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Every GLEE-tail: The Luck O’ That Irish Kid

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After an excruciating hiatus - which we could’ve sworn felt like a whole ‘nother summer - Glee triumphantly returned last night, setting up BIG things to come, including rival glee clubs, friction between friends and a budding new romance we all no one saw coming.

First off, the new kid in town was introduced. Enter Damian McGinty, the first Glee Project co-winner to make his appearance on the show. The cute laddy couldn’t have been more Irish if he had river-danced into his first scene. We’re gonna need some serious subtitles for him down the road (except when he sings; how come guys with accents speak perfect English only in song???), but we like where his character is going, or rather where he could fo. As with most of our Gleeks, the masses of McKinely turn on the lil’ green giant simply because he’s different, but he is welcomed into New Directions with open arms. Besides, he couldn't have showed up at a better time. The group is definitely in need of filling the many empty chairs and empty tables lying about the choir room.

About that … here comes some trouble! As we had previously spoiled reported, Brittany and Santana leave New Directions to join forces with Mercedes in Shelby’s new group. A HIGHlight of the episode was Santana’s first (and last) showdown with Sugar Motta. It took her literally 15 seconds to put that girl in her place, a fete she could never accomplish with Rachel Berry. (Then again, true divas were never meant to defeat one another.) Also a HIGHlight for many of you Brittana fans – it’s on! They are officially a couple and everyone knows it, including the leprechaun who had his heart set on getting into Brittany’s “pot o’ gold.” Now Shelby has a trio of unstoppable musical forces, named the Trouble Tones, foreshadowing some serious drama between the kids as time goes on, particularly at Sectionals.

Speaking of Shelby, she’s apparently stretched so thin that she doesn’t even have time to buy concealer. (By the by, Idina Menzel has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!) Needing a night to herself, she lets Beth’s real parents, Quinn and Puck, baby sit for an evening. While Quinn vows to get their kid back through foul play, Puck quickly sees the good in Shelby and schemes behind his baby momma’s back to ensure Shelby can keep Beth. While she never learns of the good deed Puck has done for her, Shelby does start to grow quite fond of him and his crooked mohawk, and the episode ends with a lip lock between hot teacher and student! Naughty!

Finally, as Sue says herself, there is no expiration date on her rage and she continued her crusade to bring down the Glee club by blasting the school musical for “wasting” two grand of taxpayer dollars. If a gif of that disgruntle parent holding up the sign that says “ANGRY” isn’t plastered all over tumblr this morning, there is no justice in the world. A long story short, Kurt’s dad sees the opportunity to once again do right by his son and enters into the Congressional race to bring Sue down. Fingers-crossed it works, since it leaves Finn available to stay in Lima to take over the tire shop, thus keeping him on the show for another season, Unless he wants to move to New York in a spin-off with Kurt, Rachel and Blaine, who we will now be referring to as the boy with the “dreamboat a capella mouth.” A note to Ryan Murphy: Darren Criss does not need autotune. Don’t do that again!

At the end of the day, we’re just happy to have Glee back in our lives. There’s a place in our heart for it that no other show can fill and while we know there aren’t really leprechauns in the world, if we had three wishes, they would all be to keep this show going! Okay, that’s a lie. We want other things (Zefron), but at least one of them would be Glee related.

P.S. - Can we also say how stoked we are that we’re only ONE WEEK AWAY from "The First Time" episode, in which “ships” are going to sail, crash and explode with happiness when the Glee kids start going all the way! Klaine sex = the Double Rainbow of Glee!!!

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14 comments to “Every GLEE-tail: The Luck O’ That Irish Kid”

  1. 1

    He was pretty boring last night, hiring actors out of a reality series is never a good idea. If it takes you a few months to decide whether or not this person is suitable for your show then it's all wrong. Everyone had one reading and one song to audition even someone like Lea Michele so why should some random person get a role? Darren Criss, Charice, this kid….you can't just throw roles at people and expect instant success, they need to be TV actors not just people with great voices who sing on TV….it's a SHOW. Not a pageant. Not free promotion. Not charity.

