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Kim Kardashian Won't Let Divorce Get In The Way Of Work This Week

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You would think with all the drama surrounding her divorce that Kim Kardashian would wanna lay low this week.

Well, you'd be wrong!

The reality TV star had a previously scheduled trip to Australia this week and sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Kim plans to make her trip to Oz as planned.

No crimping her style!

[Image via WENN.]

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55 comments to “Kim Kardashian Won't Let Divorce Get In The Way Of Work This Week”

  1. 1

    what work?

  2. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex – She's lifting cinder blocks - don't you know that's what she really does for a living?

  3. 3

    WTh does she do except show up places and wear lots of makeup and say stupid sh*t. Whine. Stay in Oz Kim…..Please

  4. 4

    "Work" = loose term. Kinda like Kim's vag.

  5. 5

    ALRIGHT ENOUGH!! For fuck's sake! This whole marriage was a joke. These women all marry, have babies, date men, fight, break up, whatever, just to promote their new shitty show or perfume or clothing line. This shit is so old. That bitch Kim is a fucking hack, a joke. A high school drop out, no education, and the only thing she knows how to do is get her picture taking and getting her ass filled up. I cannot wait til those bitches are off tv.

  6. yeez says – reply to this


    Well, to be fair, if my scripted, contracted marriage of less than 3 months ended I would probably show up to work too.

  7. 7

    Cats put in your claws. Girl does work her bootie off! THINK about the energy it takes to be everywhere with shows and stores and what the what. Anyway, now that that's settled, to the topic at hand! Guy was a douche and she is well rid of him. True colors came our after the wedding and he is sooooo NOT a keeper!

  8. 8

    BOOOO! HEARTLESS, MONEY GRUBBING, SCAM ARTIST! USER, ABUSER….all for money. it seriously makes me sick, and it makes me even sicker all the people who waste their time buying kardashian shit and watching their vapid show. Gay people can't get married but for some reason, kim kardashian can trick some small town boy into marrying her, only to sell the rights to her marriage for a shit load of money, only to divorce him and laugh in the face of her 'fans'….heartless skag.

  9. 9

    this family needs to end up like the odoyles: put all nine of em in a car n slip on a banana peel n go right off a cliff…..please can we all just…. like kris humphries said just make them irrelevant?

  10. 10

    oh, and Average Jane: youre delusional. "she works her bootie off"…? please…. anyone who got a sex tape put out n NOW has a career fkn sucks. shes a fkn reality whore. and if your answer is "i bet you couldnt do it, lets see you do it" fuck off cuz any of us could do it. shes worthless

  11. 11


  12. 12

    no surprise

  13. 13

    Roll model?

  14. 14

    that's because she can't go a week without being famous.

    the whole marriage was a scam anyway. she made bank. and got more famous for being famous.

  15. 6one9 says – reply to this


    She never wanted to be married in the first place!!
    Bitch just wanted ““““` another wedding and $$$$$$$$$$$$

  16. 16

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ obe$$e$ed with her$elf, $he'll rai$e her fee'$.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  17. 17

    Let me guess, she's going to donate money & help build the flooded out homeless Australian orphans homes….

  18. 18

    of course she won't! after all, it's all about "me me me me me me me!" Maybe she can marry Kunty Karl for her third marriage and then it would be Kunty Kim and Karl. They would make a purrrrfect pair

  19. 19

    and she needs to take back that 2 million dollar ring that SHE paid for because SHE wanted it.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Or she won't let *work* get in the way of divorce.

  21. cika says – reply to this


    This money hungry ho is beyond any greedy a$$hole's expectations. This divorce is also staged and it's happening cause she's addicted to the fame. VOMIT.

  22. 22

    Trash. She is such a conniving piece of crap.

