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Oh Snap! More Of Bella Giving Birth In New Breaking Dawn Promo!

| Filed under: Film FlickersTwilight

That thing is crushing her from the inside out! ANGRY EDWARD! AHHH!

That latest promo for Breaking Dawn is quite a doozy. This one is focused on the spawn of sparkling vampire sex growing inside Kristen Stewart and how it is doing a number on her internal organs.

Watch till the very end to see a brand-new, fairly gruesome look at Bella giving birth! (above)

Twi-hards? How about it? Good? Bad? Scary? Lame?

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5 comments to “Oh Snap! More Of Bella Giving Birth In New Breaking Dawn Promo!”

  1. 1

    The whole series is lame. Sparkly vampires? I guess if you are a preteen it will seem cool. But I wonder how many of those Twilight fans will think it is romantic to get pregnant by a bad boy?

  2. 2

    Ok, it doesn't seem gruesome to me.

    Also, Rosebud99, she is pregnant by her husband what is wrong with that? It really annoys me when people who know nothing of something try to pretend like they do.

  3. 3

    America seemed to be so desperate for a new literature franchise after Harr Potter I guess thats why these tacky movies made out of the extremely badly written books are a success.

  4. 4

    Itisme…her husband is a hundred year old VAMPIRE, what is RIGHT with that? Rosebud99 has a valid point.
    Bella is a terrible role model for young girls….she throws her life away for a guy. We should encourage girls to go to college or university, to delevelop their skills, and to produce their own income to support themselves in order to better prepare them for adulthood. Ie just like hermione granger.

  5. 5

    Well DUH!Of course Bella Swan is a bad role model for young girls and mageick9 has a good point there.like she said,Bella threw her life away for a very unattractive guy.I mean,she had her whole life planned out.she could've gone to college and focused on her schoolwork,but no.she had to graduate from HS,get engaged,get married and get knocked up an hour later.