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Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce Today!!!!

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We actually can't believe we're writing this. WE CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE WRITING THIS!!!!

After only 72 DAYS of marriage, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce this morning from Kris Humphries!!!

Rumors of their rocky relationship has been plaguing the tabloids for weeks, but we never really believed any of the stories were true. SHAME ON US!

Now, the story is that the short marriage is being canned due to "irreconcilable differences" and Kim is NOT seeking an annulment.

CRAZY!!! We thought it would AT LEAST last as long as the first one!!!

Hey, can we get our wedding gift back???

UPDATE - Ryan Seacrest CONFIRMS!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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202 comments to “Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce Today!!!!”

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  1. sevgi says – reply to this


    Re: foosheezoo – hahahhahahahhaaaa funny!!!!

  2. 102

    What do you expect from a family who sold its Souls to Satan; didn't they realize Satan is the Great Deceiver & everything He promises you to get you to give him your Soul is a BIG FAT LIE?

  3. 103

    WOW many of these posts are really rude.

  4. 104

    OMG.. I am shocked!! this can't happen! They loved each other!!!!

    Oh, wait… it was staged for $$$ just like everything else this family does!

  5. 105

    At least she won't need to give the ring back. I mean she did buy it for herself. :-) She is in such need of attention that she went through with a wedding when she knew the marriage would never work, just to have all the attention she craves. Sad.

  6. 106

    The only "STARS" that showed up for her wedding were Out-of-Work Has-Beens & reality TV White Trash & Ghetto-Dwellers….Come On….Lindsay Lohan & her mother Dina-saur were there….

  7. 107

    Oh, please. I can't believe anyone would be dumb enough to EVER think this marriage was real. Kim is a souless, vapid whore and Kris is semi retarded. They hardly knew each other before getting married. It was all for the money. It was a FAKE just like everything else the Kuntdashians ever do.

  8. 108

    yea, good luck getting that wedding gift back…when hell freezes over! you know this bimbo is nothing but shallow & materialistic! Now all her fans who said (on her blog) that they were the perfect couple, her dream man, hottest couple, he's better than Reggie, etc…must be chocking on their words today! LMFAO!!!! No guy in their right man will deal with her now. She might as well forget about having kids! She's too into herself, duhhhh

  9. 109

    Re: AreaWoman – Its not your place to tell someone what to do with their money. Its not yours. it is not your place or mine to tell her how to spend her money. Its not your place to tell her how to live her life. You're helping the world then good for you. Charity work is only genuine when done from a good place.

    When did Kim Kardashian get an Ethiopian baby?

  10. 110

    Figures the second no one gives a rats ass about her anymore she pulls this shit for publicity.

  11. 111

    surprise surprise!

  12. 112

    Liked her better with Reggie. Kris seems like a douche.

  13. 113

    Poor Kris, just feel for that whore. She is always going for a football player or any player that likes her. Like her sister Kloe said she falls in love to fast, she is such a needy whore. Selfish bitch! at the end of the day she is so miserable and alone. Kris you should be glad you don't have to deal with a whore any more. Get yourself someone that realy has love for you and your needs. Good luck!

  14. 114

    This must be Kris Humphrey happiest day of his life; I need a tissue… I'm a sucker for happy endings….

  15. 115

    Wow shocker… no one saw this coming. Out of left field it came like a rocket.

    … This isn't news.

  16. 116

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  17. 117

    And you wonder why the President doesn't allow his daughters to watch her stupid show. She is a joke and not any kind of role model for young women. She is modeling how to be a high priced whore. Money is her husband.

  18. 118

    Who didn't call this????

  19. 119

    How niave are you to think this was a real wedding? Big PR set up. It is sad the length this family will go to, to stay in the spotlight

  20. 120

    MAMA, DON'T LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE KARDASHIANS !!!!. Vote for anyone on DWTS tonight except ROB Kardashian. Kim's cheating tweet last week ROBBED the other contestants on the show.

