don't hate perez… He just doesn't have his facts right and unfortunately a lot of people believe everything that they read (you are probably one of those people) …so knowing what I know about Stacy and how he is making such a huge deal about stuff that isn't even true makes me question is credibility. For him to say that once Simon finds out about her "success" she'll get the boot? Dude… How could you be around for this long and not get that everyone at xfactor knows everything, already. Not very bright of you.

  28. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: JDS in SD – it is not missed opportunities her group had top ten singles in the 90s…She was in west end productions with Chaka Kahn. They portray her as this downtrodden house frau who never got a break and was told she was not good enough///like I said where they telling her she was not good enough before or after her top ten hits with ex-girlfriend??

  29. 29

    I don't really care about her past because realyl did we look at her and say yeah I know her? The majority of us didn't. And people that are semi-successful audition for these things. I saw one guy that auditioned on one of the Cheryl Cole days is considered successful for being in Tyler Perry plays. People that know of him may say why is he here but I many don't know him. I didn't. My friend had to tell me.

  30. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: WhatInThe – he has a lot wrong but the gist is correct. Simon might not know but I have to believe LA and Paula know her. L.A. was in The DEELE late 80s early 90's and Paula was dancing with everyone so I find it impossible to believe she just walked up and no one knew who she was.

  31. basic says – reply to this


    The stuff you've been posting she's pretty much already said on the show or in backstage interviews. Of course the xfactor people know about these things, all you have to do is google and they're the ones that choose how to edit each contestant. As long as you aren't in a recording contract while on the show it doesn't matter. The winner of The Voice Javier Colon used to be signed to Capitol Records and released albums with them that charted on billboard and performed with many people but didn't have a contract when he tried out for the show. And Adam did tweet her that he liked her cuz he saw her perform before she was on the show. This stuff is already out there Perez you're just being dumb.

  32. 32

    Re: Glen – glen, what is the problem? i don't understand. for years she has not worked and is in fact poor and trying to raise her 2 babies and live her dream. who cares if LA or Paula knew who she was when she walked in the door? It's a new opportunity.. not a opportunity to dwell on any and every thing she has done in the past. I'm confused as to why people care. More than half of these people on these shows have had some sort of careers….

  33. 33

    First, I wanna say I read all these comments and reading the negative comments towards someone that is trying to make their dream come true is appalling! Second, the stories that have been posted towards Stacy are totally inaccurate or fabricated, and I can't believe people will trust what is said instead of doing there own research in finding out this women's background! I can tell you that Stacy Francis was originally a member of EX GIRLFRIENDS AND NOT GIRLFRIENDS they recorded two albums back in the late 80's to early 90's before they disbanded. She did some appearances in plays one which was an ERIC JEROME DICKEY PLAY called FRIENDS AND LOVERS! For people to post that she doesn't deserve a shot is disgraceful! Yes I said it! Stacy deserves a chance just like the next person, and whether she did a couple of appearances here and there doesn't make her a "STAR". People, honestly in this world that we live in, we really need to stop judging someone especially if we don't know their whole story. Gossip sites will do any and everything to sell a story if it means bashing someone's reputation and folks love to take the negativity that is said and treat it as bond. My last point is people, do your research on Stacy Francis before you decide that she's a "bitch" or a "cry-baby". Everything that is said is not true!!!! and that's common sense!

  34. 34

    Perez you haven't uncovered shit. You make up half the crap you post and steal the rest! Do you really think no one at XFactor knew about her past?? They edit the crap out of contestants story lines. So she had a musical past, but she is not performing now and is not under contract so she is eligible to be on the show. And by the way, I am not even a fan of hers and really don't think she will win. It just pisses me off that Perez is such a two faced troll!!

  35. 35

    Perez shut up! You obviously have some OTHER person you want to promote for that show. What YOU fail to understand is she was NOT a household name until the XFactor came along. You want to penalize someone who obviously has worked their ass off for years trying to break into showbusiness verses some one who goes and auditions on a whim, or gets government assistance and has not held a job. Stacy deserves more than most to be on that show. There are thousands of entertainers who habe performed with established artists and that should make them no less eligible to get recognition. Adam Lambert was VERY experienced too and you loved him so apparently you are a hypocrite.
    People don't listen to Perez as he obviously has an agenda for someone else he wants to see win. And even IF she was "crying and acting" - which she was not. But even IF she had then she is a damned good actress too! I hope Stacey is a finalist instead of some 16 year Ild who has never struggled to pay bills or pay their dues in life. Stacy had obviously paid hers and deserves a shot!

  36. 36

    Oh, by the way Adam Lambert NEVER performed side by side with her years ago. He saw her in a production of Hair several years back and liked her voice. Same as with Javier Colon, who won The Voice. Adam even had some of this guys previous music.

