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Kim Kardashian Was Having Second Thoughts Before Her Wedding! New Deets About Her Doubts!

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kim kardashian wedding doubts

If there was ANY doubt in her mind, she really shouldn't have gone through with this.

While we appreciated the fact that Kim Kardashian released a real real statement about her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries, we're now hearing EVEN MORE details about some serious pre-wedding doubts that she was having!

Here's what a source had to say about it:

"She knew it was wrong before they were even married. They were not seeing eye to eye and it felt wrong."

"She was calling friends, telling them she didn't want to do it."

More from another source:

"She felt like she couldn't turn back."

"She got in over her head. She made a big mistake and she knows it."

We understand why Kim would feel a lot of pressure to go through with the marriage, but if she was having THIS MANY doubts, she really should have called it off then BEFORE we got her a wedding gift! Ha!

What do U think? Would Kim K have been better off if she had called the whole thing off???

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36 comments to “Kim Kardashian Was Having Second Thoughts Before Her Wedding! New Deets About Her Doubts!”

  1. 1

    Please stop posting this girl. PLEASE. STOP. She does not deserve the attention. She never did.

  2. 2

    …..u need to give all the money to some dying kids u ignorant slut…….

  3. 3

    why do you keep posting about the wedding gift? things happen and its not the end of the world perez get over it .. its called life

  4. 4

    Well, lesson learned for you Kim - it is more embarrassing to get a divorce after such a short time then to have a cancelled wedding. Dude, I wonder why nobody wrote the "should I - should I not" drama into the script!!
    No, seriously. She should have cancelled it if she had doubts. Now she is the joke.

  5. 5

    can you say backtrack?
    Now that she looks like an a** she changes her story.

  6. 6

    Real statement??? That bitch doesn't know the meaning of REAL. The entire family is FAKE.
    They wouldn't know REAL if it slapped them upside the face.

  7. 7

    I'm sorry Kim Kardash. Are we supposed to feel bad for you that you had pre-wedding jitters and went through with the marriage? I just love the way they are twisting this twit's story. Her PR team is truly amazing.

  8. 8

    It's ironic that she couldn't turn back cause of all the attention she set up for herself. Great stuff. Good listen for attention whores; Be careful what you wish for.

  9. 9

    K Trashcan and E has already started planting stories about Kris H and his family (about them not liking her and her family) threatens to show footage. Kim your a scumbag.

  10. 10

    I wouldn't be surprised if she gets back together with him for a while. That would garner more attention. If separating once got this much buzz, why not do it twice?

  11. 11

    honestly, I am not so sure why everyone is so wrapped up in this. it's not like any of this shit really affected us. I personally think the Kardashians do way to much and fame whore wayyy to hard.. but I do know the pressure that can be put on people to do certain things by their family and peers even if they don't want to.. I mean, I myself have wanted to end relationships, but have been pressured and nagged into trying to make things work just because my family thought it was a good idea. Some times you just get so caught up in the idea of things, that you just cant clearly see the reality of them.

  12. 12

    Stupid money-grubbing cun*t.

  13. 13

    She wouldn't have gotten paid for the wedding if she cancelled it. Money comes first.

  14. free says – reply to this


    The reason they didn't see eye to eye is pretty obvious, physically speaking at least;-)

  15. 15

    Re: NookiesWA – Don't worry about it…she is going to get what's coming to her…Karma is a b**ch!!

  16. 16

    its strange how many people are saying horrible things about kim, considering what a nice person she is. her mistake in marrying kris was her mistake and its sad how the media twists things around and makes it even worse. she married kris cause she loved him and probably still does. i wouldn't be surprised if they got back together. when your in the spotlight any marriage would be more tense and normal issues within a marriage now would be escalated. i hope they work things out, cause you can see the love between them and life is too short. all you haters go find a life, instead of insulting someone elses.

  17. 17

    She needs some serious psychological help. I mean, look at her past…she's over 30 and still hasn't figured out the problem is HER. CRAZY!

  18. 18

    Of COURSE she would have been better off. It shows a lack of character to go through with a marriage you know is wrong, in my opinion. It might be embarrassing to call it off and people might be shocked but SO WHAT…WHO F-ING CARES…they'll get over it. It's between you and your fiance - it's YOUR life and decision whether to marry. Better to deal with it before than AFTER the fact!! Others have done so (ex., J-Lo and Ben Affleck). It was a "mistake" I guess - but a huge one. Oh well. Let this be a lesson to people to be smarter than she is. She seems pretty pathetic.

  19. 19

    Glad to see these KKKK skanks have finally jumped the shark. I hope people will stop following and buying that cheap over-priced junk. Please turn these skanks off and let them join Paris Hilton

  20. 20

    Whatever she made off this farce of a marriage should be given directly to charity–and very publicly, too.

