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42 comments to “What The Stars Are Saying About Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries' Divorce”

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    I agree with Lisa Rinna-anyone who watches /believes in any of those reality shows involving personal lives is a fool. There is nothing real about them and the greedy Kardashians have shown they will go to ANY lengths to make money-fame whores one and all.

  2. 2

    She should get sued, people are fighting for equality and she's making a mockery and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the "marriage" or publicity stunt. She disgusting and her response to this would be that people are jealous….clueless.

  3. 3

    Love George Takei's comment! Pretty cynical overall. I hope reality tv does implode - it has become so sickening. When people like the Kardashians, and those ridiculous housewives can make millions doing nothing - something is wrong in this country. Smarten up people - don't support these talentless narcissists anymore.

  4. Lushh says – reply to this


    I concur with the extra ass lotion lol.

  5. yeez says – reply to this


    Ass lotion hahahahahaha

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    Bar far Sulu had the best response. I love the sarcasm, and it's spot on for those douche bags who always tout the sanctity of marriage as the reason to not allow you gays to be misserable…err, married.

  7. 7

    17 Million for 72 days= almost 250.000$ / day …. world's most expensive prostitute

  8. 8

    Re: rosebud99 – AMEN to that!!! What wise words.

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  10. 10

    HEDWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loves. oh and kim is a trashy skanky hoe.

  11. Hun says – reply to this


    Zach Braff wants his wedding gift back. aha. For reals… I also think that this stunt is LAME LAME LAME and makes me dislike Kim even more. uhg, disgusting.

  12. 12

    I dont think she should be a poster girl for same sex marriage I mean she's not the first and wont be the last that has had a quicky marriage. John is may fav comment by the way

  13. 13

    Hell isn't this her SECOND quicky wedding!!! LOL

  14. Hun says – reply to this


    Like seriously. If she was a sane, level headed person this would not be happening. It's called compromise and work. Trully grossed out by this. Let's move on …

  15. 15

    Shut down their sears clothing line, we can at least do this:

    send Sears a clear message that we won't be buying Kardashian clothes from them..this is the Sears website address. It should take you to the page and then hit feedback.


  16. 16

    Re: lord flashheart – PRICELESS

  17. 17

    Love zac….Susan Anton hasn't seen anything real since the 80'sRe: gwen01 – Good idea, don't want to hurt Sears but anything to make them go away!

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  19. 19

    I like John Legend and Lisa Renner's comments. Oh and Zach Braff's. LOL.

  20. 20

    At least Paris Hilton hasn't been married and divorced. Not even once. And this chick has twice, and the second one was a fake marriage. Totally shameful. At least Paris is waiting for the real thing. And it will be a real, true, pure marriage. Now that is something to be proud of!

  21. 21

    I really didn't understand why Lisa is talking about reality shows…
    Did she not do "Harry Loves Lisa"??? Oh, and for E!
    I think ridiculous the idea to marry without reason, without thinking to be with someone for the rest of your life. But …It's her life. If she wanted to make money in a situation like this, it is her problem (and shame). Anyone who watched wanted to, not by obligation. After all, she'll be the one who will be with 40 years old and married for the fifteenth time.

  22. 22

    I've been over this family for MONTHS. NEEEEXT


  23. 23

    Almost everything the Kardashians touch turns into crap! Kris Jenner claims she could have saved Nicole Brown Simpsons life, instead her ex-husband defends O.J. Simpson. Kim dumps Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage. Bruce Jenner gets a new funny-looking face. Reggie Bush can't play football worth a damn. Poor R.J., we haven't heard much from him since the infamous sex tape. Next thing you know, Sears (which carries the Kardashian clothes collection) will be declaring bankruptcy! Do you think Kim will return all the wedding gifts? Maybe she can donate them to charity. Oh that's right, the Kardashians don't do that.

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  25. 25

    I hate to say it Perez but you are not her best friend. She sees you as her bitch and not only does she have a hidden agenda with every single person she "hangs out" with but the same goes with every single family member in this "family" and all they do is use each other over and over again and it is now this very old and repetitive pattern that probably wont calm down as people live for seeing drama and because of the people viewing this, they wont ever die down.

