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Kris Jenner Wants YOU To Stop Judging Kim!

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kris jenner tells people to stop judging kim kardashian

Momma's got your back, Kim!

We're thinking SOME people might start giving Kim Kardashian the benefit of the doubt after reading the new statement she released about her 72 day marriage…but Kris Jenner wants everyone to leave her alone:

"She made a decision based on whatever feelings she had."

"I didn't interrogate her. She's not the first person in the world to get a divorce or to have something like this happen to, and she won't be the last … People have to stop judging."

More from Kris:

"Kim needed to make a very difficult decision and she needed to do that on her own. She's not five years old. She's a 30-year-old woman who definitely needs my support right now … It's not something that she thought would ever not be happily ever after."

"For whatever reason, Kim felt [divorce] was the decision for her. I can't judge her and I can't speculate."

What do U think? Is it time for everyone to stop judging Kim???

[Image via WENN.]

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116 comments to “Kris Jenner Wants YOU To Stop Judging Kim!”

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  1. 101

    I'm so sick of the "stop judging" bullshit. Everyone judges it's human nature and EVERYONE is going to judge a "celebrity" even more, and if you don't like it then stop promoting your stupid divorce the way you promoted your stupid wedding. You take the good with the bad, so Kris Jenner needs to go cry in her 10% earnings she is getting from this divorce promotional tour her daughter is on right now! Give me a fucking break!

  2. jham says – reply to this


    Be quiet and sit down you stupid woman! Your walking pile of silicone isn't being judged because she can't stay in a marriage for 3 months; she's being judged for WASTING $10 million of FINITE resources to shove her STUPID STUPID STUPID wedding down everybody's throat and then is like "oops! I want out, don't judge me." Sorry sweetie, but in this economy that type of flagrant, irresponsible, narcissistic wastefullness PISSES PEOPLE OFF!

  3. 103

    Kris Jenner?? Jenner?? Jenner??? When the nasty PIG that is Kris Jenner said she wanted to "change her name back to Kardashian," I was stunned. WHO does that? Has ANYONE out there ever gone through a divorce, got remarried and then had your last name changed back to your ex-husband's; this WHILE you are still supposedly "happily married" to your second husband??? There IS a book that has existed for hundreds of years that explains the BIG FAT NASTY PIG THAT KRIS JENNER IS

  4. 104

    The book that exists that can explain The BIG BIG FATFATFATFAT FAT FAT PIG that Kris Jenner is. The name of the book is dictionary. Go to the page that has the word "OPPORTUNIST" on it. I always admired Bruce Jenner; he seemed to be a true man's man. WOW, how wrong can a person be?? Bruce Jenner is NOTHING more than a meek little shadow that allows his wife, who doesn't even want his last name, to be his puppet master. Bruce you are pathetic. I would use the expression ***** whipped to describe him but even THAT doesn't fit. It's more like he's sort of a zombie who has allowed his ?wife? to control his life, along with the lives' of so many others.

  5. 105

    so you can have a reality show based off your life and you don't mind pimping out your wedding but no one should judge ? ummmm yeah right!!!! your money is based off of public opinion.

  6. 106

    she is really enjoying the spotlight… just like her superficial daughter. I think she should lay off and stop enjoying the spotlight and focus on her family's morals.

  7. 107

    *She's* telling *us* Kim's not 5 years old? From what I've observed, she is the only one who treats Kim like she is.

  8. 108

    Don't want to be judged? Then don't have a reality show. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Idiot.

  9. ILC says – reply to this


    It appears ALOT of people are truly seeing this family for what it is. Money hungry famewhores. All the filthy time they parade their lives on TV and make money from appearances they could have been doing MUCH more for charity. Or donating! The waste of time and resources on her wedding TV special is an insult to everyone who bothered to watch it. When countries have children starving to death, and this porn star wannabee and her mother cannot get enough of themselves, it should make all of us realise what a sad world we have become. Unfortunately, it is the young teenage girls who will continue to lap up this family, buy their crappy merchandise and idolise every new TV venture they present. I hate Ryan Seacrest for making his money from silly shows like this, instead of investing his time and effort into something more decent. What an asshole he is.

  10. 110

    If you put yourself into the spotlight, what exactly do you expect people to do?

  11. 111

    Fame hungry media whores…you are over and finished..PATHETIC

  12. 112

    Hahaha. What, stop judgin Kim? and ruin my new favorite hobby?

  13. 113

    Peace out Queen B. That's you Kris Jenner or whatever you call yourself.

  14. 114

    Perez, I love you.. don't let your relation with Kardasians ruin your honesty. They are an example of what is bad with society. They want praise but not judgement. Is this really fair. It's like these spoiled rotten girls want to get away with everything with Khloe spending hours in jail for DUI and kim being rewarded for having a sex tape .
    Kin clearly pushed Kris to marry her and then as usual expected everything to her way.. people are not toys.

  15. 115

    I bet if you take a pole Kim K would be the most hated person in the US right now (even before Obama) and Kris Jenner would be the 2nd. No one is supporting the Kardashians except their immediate friends and family. Is that not a clue that you are wrong? Are you so stupid and so vain that you can't realize you are destroying yourself. Sears please call them and cancel everything. Pull the plug. E! cancel the Kardashians. Better yet. People stop watching E! Stopy buying Sears. Show the Kardashians what they understand $$$.

  16. 116

    Oh and that Kardashian OPI nail polish. Dont buy it!!!! Don't buy OPI!

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