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Kristen Stewart was spotted sneaking into her Robert Pattinson's London apartment yesterday.

The make upless K-Stew wearing baggy clothes as she snuck upstairs for a secret rendezvous with her Twilight husband and real life boyfriend.

Usually R-paz and Kristen avoid cameras like super ninjas, wonder what caused the slip up?

Perhaps Kristen was too excited to be careful. Robert has been away promoting Breaking Dawn in Paris, while Kristen stayed in London shooting her latest film, Snow White.

You'd think she'd doll herself up a bit for their romantic reunion, but who are we to judge?

They say love is blind, anyway.

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21 comments to “SIGHting”

  1. 1

    She is beautiful, Perez and does not need make up….Leave her alone!!!!!

  2. 2

    She is allowed to wear baggy clothes when going to see her boyfriend in private. Only the Kardashians are dressed up to perfection 274 for the cameras. Kristen is a respected actress with a proper job she doesn't have to look perfect for the cameras all the time.

  3. 3

    "You'd think she'd doll herself up a bit for their romantic reunion, but who are we to judge?"
    Who goes to the red carpet dressed in something that resembles a lesbian cupcake, honestly, it's not fashion just because it's fucking weird. Oh but who am I to judge?

  4. 4

    You're such a misogynistic ahole, Perez and ghost writers. What is this - 1954? Why would she have to "doll herself up" for her boyfriend when theyve been together for years? Nice archiac notions of gender roles and expectations, especially since her boyfriend looks like a (cute) hobo all the time himself.

  5. 5

    You're such asshole. She looks hot in those pictures. If anyone needs to clean up, it's her homeless bf who needs a shower.

  6. 6

    oh fuck off, perez. She's fucking adorable with or without makeup. And of course you'd doll yourself up, you are homely as hell and not a natural beauty like her. Not all of us need to work that hard at being cute

  7. 7

    maybe they just dont care anymore to avoid the paparazzi

  8. 8

    She looks great. You just have a skewed view of feminine reality after hainging out with katy perry who wears about 10 gallons of makeup on her face, and lady gaga, who has to do some major tuck game before she's even presentable.

  9. 9

    Normally don't comment because I don't like to give you hits but I find it extremely offensive you're assuming it's Rob's apartment, like she's some kept woman w/out a job to pay for her own place. I'm sure the $20 million she raked in last year is plenty to afford a nice pad in Notting Hill. Her Glamour UK interview also confirmed it's her apartment. Secondly, Kristen is working round the clock to finish SWATH on schedule because the idiots at Universal had to get in a pissing contest with Relativity and up the release date. She's literally exhausted on top of having to do Breaking Dawn promos with the limited time she has while you sit on your fat ugly hairy a*s behind a computer. Try making a living NOT being a leach on other people's lives and then you can talk.

  10. 10

    Re: truecolors – Damn! You pretty much said it all girl! Hahaha! But I think for once it's not just Perez's lack of accurate facts, but his inability to proofread before posting that is the problem. I think he meant to put an "and" between "her" and "Robert Pattinson" implying that it's an apartment they share. Then again, that may still be wrong because I think this is just her temporary apartment while she's filming SWATH. She has to live somewhere while in London. Robert has nothing to do with it instead of when he goes there to chill because he doesn't live in the UK.

  11. 11

    Robert Pattinson, June 2010 @EW "That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone."

  12. 12

    Hmm that's funny because Robert Pattinson isn't even in London…he was just sighted arriving at LAX yesterday.

  13. 13

    Oh come on. As jaded as I can be about 'celebrity' romances, these two are hot.

  14. 14

    Re: laura_lee – he flew to London after the Stockholm fan event on Friday, pap pics are of him arriving, left yesterday morning. his agent was seen entering the apartment Sunday.

  15. 15

    Re: KarrieBelle – lol tks. hit a nerve. that's what i'm saying. not sure exactly who pays for actor housing on location but most likely Rob had nothing to do it except for a couple of nice visits the past few months. great couple.

  16. 16

    Re: callum89 – Why did you call Perez an asshole? For insulting Kristen? Then you turn around and insult Kristen's boyfriend Rob!! You are a HYPOCRITE and no different then! And jealous of Rob for sleeping with Kristen, go hug your Bella pillow.

  17. 17

    Re: callum89 – plus your comment her boyfriend is homeless is really dumb when he made over 20 million dollars last year. Yeah, he's homeless, riiiiiight! And how much money do you make exactly?

  18. 18

    Kristen doesn't need to "doll herself up," asshole. She looks great in those pictures, and her and Rob make a good match.

  19. 19

    Who cares what Kristen looks like with or without makeup.she looks great either way. and it's November.I'm just trying to have a normal drama-free life.because I'm in a relationship too and have a boyfriend,who I've been with for I-don't-know-how-long.but apparently,the bullies on YouTube,are constantly trying to ruin our lives.

  20. 20

    Why do they have to keep SNEAKING anywhere? They've been together for what? 3 years now? That's officially a long term relationship. Twihards need to get the fuck over it and realize their crush has a damn girlfriend already. And most people wear baggy clothes. We don't all dress like the damn Kardashians. Hate to break it to you Perez.

  21. 21

    She is a dike.She is uncomfortable with here on body.She is not pretty. They use a lot of make-up on her.