  26. Harv says – reply to this


    I believe people are indicating that Kim is a useless K*nt.

  27. 27

    ….lt's a shame that kim did not even try to save the marriage……i dont believe she ever really loved kris…..Khloe is married and kourtney has a son so kim wanted some spotlight on her…..

  28. 28

    This just tells you that now at days marriage is becoming as casual as sex.
    I actually found funny Kutcher lol some peace for him into the whole hurricane over his life and Demi.

  29. 29

    who really cares.

  30. 30

    The only STAR was George Takei….

  31. 31

    Stop buying Kims perfumes accessories and STOP buying there clothes at Sears ! Maybe sears will drop the Kardashian Kollection !

    Something needs to be done this is ridiculous ! That she makes MILLIONS for nothing !
    And since everything is giving to her for free she doesn't even appreciate anything !! That's why she didn't care about the wedding ! Why should she ? She didn't pay for it !

  32. 32

    I have a feeling Kris Humphries will be back on DowntownDates.com looking for another Kim very soon.

  33. 33

    What I'd like to know is….will Kim give Kris back the engagement ring? It would be the right thing to do.

  34. 34

    aaaw, the gays are just mad that many states wouldnt allow them to get married and then divorced in 72 days. dont worry, your day will come!…

  35. 35

    Her marriage was a DOG AND PONY show.
    If you don't believe me; put a picture of a pony's behind next to a picture of her behind and you see how obviously that is a true statement!

  36. 36

    its a shame she uses the viewers she betrayed all of us in believing she was in love hes kris seemed very straight up guy who wasn't buying her neediness her mom uses all her daughters for money is like shes the pimp in a woman i think KIM Is self center money hungry she rather have money than happiness sears and all her sponsors should be accountable for her actions she a chick whos done porn no acting resume she does not sing she has no back up for all you idiots supporting this selfish woman. peace e you also should considered canceling this whole acting mess that you guys help create a bunch of fakeness soap opera.. not reality this so classless .

  37. 37

    Stars?! The only name I recognized, was Zach's (who's tweets were hilarious by the way). I think peoples should stop throwing around the term "stars".
    I saw a comment on here earlier that said "Narcissistic people love weddings, not marriage" and that sums it up. I have never really had an opinion of Kim Kardashian before. Never liked her, never disliked her. There are times I did feel sorry for her because I didn't understand why people went so out of their way to berate her, but she no longer has my sympathy.
    Unless your husband abuses you, cheats on you, or is gay, there is no sane reason to get a divorce in 72 days. Two months is not long enough to fix whatever problems are in your marriage and if you can't even keep a vow you made to God for more than 72 days, then how can anyone ever take you seriously?
    Lastly, it is a shame how we have made a mockery of the institution of marriage, yet in the same breath, we deny gay people the right to this union because we want to protect the sanctity of marriage. What a fucking joke!

  38. 38

    when are we gonna start celebrating and rewarding the true heroes out there? nurses, soldiers and charity workers who work hard and save lives. They get a pittance while useless vain z-listers like Kim, Paris, Lohan and Snooki make millions. Its sick and twisted.

  39. 39

    George's comment is the best ever!
    Which i agree with. We are fighting a battle for equality in this world, where gays should be able to marry, and the biggest argument against it seems to be how marriage is a sacred institution. What a great example of how sacred it is when somebody can easily abuse that after only a few months because things didn't work out the way you like.
    I just can't find a way to like this girl, every excuse she gives coming out of her mouth is pathetic and makes me hate her more.

  40. 40

    Haven't really watched TV in months, may cancel my Directv to save $66/mo since I'm out of work. Only watched the Kardashian show a couple of times, cute music, lot of shouting.

  41. 41

    yes gays cant marry but this whore can make marriage look a farce..!! yes librans call everyone jelous who are disgusted by them ! anyone who buys her perfume will stink like FISH just like her gaping vag!

  42. 42

    Love Geore Takei!