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So Sweet! Taylor Swift Buys $2.5 Million Dollar Home For Her Parents!

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What a thoughtful daughter! VERY thoughtful!

Taylor Swift purchased the above $2.5 million home for her parents, who helped her to pursue her love for music.

The 5,601 square-foot home, located in a historic part of Nashville, includes four spacious bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, multiple sitting areas, and a pool.

It's absolutely gorgeous!

We're sure Andrea and Scott Swift are pleased as punch with their daughter's success.

Check out more pics of the home below!

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31 comments to “So Sweet! Taylor Swift Buys $2.5 Million Dollar Home For Her Parents!”

  1. 1

    She is definitely the 1%.

  2. 2

    That shit is mad old. The news i mean.

    Lovely daughter! :)

  3. 3

    While it may be sweet it is nothing she did until her accountants said she needed to do it for tax reasons.

  4. 4

    I wouldn't be surprised if that house came with cotton picking slaves…It IS the South after all.

  5. 5

    Very nice in everyway. Everyone deserves housing…the government should provide everyone a house like this one.

  6. 6

    A good child would do this for their parents. If I had money I would.

  7. 7

    These are the same pictures you posted when you said she bought a mansion for herself, a few months ago.

  8. 8

    F this little devil hore. why do u give them attention? o yea cuz it gives u attention and attention = money. well if it was that easy why am i working my ass off for nibles and bits? she and u perez are the reason why so many people are angry .

  9. 9

    Are you f-ing kidding me? The wealthy parents of this talentless brat bought her a fabulous career! Now she pretending to thank her "poor" parents, what a JOKE!!

  10. 10

    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Psssst! Your minimum wage jealousy is showing.

  11. 11

    funny how she's rich and famous and yet she sounds like a dying cat. im sorry but she sounds horrible live. she can't sing live at all. and her face has always looked kinda odd. lol i dunno she's not really attractive. she kinda needs to grow up and quit it with the whole teen crap. your not a teen anymore. your a woman. and your not exactly old yet. so, quit it with the granny panties. and old grandma dresses. lol seriously just act your age and dress your age. she's so boring all her songs sound the same. what do you expect from an ugly white trash?

  12. 12

    Re: Meggie246524 – it's called an opinion. don't be rude. that person was right. who would be jealous of that white trash? umm no one. there are a lot of rich famous celebs that i love. but taylor swift ain't one of them and jealousy has nothing to do with it. she just sucks at singing and she's pretty ugly im not gonna lie. no talent at all. it's the truth. who would be jealous? definitely not me. and i doubt the other person isn't either. taylor swift sucks at singing end of story. minimum wage is so much better than having to look like taylor swift. she looks ugly. her face is so odd looking. and she sucks balls at singing. no thanks. she may be rich but she has no talent. i wouldn't want that if anything im jealous of demi lovato. girls, is gorgeous, rich and has talent. big difference.

  13. 13

    Re: Meggie246524 – Stay in Canada you ignoramus POS! Look at the facts next time, dumb ass!!!!

  14. 14

    The girl can't sing, so why is she so famous and rich? AndRe: Meggie246524 – Get off your high horse snob, you are most likely the only one on here with a minimum wage job!

  15. 15

    What celebrity would do this to their parents ? Yeah Taylor

  16. 16

    I guess this is nice — her parents spent a lot to create the illusion that she has talented. But why does every post about her have to sound like it was written by a gushing, drooling 10-year-old?

  17. 17

    she's so sweet, you people are crazy, she may not be the best singer but she has song writing talents and just because you don't sing well doesn't mean you aren't musically talented. Taylor is the most down to earth celebrity and doesn't take anything for granted. I don't think she will fuck it up like that Lohan girl.

  18. 18

    way to give more wealth to your parents that were already wealthy before you got famous smh -.-

  19. 19

    With a confederate flag in front? Really? that pretty much says it all………no more buying Taylor Swift records!!!

  20. 20

    Re: ericmtl – I second your motion….notice the confederate flag out front>>>

  21. @v@ says – reply to this


    Property is a great investment for some of all of that money. Besides that, she'll likely inherit it (way) down the road, too. Good kid.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Good parents. They're not filling the concert seats.
    She has fans who pay to see her do her thing. Build it and they will come.
    Re: Meggie246524 – You're in Canada? I'm working up here right now. I'm going to stand on my roof and wave to you, and maybe I can see Russia from here.

  23. 23

    Is she going to pay the taxes, upkeep, cleaning staff, gardners etc. etc. etc. that need to go along with a house like that ? Yeah, it's a write off.

  24. 24

    that isn't the confederate flag you dumb fucks. look closer. it's the Tennessee flag.

  25. 25

    What a bunch of idiot racist shitheads here that don't know the difference between a confederate flag and a Tennessee state flag. Get off the gossip sites and go back to school, assholes. (This from a NON Taylor fan.)

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Flawless woman. To the racist black fatty- go jump of a cliff. Taylor is unbelievably talented.

  28. 28

    I understood that her father was quite wealthy and her parent more than likely already have an expenive home. $2.5, even in Nashiville sounds abit cheap. Plus did she buy it out right or finance out right. That's what real reporters do.

  29. 29

    Re: camillesunshine – Same shit!

  30. 30

    gosh you people are so damn negative. it's a beautiful house that she bought her parents. how can you turn this into a situation to completely bash and tear her apart? I'm not a huge Taylor Swift fan but all you people saying awful things about her just seem so pathetic and jealous. I feel sorry for you, must live a very sad and miserable life.

    stop the negativity, it's an awful way to live.

  31. 31

    Wouldn't we all like to be 'so nice'