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L.A. City Attorney And District Attorney Want Jail For LiLo!

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Lindsay Lohan 90 Days

Ask us if we're surprised. (We'll pretend that you did.)

No, dear readers! We aren't!

The L.A. City Attorney and District Attorney want Lindsay Lohan to spend time in jail — by revoking her probation and sending her to prison for at LEAST 90 days.

From the way that Judge Sautner handled LiLo the last time around, we expect that there will be messing around. Whether or not what she's done deserves what amount of jail time is up to her to decide!

Here's what an insider is saying:

"It will be a double whammy in court tomorrow as BOTH the DA and the City Attorney will be asking Judge Sautner to formally revoke Lindsay's probation, and sentence her to jail for at least 90 days. Lindsay's lawyer will argue that she is in full compliance with all terms of her probation, and she shouldn't be sent to jail."

But she isn't in full compliance, because full compliance means the Women's Shelter — which at this point she can't go back to. So it's up to the judge to weigh whether or not she can talk them into letting her back to complete her community service!

It'll be an inneresting day tomorrow, for sure!

Do U think she should be put away??

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14 comments to “L.A. City Attorney And District Attorney Want Jail For LiLo!”

  1. 1

    Dear Perez, About a month or so ago I watched you on a talk show promoting your book and you told everyone who watched that day that you USED to write with white crayon on your blogs but now have stopped since you were a changed person and you don't bully anymore. Did you forget what you had said ? You are writing on these blogs more now then you did before. Really, what is up with you ? Are you mentally challenged ? Your actions in so many ways are telling me that you are.

  2. 2

    Sigh. Everyone knows she SHOULD be put away; but that doesn't mean she will be.
    Please stop giving her the time of day. And btw, enough with the Kardashian deluge please? Your blog has turned into the Kardashian show, guest starring Lilo. Yawn.

  3. 3

    The reason it's so tedious to listen to celebrities and people like you expound on political issues is because many of you are so uneducated. If you had even finished high school, you should know the difference between "prison" and "jail."

  4. 4

    so do I,lots of jail time..with no early release

  5. 5

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  6. 6

    I doubt she'll serve more then 48 hours.

  7. 7

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  8. 8

    But that makes no sense because Lindsay will say that she did violate her probation that is why no witnesses or the probation department will have to testify. She is basically pleading no contest/guilty. She just wants leniency in jail sentencing. Even if she gets sentenced to 10 years, she will only do like 10 days so it doesn't matter how long anyone really sentences her to because she will only have to serve 20% of that time. Hopefully she can hang her Playboy cover on her wall.

  9. 9

    When all her troubles started, I really wanted to support her. Young folks do dumb things every day. But this has gone unchanged for so long that I believe she needs a reality check. Just look at her and it's plainly obvious she doesn't see what the rest of us see. She looks like a corpse in her latest photos. Girl definitely needs help from a stylist -especially before she poses for Playboy. Her makeup is the worst I've ever seen on her and that hair is not a good color choice at all.

  10. 10

    lindsay is a legal genius - smarter than the DA (district attorney or dumb ass?) and the City Attorney; she will get zero, nada, no jail time! and the probation department loves her; zero, nada, no jail time! we are not worthy lindsay!

  11. 11

    …send the ugly kunt up the river in a chicken wire boat……..

  12. 12

    Lindsay should not go to Jail it will serve no purpose . Jail is for criminals . Her probation was outrageous to begin with because they wanted to make an example out of her .
    Why the court does not put their focus on more important issues like rapist and violent offenders is just beyond me . Give her more CS and let LL get her life back together .
    Jail will do nothing for her !

  13. 13

    she has about 23 mugshots now so of course she deserves prison! she is arrogant and thinks she can keep getting away with things and carry on partying. get a job bitch and show some humility. wearing slutty outfits to parties the night before a big court case just sums up how stupid and contemptuous she is. silly spoilt girl.

  14. 14