  21. 21

    Re: napalmbella – I'm not sure how you find her to be a nice person. I've read on blogs where she was rude and offputting at book signings and her own brother called her out on how terrible she treated hotel staff in Bora Bora.

  22. 22

    Why no one believes Kim's pressure is shocking to me. Backing out meant cancelling millions of dollars of contracts - if nothing else than with e network. That's career suicide. By going thru with it she 1) gave it a good go, and 2) the networks got their money. Can you imagine the suicide of breaking all those contracts? That in itself would prob be the end of the K empire. The networks got paid, everyone is happy. Now the unraveling starts, which sucks for Kim. And really folks. Kris is a jerk. Cute, looks like her brother, but mean.

  23. 23

    She needs serious therapy. She's way too self conscious and fake to do it, but I bet it would really help her image to go Bethenny-style and start seeing a therapist on-camera.

  24. 24

    Kim is a nice person and donates in alot of different ways to different charities. as for her wedding and having some of it paid for, thats cause she is a celebrity and gets many items and freebies for her celebrity status. of course anyone would use at their wedding. she had to fork out a bunch of money herself for the wedding. as for her diva like ways, who cares? she is just a girly girl and there is nothing wrong with that. we all have bad days where we are bitchier. her bitchy days just get media attention. i have read and heard more about how nice of a person she is compared to bad press. she is the nicest i think of all the kardashians. she is definatly not a slut and is careful always on who she gets in relationships with, except ray j, who is an idiot and just wanted to profit off of her, just like everyone else. i feel bad for her, and wish her nothing but happiness.

  25. 25

    Dating a verbally abusive guy (which Kris was - on camera) is a bad decision. Marrying him is worse. But many women don't back out, they just stay in abusive situations. Largely because they need him or the guy is cute, like Kris. I say kudos to her for removing herself from his mean spirit. Let her find a guy that loves her & treats her well.

  26. 26

    …….o.k. so kris proposed, but they did not have to get married a couple months after the engagement…..they could have dated a bit longer and sort their feelings out a bit longer….

  27. 27


  28. 28

    It was wayyyy easier when Hef & Crystal called off the wedding, it was in the news, it got out and yadda they moved on… getting a divorce after 72 after a multimillion dollar tacky bonanza… is just wrong on so many levels

  29. 29

    Everyone needs to calm down. A small child DID NOT die. Kim Kardashian decided to get a divorce… I really don't understand why this topic is so touchy for so many people. This is Hollywood we are talking about, people get married and divorced like its going out of style!
    I think we need to just let her do her own thing and not be so invested in this woman's life. I mean some of the hateful things I am reading on here are a bit extreme. I mean lets be honest, if this is the most offensive horrifying news you have read about this year then you have been living under a rock. She messed up, she made a huge mistake, okay, now lets move on! Come on all you haters if you really really hate her that much put down your hater-aid and stop reading/participating in conversation regarding her and her life.

  30. 30

    STUPID biyatch!!!!
    YOU went though with it (lots of people get cold feet before tying the knot)
    ….so now, give back ALL of the gifts , give BACK the ring and apologize to Kris (for what you have done to him….it wasn't a mistake for him) Support him, and dont say S*HIT about him….NO ONE will feel sorry for you if you make the guy look bad.
    Enjoy this time, because you were always irrelevant and now you are the MOST HATED person…

  31. 31

    Perez You cheep Bastard…you've made enough money off of this girl that you should have gotten TWO wedding gifts.Stop complaining.

  32. 32

    its all I I I ME ME ME nothing about how poor kris h feels except oh u wont get a dime asshole.. now its oh i shouldnt of done it now its oh i made a mistake now its oh i tried to stop it now its oh i want out…now its endless interviews and blogs by her about herself . whats the pattern
    kris could of been ANY man they would of done it too he was just the only one willing to marry her and stupid enough to fall for her shit…now shes smearing his good name everywhere trying to shift the blame off herself .. shes a disgusting libra toxic poisonous slut and hes the good guy shes got pr people on here trashing us for writing anything bad .. wheres he ??

    did they make him sign a confidential form he seems very quiet and shes loud and a fat ass slut..

  33. 33

    ask for ur wedding gift back perez ive had one night stands lasted longer!!

  34. 34

    If she admits to knowing she didn't want to marry Gigantor before the wedding, can't he sue her for fraud?

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Feeling that one doesn't have the option of turning back can happen when a sacred covenant between two people who should only wish to share their lives is turned into a Fourth of July Mardi Gras famewhore media extravaganza.

  36. 36

    people commenting here are not haters!!! people here and on other comments are offended by the lies and greed of her and her families actions. hey and nice people are often also the really nasty ones you need to look out for!!!!!