  21. 121

    RE: Chunkeh Judging from the tone of your comments to me I would say you have some sort of emotional investment in defending Kim KarSLUTian. WOW. Must've touched a nerve.

  22. 122

    Kim wants a bigger cock; her cavernous vajayjay NEEDS A FRANKENSTEIN COCK & SHE NEEDS IT NOW! A telephone pole can't satisfy that whore…..

  23. 123

    Boring. I don't really care one way or the other.

  24. 124

    Never saw that one coming..

  25. 125

    Not for nothing, but dude looks like SHREK. Way too ugly for her. Not that it would matter though. She only loves looking at herself.

  26. 126

    She probably found out he was gay.

  27. 127

    haha, thats her fault for moving to fast..

  28. 128

    Perez of course you didn't believe it was true. it's because you are incredibly naive and always wrong. what else is new?

  29. GIO says – reply to this


    that's not surprising! she is a skank.

  30. 130

    Kim probably just wanted another ring!!!! i cant stand her!!!! Chloe is definitely the best Kardashian!

  31. 131

    Re: NJLively – LOL he does look like shrek

  32. 132

    Oh NO!!! Say it ain't so!!!!! Americas Favorite Couple Getting Divorced!?!? Whats this world coming too. They had such promise, such hope! Dios Mio!!!
    Man….. BEAT IT!

  33. 133

    How embarrassing that Americans are obsessed with useless twats like her..

  34. 134

    Why is everyone so surprised about this?? The only thing that surprises me is that they lasted less than 90 days (which is the length that I estimated they would last). What people fail to see is that Kim is very self absorbed. For her, it is all about images and keeping appearances. Kris is old school. He was raised pretty conservatively with REAL family values. Unless Kim humbles herself, she will NEVER get her happy ending.

  35. 135

    Reggie Bush Dodged a bullet!

  36. 136

    He wouldn't pee on her. Marriage over.

  37. 137

    Re: rocker-eric – Technically what got her famous was that XXX video with Ray J

  38. 138

    What a bunch of jealous cows! Ok, the marriage didn't last long, but look at how quickly you vile trolls jumped on this story! Always complaining about Kim like you personally know her and then seeking out stories about her just so you can attack her. And please, spare me the "we don't seek stories on her, she is all over the place" excuse because let's face it, if you really HATED her as much as some of you state, you would avoid anything with her in it as soon as you see/hear it. You dumb, envious, wastes' of space really need to get a life!

  39. sasi says – reply to this


    DISGUSTING, this family is a bunch of frauds, they should be ashamed!

  40. 140

    The next SHOCKER for the Kardashians will be Rob coming out as a Flaming Gay "Bottom-Twink" Sissy-Boy; everyone already knows that too!

  41. 141


  42. 142

    thrue or false

  43. 143

    I don't like judging people but seriously , she is desprate , she is untalented and she is a dummy.
    Mariage is not a joke , this is a commitement , we don't ask her to be a saint and to stick with the person she maries forever but at least she needs to respect herself and that poor kris who didn't even know that she wanted to get divorced!
    She is a slut who lacks of self-esteem and who despratly wants to become famous while she has nothing to say.
    10 million dollars the wedding and 72days of marriage ,WHAT A LOST OF MONY FIRST ,OF TIME THEN !!

  44. 144

    Wow. I was definitely expecting this, but I though it'd last at least a year. It's people like this that are ruining the sanctity of marriage.

  45. 145

    not surprised at all

    i only watched one episode of her show and i was already noticing what a huge joke this was,
    she decided on her own not to change her last name for "business purposes." the hoe didnt even discuss it with her husband once. haaaaaaaaa what a hoe. lol ill call her that all i want because she is one

    lmfao shes just an attention whore, but thats not the only kind of whore

  46. 146




  47. 147

    What the fuck, she JUST GOT MARRIED?


