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James Franco Talks Art, Calls Out The Haters!

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james franco talks art

We're not surprised that he's immune to criticism. You've gotta have a thick skin to expose yourself like James did on Flaunt magazine! Ha!

During James Franco's interview with Flaunt, he opens up about his art and addresses hate from the critics:

"I don't think what I'm doing is confusing. What is confusing is that I'm an actor in mainstream film and the people that usually comment on mainstream film are idiots, and they don't try to think outside of their pop-culture commentaries."

"It's so easy to criticize contemporary art from the outside: 'Douglas Gordon slowed down Psycho so it's 24 hours long? That's easy! I can do that.' That's how the morons in the blogosphere try to critique my work. But the great thing about it is, is that their critiques are part of my work. I like that they are confused. I like that they make fun of what I'm doing. It's a beautiful reflection of where our culture is at the moment."

And here's what James had to say about his upcoming Rebel Without a Cause themed shoot:

"One of the reasons I've enjoyed working on Rebel is that it allowed for the unpolished side to come out. That's what I think about each art project. Where does the unforeseeable come in? Where do the mistakes come in? Where does the human come in?"

We certainly appreciate your commitment to your art, James! The whole world might not understand it, but we think it's important to express yourself…as long as you're not hurting yourself, that is.

What do U think? Do U support James Franco's unorthodox art projects???

[Image via WENN.]

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6 comments to “James Franco Talks Art, Calls Out The Haters!”

  1. 1

    So tired of people hiding behind terrible art by complaining that the people who criticize them are idiots.

  2. 2

    He is over-exposed and boring.

  3. 3

    I like Franco. He cares A LOT what people think or he wouldn't speak to it. There is nothing new about "rebel" there wasn't anything new about it when James Dean did it. That it why it speaks to so many people. It is as mainstream as you can get. Sometimes when people say stuff is crap is because it is crappy.

  4. 4

    I'm with James! Our society has become so rigid in their thinking, coddled, and spaced out on "reality TV", they don't even know who they are any longer. (It doesn't take much to entertain zombies). I find James refreshing, bright, witty, and a true soul. I can only assume those who spew their unkind words do so because they are miserable people; jealous and petty. A damn shame because what we need right now is to come together and unite; we need to connect to others in a meaningful way. Humanity. Art is one beautiful way to accomplish this.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    He has a ways to go, doesn't he. Calling people 'idiots' instead of saying they lack insider knowledge is the first clue. Labeling some others as 'the morons in the blogosphere' insults, and belies the ability of others to hold opinions; and if they do, they are morons because they don't automatically 'get' the grand puffiness of what he claims to be trying to do. He needs to communicate his artistic purposes with more clarity at the outset, rather than calling humanity names.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    To address the article question, though, I fully support creative artistic efforts.