  23. 23

    Kim will not receive a warm welcome in Australia, particularly with her Gay and Lesbian audience.. She has publicly disrespected the Marriage Constitution which is so prevalent in the gay and lesbian community in Australia right now along with the rest of the world. She has no right to be in the spotlight for such an immature and shameful act of “Fame whoring “ I am very fortunate to live in such a down to earth country, people like her have no place here. She can be summed up in one word, FAKE!

  24. Lushh says – reply to this


    What a bitch. It's annoying how googoo gaga she fucking was this whole time like "Ohhhh Kris is my soulmate" yadda yadda and now they're divorcing, and doesn't even bat an eyelash. If you loved him as much as you said you did you would be signing up for some marriage counseling and clinging on for dear life. Guess she figures she can't make anymore money off of marrying him so, on to the next one! I realized the real reason why she was marrying him as soon as her mom told her she shouldn't change her last name. A LOT of celebs change their names but keep their stage names for their business, so why the fuck didn't she do that? Kris is better off, and I will never waste another 4 hours of my life watching a Kardashian wedding ever again. Such a joke.

  25. 25

    She's gotta "work" because she's hoping on a plane to obscurity. This is what you do when money is your way of showing the world how "important" you are. Go take another homeless man shopping.

  26. FS says – reply to this


    I hope that whole family eats shit and dies. Maybe Kim will get bit by a funnel web spider down under. One can only hope.

  27. 27

    Fuck this bitch.. I see a lot of backlash and her sister trying to defend her ass.. fuck them all then, this is bullshit.. it is called reality for a reason ..not all this fake shit.. anyone remember how ridiculous Paris Hilton was? Well this bitch is just as shallow and fame-hungry.. there is no difference.. please make her go away and not support her anymore..

  28. 28

    Stupid straight people can get married after knowing each other for hours, days or weeks yet gay people who have been together for years and years cannot….Makes me sick….what idiots these two are….both are a waste of skin….

  29. 29

    Bitch better make that money!

  30. 30

    Re: sanfran1 – am confused to what you are talking about, her show is no: 1 reality on tv in whole Australia. I am thinking that we are the country that's making her famous.

  31. 31

    no surprise she is not laying low and grieving the loss of her marriage, she grieved for her ex husband on her wedding day..probably thought to herself, "nice guy, to bad I won't get to know him" and then said "I do"

    Khloe, get a dna test, I bet you are not a Kardashian.

  32. 32

    the funny thing is that kim kardashian probably works thirty times harder than every person on here talking shit. Hence why she has millions of dollars. You think it's easy constantly running around, building an entire franchise, being constantly scrutinized in the media, running multiple stores, having cameras follow you around, and on top of that upkeep personal relationships. Clearly, Kim is a brat amongst some other things but she most definitely works her ass off and thats very obvious so perhaps find something new to make fun of her for

  33. 33

    Well, she has a lot of money now. But guess what? A lot of people in this country have a lot of money. A lot of people have a lot more money than she does. Haha. But guess what now, Kim? You will never have a good reputation or name or dignity. And no amount of money in the world can buy that.

  34. 34

    Marriage has become a joke! I say outlaw it for everyone. This is what the gays have been clamoring for — just because they can't have it!

  35. 35

    Kim-You have more money than sense….on so many levels, you are painfully narcissistic and immature. Hope you get a clue as to what really has value in life.

  36. 36

    I love how everyone bitches about this show being fake and hating the girls etc hut how would you know all this unless you watch the show? Why would the show still be relevant and successful if no one cared about them??? You all talk shit that doesn't make sense. I like the show and will continue to watch!

  37. 37

    And you use the term "work week" loosely I presume. She's the town pump.

  38. 38

    Australia, huh?! THAT's interesting… she files for divorce right before going to the land down under. Is that not where Shango is from?! Her body guard from not so long ago that I recall her being pretty hot for?

  39. KHL says – reply to this


    Work she wouldnt know work if it got up and hit her in the face. Her work is sitting in a chair getting makeup and hair done. Someone picking out clothes for her (that she doesnt pay for) and walking around town waiting for someone to take a photo of her.