  48. 148

    LOL..Perez i cant believe you are the only one WHO IS SURPRISED BY THIS. I personally think they should fined for a fake marriage. Its a committment before God and it shouldnt be made a mockery of.

  49. 149

    Ha everyones acting like this is the first celebrity marraige not to work out.. get over it. twats

  50. 150

    Kim was just jealous of her sister khloe who is an all around better, and nicer person. Kim always has to have all the attention. Ive seen multiple episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians where she just proves to the world how much of a spoiled brat she is. I'm sorry, but this was definitely a stunt for attention. she is treating marriage as if it is just another Louis v bag.

  51. 151


  52. 152

    Even faster than I thought….
    OTOH she was just desperate to be married… Since all her sisters are married and/or have a kid…. Reggie didn't wanna marry her so she married the first idiot that proposed to her…. Epic fail!

  53. 153

    What a fucking c ü n t .. This has been b.s. from the start.. everything is so fake.. she was so selfish and bratty throughout the whole wedding.. of course they wouldn't last.. guess she couldn't hadle the truth about what he was saying about whats going to happen to her.. business always comes first huh? Couldn't even change her last name.. she only thought about herself.. I really hope this chick ends up like Paris.. she needs to go the fuck away with her fake ass.. I can't believe this bitch made a big event out of her second wedding just to divorce his ass 72 days later.. she knew what she was marrying.. I hope people will stop supporting this fake ass bitch .. she obviously only does things for money, popularity and ratings.. bitch is so full of herself.. omg.. what a trashy hoe.. I don't even think all I said in this post is enough to explain this bitch… this nasty excuse for a human being is not royalty.. fuck her and her mother.. and I don't give a fuck about this hater talk .. does this bitch not deserve it? She throws it in everyone's faces! I doubt anyone talking shit is jealous.. i just honestly don't like her and what she stands for.. no talent fake.. and yeah a skank that got famous the exact way Paris Hilton did.. please let her go away into oblivion.. so fake uhg! DX

  54. 154

    By the way E news should be shot and ripped off the air for cramming that shit down our throats.. their Kkk shit is obnoxious and pathetic as fuck.. they should just be the k channel.. douches…

  55. 155

    michael k put it best : The dead horse that is the sanctity of marriage just got up and reached for a bat to beat itself some more while mouthing the word "sorry" to the gays.

  56. 156

    He just wasn't black enough!

  57. 157

    His head was too big.

  58. 158

    Wow 72 whole days. At least they'll always have the memories.

  59. 159

    Please! Media hoes at their finest. Please let these celebratards die . . . ICK

  60. 160

    Wonder what Khloe -really- thinks about this..
    And with this speed, Kim may as well file for annulation of the marriage rather than divorce…

  61. 161

    Re: 7tizz – LOL

  62. 162

    Wow…though I am not surprised by the divorce at all , I thought it would have at least lasted for a year! All that money, hype and publicity for nothing…all show ha.

  63. 163

  64. 164

    A wise man once said, "You can't trust a big butt and a smile." I guess he was right.

  65. 165

    She made millions off of the marriage, now the divorce will make her even more. When are people going to learn to let this skank fade into irrelevancy?

  66. @v@ says – reply to this


    Ouch…a big kahuna OUCH, for both of them. In all of the long term marriages that I've seen, a big common denominator is that the partners each willingly put the other first.

  67. 167

    can't stand this "celebrity"! can't wait till her 15 mins of fame are over! if everyone stops watching her shows and supporting her then hopefully we wouldn't have to hear about her anymore - like Paris Hilton. hopefully this famewhore returns all the presents and money she received at her sham wedding.

