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MORE Proof Of Stacy Francis' Pre-X Factor Success!

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"Really silly" or not, the truth always comes out.

Although Stacy Francis has continued to assert that she's been an unemployed, single mother for the past 12 years, more and more proof continues to surface that suggests quite the opposite!

The X Factor contestant has claimed via Twitter that she "never toured with Madonna, Chaka Khan, or Prince" and that she "never had a solo record deal, nor has one ever been released," but according to the bio section on her now-deleted website:

Stacy performed in "Girlfriend", a made for television movie produced by Oprah Winfrey and appeared on Broadway in the show, "Boys Choir and Friend's on Broadway."

An ardent desire to perform in musical theater lead to a starring role opposite the legendary recording artist, Chaka Kahn in the West End production of "Mama I Want To Sing" in London. This afforded her the opportunity to perform at the Olivier Awards, Britain's equivalent to the American Tony Awards.

Before returning to the States, Stacy performed in Tokyo and then returned home to star in "Born To Sing," at Madison Square Garden with gospel greats, CeCe Winans and Shirley Caesar. Rave reviews for her performance led to an invitation to join the cast of "Smokey Joe's Cafe" on Broadway. This was followed by roles in "Street Corner Symphony" and the hit Broadway show, "Footloose" where she originated the role of Rusty.

Other noted performances include singing background vocals for Madonna and having the privilege of performing in concert beside Prince - he featured her with his band.

And, of course, you can check out a screengrab from the website, which says blatantly on the main page "You can enjoy clips of her new CD release HERE." (above)!

We don't know if she's trying to hide all of this herself, or if it were the producers on X Factor, but obviously, we think it's time to stop the denial and come clean!

Especially now that the public is behind the voting now! They're not going to like being lied to, gurl!

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18 comments to “MORE Proof Of Stacy Francis' Pre-X Factor Success!”

  1. 1

    I was a total fan of hers when she was in Footloose on Bway (she SANG "Lets Hear It for the Boy" and was later replaced in the show by Dreamgirls Anika Noni Rose…fyi) and I was so excited when I saw her in a LARGE gospel choir for Madonna promoting American Life. It was some TRL type performance and Madonna sang Like a Prayer and I recognized Stacy in the background. I kind of followed her career a little bit…but being in the theater industry and knowing the SMALL gigs here and there that you're blowing up she would have a really hard time paying the bills on these gigs alone. Not saying she hasn't had "success" but she was FAR from a Bway star and singing in a large choir behind Madonna at one promotional event doesn't make you a hell of a lot of cash.

  2. 2

    Again, I gotta ask: What is with this incessant need of exposing her?

  3. 3

    I dont really care that she had a job who am I to knock her for making a living and supporting her kid, but what annoys me is the whole ex boyfriend story and all the EXTRA crying she does. EVERY time she's on stage talking to the judges she starts crying like STOP that's not going to get you any extra votes!

  4. 4

    I was a big fan of hers when she first came on the X factor, but I'm hearing more and more every day about how she lied, it's a total turn-off. Does anyone know what the X factor is going to do about this???

  5. 5

    $cilons are trained to get what they want in whatever way possible.
    Hail Xenu!

  6. 6

    Can we just stop this already. lol. She's not famous. Let her sing her heart out. Everyone should be looking at the best performance anyway so her "stories" shouldn't even play out in the end. Did she sing her little ass off on that stage or not? What I think is unfair is someone irresponsibly reporting on something that could truly hurt someone's chances at having a life that is STILL clearly better than what they were living. Isn't that what the American dream is? And really who's spot did she take? If they were better than her then her mentor would have picked them.

  7. yeez says – reply to this


    Having prior success isn't disqualifying, being signed is. And if you have to "dig" and "expose" to find information about her than she obviously wasn't THAT successful.

  8. 8

    As if people either get on these shows or win based on talent alone. The producers and the contestants know that the packaging of the contestant is often what gets the votes and ratings.

    I don't care so much who is doing the manipulation (Ms. Francis or the show, or some combination). However pretending that manipulation is not going on, or pretending that it doesn't effect the results seems naive to me. Sure, there will be some mud spatter lest anyone speak up, but there are contestants who haven't tried to hide their past or exploit their troubles just to get on a show. Although I'm sure they are happy to see the controversy as the only bad press is no press at all.

  9. 9

    Perez…WTH is wrong with you? I thought you were going to change your ways but you are back at it …..again!

  10. 10

    I have never watched this show but… isn't it a glorified karaoke contest??? How lame. Who takes this rubbish seriously?

  11. 11

    It's one thing to be experienced, but another thing to deny that experience. And to lie to hide the experience just makes it worse. Others in the competition had experience and they never pretended otherwise.

    If someone lies just to get votes that is wrong. And that's the only reason that someone would do it! To tug on the heart strings, and to make an amazing story (shy singer from shower to stage) that voters want in on.

    Sure, some people, like myself understand it SHOULD be about the talent not the stories. But to pretend that people aren't influenced to vote based on good stories would be ignorant.

  12. 12

    Really? That's your big scandal to expose? A singer is in a singing competition. Wooooaaah, mind blown!

  13. 13

    No one is saying she was "Famous". No one thinks she was, so I don't know why she tweeted about that. No one cares how successful she was previously .

    And people finding information about her previous work is not trying to discredit her. If it looks like they are being discredited because someone finds out about their previous work as an entertainer, then there's a bigger issue and even those saying it's nothing know it…

    She or Xfactor were dishonest. They can leave out her previous work that's fine (we can find it out ourselves), but to pretend (lie) that she has never worked before is deceptive and a ploy to get extra votes / views.

  14. 14

    she is talented but I think that we have had our fill of people getting ahead with a lie; you all know who I am talking about. As for Stacy, she should have let her talent do the talking instead of using domestic violence and being suppressed as her platform. For that reason she shouldn't win. I also encourage all of us that have been conned by the Kardashians to take action by contacting Sears and letting them know that they will lose customers if they don't pull the Kardashian clothing line.

    send Sears a clear message that we won't be buying Kardashian clothes from them..this is the Sears website address. It should take you to the page and then hit feedback.


  15. 15



    So why is she suppose to leave X-Factor? You're stupid, this is stupid, just let her have a chance.

  16. 16

    Denying it on twita, when she worked with these people IS deceitful. Why deny working with these big names. Even if her only association was working as their maid… SAY IT. Say that's how people associated you with those names.

    You can't say, 'I never toured' with them and think that 'technically' you didn't 'TOUR' so you aren't lying. What happens when someone finds out you did perform with them, is you look like you are being decitful, and trying to hide something!

    If that is really her webpage, she was happy to describe all her achievements, big or small. Now it looks like she is afraid that having these achievements will work against her if voters know them, since she is being portrayed as a completely inexperienced person who has never sung anywhere but the shower.

  17. 17

    I can't even tell you how much we don't care.

  18. 18

    The problem is that she and X Factor is deceiving us the audience. If you don't care that you are getting lied to, OK that's up to you. I care about this NOT because she has experience but because she is trying to manipulate me the viewer. She must think i'm dumb. SImon must think you are all dumb sheep how eat the grass he throws at you. But we are not stupid, we will find out. So just be honest or we will all think you are a lier with no integrity. Do I want a talented lier without integrity to win over someone who is talented AND honest ? Well, in my book the good, honest person wins. At least that's how it should be.