  2. 2

    Idk Damian was pretty boring, I'd rather have Lindsay back. Brittany and Santana are the best thing to happen to that show, their relationship came so far. By the end of the show, the only storyline that will have had a consistent, fully-developed storyline will be Brittana. I also love Santana's 'Blaine and Rachel show" last night, because that was 100% true and I'm glad they recognized that because I'm sick of Blaine.

  3. 3

    Oh and I wish they' stop making Quinn look like a crazy person, her character is so broken and emotionally unstable they need to stop. They need to give her some clearance, I feel bad for Quinn.

  4. exBFF says – reply to this


    Other than a bashful smile and looking like he is carved from cream cheese, this kid has zero charisma…and his singing was plain boring. Hope he gets better.

  5. 5

    Re: CatAttack – First of all, I love Damian McGinty! He was in the group Celtic Thunder since he was a kid and had a great voice then. They didn't just give him the part, he had to earn it on that show. As for auditioning for the show; of course they had to. They were starting a new show. As for when other people joined, how do you know they didn't audition. And if they didn't, did you think that maybe the writers wrote the part for that person? It happens all the time.

  6. 6

    "How come guys with accents speak perfect English only in song???"

    He was speaking perfect English he just has a Northern Irish accent as far as I can tell, and The whole representation of Ireland was ridiculous! It was a piss take of everything America sees as Irish! I have never once heard of any Irish person EVER sincerely saying 'top of the morning to you', and we don't even have Lucky Charms here!

    The whole show is based on not judging books by their covers and to look past stereotypes but thats pretty hard when you dress the guy entirely in green. It was pretty offense to tell the truth!

  7. 7

    Re: newslang – If you noticed, when he was finally accepted by Finn and went to audition for the club, he wasn't dressed in green. It's called SYMBOLISM! Look it up!

  8. 8

    Re: Christik

    seriously? 'Its symbolism look it up' - are you kidding me?

  9. 9

    As newslang said, just because Damien's not speaking with an American accent, it doesn't mean he's not speaking perfect English…. love him, i thought he was really great and very charming :)

  10. 10

    Re: newslang – I know it may have been a little heavy-handed to have Rory wearing green for most of the episode to really drive home the fact that he was an Irishman, an outsider, in this sea of red-wearing natives. But it also just worked, especially during his "Bein' Green" solo as we followed him around the school and felt his isolation. His eventual entrance to the glee club (now wearing red) has the potential for beautiful songs (and a possible rivalry with Kurt).

  11. 11

    Re: newslang – Get it now?

  12. 12

    Re: Christik – My point is that hiring out of reality shows isn't the way the casting process works. Television is very instantaneous, it's very fast-paced and a lot of the time casting directors rely on their intuition. It's not a competition so much as it is a fitting for a certain part. In this case, they created a part for someone they coached on a TV show who's only evidenced singing talent. Naya Rivera or Chris Colfer may not have his voice but they can sing and what's more is that they can act and you're naturally interested in watching them preform. This leprechaun kid is only interesting when he's singing- he just doesn't have presence.

  13. 13

    The new kid is useless, a terrible actor, and quite a boring singer.

    The episode was good though.

  14. 14

    Hi! Please, PLEASE! When writing further Glee updates do not refer to Quinn and Puck as Baby Beth's "real" parents! This is 2011, that term should never be used, ever. "Shelby" is real, Quinn and Puck are real….geezzz this is ridiculous as they are NOT real, they are characters on a TV show…….but you get what I am saying. We (human beings…well MOST of us anyway) are all "REAL." I am an adoptive parent of 4. I am not a "fake" parent I am a real parent. My 4 children have "birth parents" or "biological parents" but should never be refered to as "real" parents. It's just not respectful or politically correct. Thanks for reading!