  37. 37

    I had never heard of Stacy until this show and she is my clear favorite to win the title. No matter how much industry exposure she's had, she never achieved the level of fame that would disqualify her through any of the following official regulations posted on the X Factor site so stop spreading rumors and creating a conspiracy where there ain't one:


    You must be able to prove at the time of your registration and audition that:

    • You are a legal U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident who is eligible to work full-time in the United States; and
    • You are 12 years old as of March 1, 2011. If you were born after March 1, 1999, you are not eligible to participate this season. If you are asked to audition for subsequent rounds of the competition (currently scheduled for May – June 2011), you MUST be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of Producer that you do not have any of the following agreements in effect (written or oral):
    • a contract for talent representation (for example, a talent agent or manager);
    • a current music recording contract;
    • a current agreement relating to the use of your name, voice and/or likeness;
    • an exclusive acting contract; or
    • any other contractual arrangement that would prohibit you from fully participating in the show and/or entering into any contracts required by Producer, including a recording contract and merchandising

  38. 38

    I suggest you post an official apology to her and admit you've made a mistake not knowing (or bothering to learn) the official rules of the show. You could've started a wildfire that may affect voting due to the prejudice that you've displayed and release into the universe. Right the wrong please as she has clearly conformed to the laws/rules of competition.

  39. jonno says – reply to this


    The point is that the "X Factor" is billed as a show to promote "UNDISCOVERED" talent.
    If thats not the case then any pop star thats career is floundering can audition next year!
    Maybe Jessica Simpson or Debbie Gibson will try out?

  40. 40

    Sorry to say but Adam Lambert did the same thing. He had the male lead in the musical Wicked. Anyone can drop their agent before applying. These contests are hardly fair anymore.

  41. 41

    Why do you have it in for this gal? First you say she is too old to be a pop star and then you try to make her sound like some fraud that poor Simon is being fooled by. Careful, you are slipping back into the mean and nasty Perez of yesteryear or wait, maybe you are really the fraud and have been pretending to have changed all along.

  42. 42

    Re: mal2696 – OF COURSE he's a fraud - you don't go from being a nasty horrible human being to a beautiful soul overnight. To WANT someone to fail… is pretty sick. God bless you Perez. You might've lost weight but you're still one ugly mother fucker inside and out.

  43. 43

    Idk who she is, but she got a BIG ole forehead!! .. Also nice pic of "Glambert".. Nice to see him looking like a decent young man for once..

  44. 44

    Re: NOLAgurl2010 – Adam is decent inside and out.

  45. 45

    Re: Factoryboy – Please check your facts. Adam was not the lead in Wicked. He was the UNDERSTUDY. Big difference. The lead was rarely sick so Adam only got to perform a few times. He was a struggling actor/singer. Have you ever heard of him before Idol? He lived in a studio apartment in LA. His parents often had to pay his bills. Just watch E! True Hollywood Story or VH1's Behind the Music. He was definitely an unknown prior to Idol.

  46. 46

    Re: Mandy789 – Mandy- He was in the national touring company of WICKED working as a professional actor. SAME SCENARIO!!!!

  47. 47

    What bothers me about Stacy is not that she has professional musical/acting history but that she painted herself as a broke, single mom who stopped performing because she had an abusive husband. She said she lives in an unfurnished apartment and "doesn't want to die with this music in her." It seems like she cheated on one of her ex's, got pregnant, bragged about it on tv all while maintaining a very successful (by music standards) career. I feel like she hustling me! I really liked her vocal chops ( her voice and over the topness bugs me a little) but her story, her "essence" really made me a fan. My ?s are: is her successful dentist ex a deadbeat? Would he really let her lights go off? Is she a single parent or a stay at home mom?

  48. 48

    You didn't 'uncover' or 'dig up' shit, you moron. What you did do, is copy yet another story from a different website, and slap the details from there to your own website. Not only that but you have the nerve to say 'sources tell us' bullshit.

    If you had any sense of pride you would have fact-checked the story. So to top it all off, nearly all of what you're posting here is false. The poster is fabricated; she never performed or met Adam. Never played with Madonna, Prince or Chaka Khan.

    This woman def has had some good gigs and an a relatively OK career in the entertainment business for sure, but she didn't hide it or make out to be this poor woman, who never made it. What you saw was called EDITING (something you never do). X Factor is an a extremely edited show, her story of a faulty relationship and alleged abuse was too good to pass up for the higher ups, hence why it was highlighted.

    "A FRAUD!!! And no doubt, she'll be out of the competition as soon as Simon Cowell gets wind of all this treachery."

    The shows rules says nothing about have a musical past, but does ban you if you have a current record deal. You know well that the show would know her music past up and down as soon as she got accepted. All you're doing is trying to incite some drama, because of your little feud. Normally I wouldn't write such a winded, long as fuck essay but your bullshit was way too much. Grow the fuck up Perez!!