  68. 168

    Ummmm…….Kris Humphries….You should have drank the Kool-aid!!!!!Her celeb status and money will last longer than yours because she's building and empire with her fam….Moral of the story…get input from the sis's and relatives BEFORE you tie the knot Kimmy Cakes!Why??? because they see the person you're involved with when you aren't looking…They will pick up on the subtle little things that he does…behind your back that are clues to his true nature….and don'tbeat yourself up about this!Better to end this now, than to end it later and messily!Life is too short for dead weight….so ….MOVE ON….and tell his , as your Divorce filing has so happily done for you, that it's time for him to move -TO THE LEFT!!!!!

  69. 169

    Oh Yeah….and Kimmy cakes….you were clearly out of his league…..No-one likes an unemployed brother…don't worry…. three's a charm.

  70. 170

    wowza! that was fast. 2 divorces an a sex tape . half of america would be just as rich if we were her. damb

  71. Mermo says – reply to this


    Kardashians are skunks…The deserve the worst!

  72. 172

    i think everyone could tell it was going to happen, but i dont get if people hate kim so much why are people wasting there time reading about her and then wasting time commenting how much of and arse and 'fame hogging whore' they think she is..x

  73. 173

    sad to through all that money away when our economy sucks. and we have ppl starving in this country an have no health insurance . i know im a fam that is on a low income thatworries we wont feed our kids . an have no transportation due to loosing my car to repo. she should donate her money to charity if she wants to toss it away.:-(

  74. 174

    Re: Greenie – so true humbelnessgoes a long way

  75. 175

    They should lose their show over this bullshit. Its a blatant scam to get viewers. Sanctity of marriage, my ass. Its not legal for two people of the same gender to marry, but it IS legal to marry someone for 72 days on a reality show to boost ratings.

  76. 176

    Kim, you should be ashamed that you spent millions on your second wedding when I just visited Haiti and there are kids that don't even have beds to sleep in. What a shame…

  77. 177

    Cant believe i wasted my time watching the wedding coverage!! One of two things have happened> Firstly, most probably, it was as usual all for the money!! Or she wanted to be a princess for the day (for a 2nd time might i add) and didnt want to actually take on the role of a wife!!! Come on, 27 days and she's prancing about dressed up for Halloween without a care…

  78. 178

    OOPS silly me not 27 days … but a HUGE 72 days of marriage!! you gous must have worked so hard to stay together. kim is the least interesting out of anyone in that bloody show, so she had to do something than just say everything is 'fab'….

  79. 179

    This is NO surprise..She will be alone forever. What really disgusts me is all the money wasted on this wedding..wheather she paid for it or sponsors paid for it that is such a waste when that money could have gone to quite a few charities.She rushed this marriage. Idiot. Thank god she didn't rush getting pregnant!

  80. 180

    She decided to file because she's jealous her brother is getting more attention than she is.

  81. 181

    FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 182

    FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. 183

    OH Let me go put on my shocked face!

  84. 184

    poor kim!! she seems like such a sweet girl and kris humphries was just using her for fame because he's too shitty of an athlete to be famous on his own.

  85. 185

    This show is banned in my home and the home of all of my family members…FAKEST people on the planet, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF EM

  86. 186

    She better return EVERY FUCKING GIFT and apologize to every person who's time she has wasted IF SHE WASN'T SUCH A SIMPLETON she would have never married unless she was SURE he was the one! You don't get married so you can have a party you dumb bitch, gays can't marry but this trash can????? Makes me SICK

  87. 187

    Re: Maggie6789 – P O O R K I M ? ? ? Maggie, SHUT UP!

  88. 188

    you could feel the stench of her exs all over her.. this guy was nothing but a wholesome young man pulled into the whirlpool suction of her gaping holes i say holes as she has so many that people have used.. i would expect nothing less from this famewhoring libra … sick sick sick sick slut ..now the rest of them will implode on themselves after hurting this guy..

    team kris H xx

  89. 189

    The only think I want to read about any of the Kreepy Kardashians is their collective obituary.

