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Anne Rice Has Some Pretty Amazing Thoughts On Sparkling Vampires!

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Nothing brings us more joy then when Anne Rice takes on the neutered, emo vampires that inhabit the Twilight universe!

The Interview with the Vampire author has commented kindly on Stephenie Meyer's book series before, but recently took to Facebook to take a pretty HIGHlarious dig at the franchise, while discussing how her fictional, undead hunks Lestat and ong>Louis would take to the sparkling Cullen clan!

She explains:

"Lestat and Louie feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun. They would never hurt immortals who choose to spend eternity going to high school over and over again in a small town — anymore than they would hurt the physically disabled or the mentally challenged. My vampires possess gravitas. They can afford to be merciful."

HA! Preach, gurl!

We're sure that we'll be incurring the wrath of Twi-hards ready to spontaneously combust into sparkles with rage for saying this, but the brat Prince Lestat will always be our number one blood-sucking hunk of a man!

Edward sits around and watches some boring teenager while she sleeps. Lestat went to heaven, hell, and back.

Just saying! Ha!

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14 comments to “Anne Rice Has Some Pretty Amazing Thoughts On Sparkling Vampires!”

  1. 1

    Edward and his family would SO get their asses beat in a fight against Blade, Louis de Pointe du Lac, Selene, and Spike!!!!

  2. 2

    Oh and I never understood WHY they continued to go to high school!! They must be seriously BORED!

  3. 3

    Interview With a Vampire is HBO and Stars while Twilight is Nick and Disney! LOL

  4. 4

    I love that woman. This isn't the first time she's made digs against Twilight, and she has the best commentary on it.

  5. 5

    Your constant creaming over Twilight makes this post pretty ironic.
    Anyway, Rice is the vampire porn queen, Meyers should bow down to her and rejoice over the fact she even knows what her shitty books are about.

  6. 6

    I don't really care for Anne Rice's work, but I've listened to her interviews and she is a very intelligent, well-spoken woman who I find entertaining to listen to. However, her books are leaps and bounds ahead of the Twilight crap-a-rama. I've read them so I'm talking out my ass.

  7. 7

    jeez louise they are two different authors who have two very different target audiences. one isn't better than the other. calm down perez.

  8. 8

    Re: ScarlettColepepper – Oh yes one is better than the other. Anne Rice is a million times better. But you are right about the target audience and the level of writing is clear indication. Make no mistake though that Meyer isn't even in the same atmosphere as Anne Rice.

  9. 9

    Anyoe who hired Tom Cruise to play a vampire shouldn't talk about anyone else.

  10. 10

    how about the're both stupid for continuing to rip of a concept, vampires, that is so played out. i guess people can only like stories wit hvampires in them somehow.

  11. 11

    Anne Rice is the Queen, she has series that are not just about vampires. I laugh when I hear people talk about Twilight. My hubby and I watched the first one w/ our daughter.. I agree w/ pie107, IWAV is HBO and Twilight is Nick/Disney.. They are really not to be compared. Sparkly vampires.. I almost died laughing when I saw that… Amusing, yes (and slightly boring). Thoroughly entertaining and romantic, no… I want candle light and crushed velvet, thank you very much ;) ..

  12. 12

    The difference is that Anne Rice's books are written incredibly well - she is a very talented writer. Stephanie's are… average.

  13. 13

    Re: stickrat – Anne Rice first wrote her books in 1973, before vampire/'dark love' overtook the tween book field. The whole craze over immortals happened after the success of Twilight when writers threw aside their creativity to attempt to profit of the 'phenomenon' that was Meyer. Did you know that the Vampire Diaries books were also written a while ago? In 1991! They only got famous after Twilight got people interested in vampires, and then the author re picked up the series (despite having finished it years before) because she saw a window of opportunity.

  14. 14

    ROFL! Since the Mopey Fangless Sparklers are direct descendents of Poor Baby Louis the whiner, this is an interesting point she takes. Kettle, meet pot. Pot, meet kettle. I'll leave you two alone now.