  49. 49

    Re: Remix_ – the poster wasn't fabricated but she was replaced last minute for the show.**

  50. 50

    DIRT? U fucking moron - if she was so fucking successful, she wouldn't be standing in line to AUDITION. IDIOT!

  51. 51

    Here is the real source of this problem - Perez Hilton has a massive crush on Adam Lambert and knows that someone like Adam, who is the hottest gay man in the world, wouldn't look twice at him. This unrequited love is why Perez continues to beat this Stacy Francis drum long after the rest of us have let the imbroglio die and moved on. Perez, it is your ugly heart, not your face, that keeps you from being loved by someone as beautiful, inside and out, as Adam Lambert.

  52. 52

    Oh fuck you Perez…. you're a fucking idiot. Sure go ahead and call out Stacy Francis for TRYING to make it in the business… GOOD FOR HER. Obviously none of it worked out, so now she is trying to go this route… can you blame her?? NO. So fuck you. Notice how you didn't mention anything about Brennin Hunt who also auditioned as an "amateur"… yet he has a fucking CD out, his own website, etc. etc. etc. Again, fuck you Perez. Probably because you wanted to fuck him. And remember Frenchie Davis from The Voice? Yea, remember when she was on American Idol years before that? Didn't say shit about her, did you? THE POINT IS… SO WHAT IF THEY'VE DONE STUFF IN THE PAST… IT'S JUST THAT, THE PAST. GOOD FOR THEM FOR TRYING TO MAKE IT AGAIN!! AND FUCK YOU, BITCH ASS PEREZ. SUCK A DICK.

  53. 53

    Re: Remix_ – damn right! well said… fuck u perez.

  54. 54

    Re: WhatInThe – IT IS NOT THE SAME THING!!!! He was an UNKNOWN actor in Hair in his early 20s and didn't even have a big part! Watch E! True Hollywood Story and VH1 Behind the Music. No one has even heard of him. I ask you, have you heard of him before Idol? LeRoy Bell had a Grammy Nomination and Javier Cologne, Jeremy Lister had record deals before. That is a lot more than Adam ever had. Even Melinda Doolittle was a professional backup singer. Quit trying to disparage him, you sound ridiculous.

  55. 55

    Re: Mandy789Re: Mandy789 – And Stacy Francis was UNKNOWN AS WELL! Did you ever hear her name before the xfactor???? The only reason you'd ever hear her name is if you were regular broadway fan. Thats not stardom and honey that check every week is not considered success when you want to be a recording artist. Adam Lambert was in a EQUITY production of WICKED. Stacy Francis was in a equity production of FOOTLOOSE. What am I getting wrong here? I'm not really sure what point you are trying to make…. I love Adam Lambert… I sure as hell am not trying to dog him. I just don't get what we are arguing about.. All I was saying was that he had a certain level of "success", as did Stacy Francis…They wanted more. They wanted and deserved to be recording artists - American Idol / XFactor is clearly a great way to achieve that. So what are we arguing about?

  56. 56

    True Love you are another ignorant moron. Every contestant on these shows has had a career in show business. How else are they supposed to pay the bills? Perez didn't uncover shit.

  57. 57

    Re: pie107 – Wow you are an idiot!! How does her having a career have anything to do with the fact that she was abused you piece of crap!!

  58. 58

    Fake ass bitch, I hope she get sent home this week just for lying and making people think she is really this poor single mother that had bad luck in life. I've been reading all over the internet all the gigs she's been doing for the past 20 years, maybe she's not living large but I'm sure she is not struggling to pay rent and car loan like she said and before anybody call me a hater, the reason why I'm posting this is cuz I was crying so much on her first audition, i felt sorry that life never gave her a chance to show her talents. She is taking the place of so many others that really never had a chance. Now I only like Chris Rene, Rachel Crow and Josh Krajcik.

  59. Clari says – reply to this


    UR right it doesn’t matter had she been n a million Broadway plays, HOWEVER, it DOES MATTER that she potrayed herself as a struggling single mother that only gets 2 sing n the bathroom when the kids r sleepn but has sang w/Prince, Madonna, & Chaka Khan. I absolutely believed that Ms. Francis was as the show had drilled into my head – a woman who had tragically believed the words of an abusive boyfriend who, in addition to “pushing [her] around sometimes,” had very sadly convinced her 12 years ago that she was 2 old 2 try 2 make a name for herself in the business, she had believed him, & let another 12 years pass w/o even giving it a try. When she auditioned, her sister crying said “i just didn’t know if they were going to see it” – as if no one had ever assessed her singing ability until that moment…after all, if she was not to make it here, on x factor, y, she was to “die with this music in [her]” – are you kidding me?..a professional who has made the rounds for years in NYC, on Broadway — and touring with Madonna, Prince. I’m disgusted in the show for this complete mischaracterization of a contestant’s story/history. I find it especially disgusting that she has cried her eyes out before and/or after every performance, stating how much she wants or needs this….as if it is her first and last opportunity to make music her profession.