  90. 190

    how luvly..i luv break ups

  91. 191

    I do watch the show and I know that in reality TV alo is fake… but they did get married for real! Whether they both really wanted to or not it was a stupid wedding but a real marriage of two people! I would be mortified if I was married and then wanted to split up 2 months later… that just doesn't happen in real life…i didn't particularly like Kris but at least he seemed real, a married couple who 'divorce' after 2 months obviously were not that intent on making the marriage work were they? they haven't even given it a chance…. well 2 divorces on kims belt now, what a catch?

  92. 192

    The wedding is a biggest jokes! Her whole family is fake!

  93. 193

    You know i honestly feel sorry for her. Even if this wedding never happened the girl leads an empty life. It's like fame is the only thing that makes her feel real or loved or something. I mean she's a beautiful girl a successful business woman and yet this addiction to the lime light which she believes is a barometer of her popularity is actually the thing that makes people hate her so much.

    Her sister starts tweeting about all the haters and how strong their family is. If your family is strong good for you look after your sister but you don't have to tell us about it. Stop being public about everything. Less is more sometimes. Kim and family is a product of this crazy media world I personally think its all going to end in tears for her. The fame rollercoaster will end and that will truly be the test of how strong the family is. How many happy and fulfilled 'was famous one time' stars have you heard of?

    Kim play the fame game if you must but remember its the simple things in life that last. Its the basics that will make you happy after all how happy does the 2 million ring make you now

  94. 194

    Re: 7tizz

    That's high-larious for all the right reasons!

  95. 195

    Re: RachieDod

    You thought they were in love, for real?

  96. 196

    Where do I get me one of them danc'in goats?

  97. 197

    I'm so very glad I do not watch these fools on the KARDASHIAN CHANNEL, oops, I mean E!…To get married as a way to get free bling, attention and $$$$$$ (cause lets face it, that is all the entire Kardashian clan seems to care about) is disgusting. Yet, we can't allow gay people to get married because only hetero couples understand the importance of marriage? Yeah, right. I truly hope that all the people out there that worship at the feet of Kardashian will see the light and STOP BUYING INTO THESE MEDIA WHORES. Stop watching their shows, stop buying their products, stop buying magazines that have them on the cover. Just like the awful Jersey Shore people, they need to go away.

  98. 198

    So to celebrate Hallooween, My Boyfriend and I watched the Wedding special for "entertainment" after hearing about the divorce. I avoided it originally like the plague because I'm sooo tired of all this bullshit publicity, but I was curious since I know it's OVER already. This is what I noticed: He didn't get along with Khloe, and she is the ringleader of the family. He was super immature, and it seemed like no one really liked him. Kim was constantly annoyed with him, and they didn't even share anything in common. I guess they had good sex!! :)
    She even wanted to back out on the day of!!!! They didn't share the same goals, dreams, values, etc. All they had in common was that they are both celebrities. Oh ya, and he's an athlete, which we know is all kim want. To me, it seems that she was so desperate to get married she didn't care to who, and poor Chris got sucked right into her fake life.
    She is really sad. She just wanted a dream wedding, but not a marriage. She just wanted to be a princess for a day, wear THREE different dresses, have a party and have famous singers serenate her. I hope the world sees her as a shallow, spoiled, manipulating cow and her career goes down the drain. She has no talent to back up her fame.
    I hope this will be the end of the Kim Kardashian and the only stories we see of her are more plastic surgery, and she will continue to fuck up her face. No guy will ever ask her to marry him again.

  99. 199

    This woman is pathetic, really!!! What a joke of a person. Loser with a cap L. I feel sorry for Kris that he ever got mixed up with her. I will NEVER EVER support her show nor would I ever buy any her junk!! What come around will go around sweetie!! You should send back all those gifts and pay the familes back that came to see your fake wedding!! YOU ARE FULL UP TO THE NECK OF SELF ABSORBTION!!!!!! What a piece of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It must run in the family!!

  100. 200


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