  40. 40

    When will the world stop paying attention to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton?! They are useless human beings willing to do anything to get the media attention, even marry to get divorced after a few months… This is disgusting!

  41. 41


  42. 42

    she was in Australia, she was at the Melbourne cup and will be on a gold coast radio station on our Thursday, your Wednesday. must have been a real heart breaking divorce. NOT

  43. 43

    "read the rest of this entry" for what? like 7 words?? COME ON! Chuck the 'read the rest' out the window. It's brutal.

  44. 44

    They are both garbage. Hopefully, this could be the end of her television career? Or am I being too optimistic?

  45. 45

    This woman doesnt work……………. and her whole wedding was just to get some more money so she wouldnt have to work!.

  46. lps says – reply to this


    Was curious enough to actually watch their "reality show" about the wedding to see how this marriage came together to begin with… From go it was clearly sport for entertainment on their "show" to build conflict between Kris and the Kardashians. He did not always respond well but give the guy a break…. he deserved to have some part of his life — his dogs, his name, his voice — be blended into at least part of their reality machine. It's clear he tried to pursue compromise and a blending of their lives while Kim expected he would just either join her's in LA or (big of her) she'd pursue opportunities in NY. She knew the whole time he wanted to be in Minnesota. Marriage is a partnership and they never gave him equal time. To try to get it his youth and immaturity flared. I think his hiring some PR staff — as has been reported over the weekend — was actually a smart and mature move.

  47. 47

    Re: MK Ultra-Fierce Illuminati Puppet

    Eat shit you dumb cun*t.

  48. 48

    Re: BeyondAmazing. – don't breed.

  49. GIO says – reply to this


    Really what work being a whore? This was the worst publicity stunt ever and please tell me everyone knows this stunt was for the show!

  50. 50

    Paris Hilton can't hold a candle on what Kim Kash-it-in has just done. Kim is now going on what 31, 32 years old? High School drop out, teenage marriage, sex tape, fake reality show, fake wedding, bilking hundreds of thousands of dollars of wedding gifts from friends and family. How she can hold her head up with make up on and stand and pose for the paparazzi is mind boggling! She hasn't even batted an eyelash! I would think her dad, Robert Kardashian is spinning in his grave, knowing what his daughter just did and her mother the Admiral in charge of this sinking ship. I don't see how Bruce Jenner puts up with this mess. I guess he likes money to much.

  51. 51

    Work? PLASTIC SURGERY IS WORK kim! More Work?

  52. 52

    dont follow her anymore, dont click, make them go effin away! sold her soul, if she was born with one, quite a long time ago. make sex tape for fame, insult marriage by marrying for ratings and $$$$$$$$$$. she made 18M, not they. she.

  53. 53

    She won't have to because it will be her lack of any credibility & fans that will do it for her.
    Perez Dahling. Waaay to much coverage of this "Who cares" topic on your site today.
    Kim is a selfish lying bitch from a selfish lying bitchass family. These people's calim to fame is that their father represented a Killer who his ex wife says she knew was a Killer & stood by him. Yeah Big Bob was a hard working lawyer but that is what he was "famous for" his kids are famous for the "Kardashian" name & nothing more. They have ZERO talent & although Kim & Kourtney are beautiful the rest are so so.
    Kris Humphries & E! are IDIOTS for falling into the Kardashian famewhore machine trap.
    Shame on them. Lets all not follow suit by giving it any attention at all. Her perfumes suck, their shows suck, she was voted most annoying celeb in 2011. Yeah reason for that. She sucks & not just dick on a sex tape she just totally sucks.

  54. 54

    Re: 7tizz – haha! no i guess i didnt

  55. 55

    I rarely read comments here (or anywhere else) but had a hunch that these comments would make me feel more sane. For all of you who are screaming the word "ENOUGH!" about this Kardashian Bullshit? Love, puppy kisses and free hand jobs for all. Well done YOU.