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Chatting With… Cher Lloyd! Singer Denies Drama With Cheryl Cole - And More!

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She is one of our all-time favorite X Factor UK alums!

Perez recently chatted with the lovely and talented Cher Lloyd to catch up on what she's been up to since we last spoke!

That includes…

Her new album, which comes out in the UK in a few days, working on the debut record, if she's gonna release the album in America, her love life, aspirations of being a fashion designer, her thoughts on this season of X Factor UK and X Factor in America, what involved Simon Cowell has had with her recently, and those rumors of a rift with Cheryl Cole and that Chezza stole one of Cher's song.

Read some highlights from our interview… after the jump.

Watch out chat in full (above)!


Perez: It's been a while since we've seen each other and spoken. There's so much I want to get to. But my first question is I guess, is an update. You know you have a lot of fans in America, and we all want to know, is your album, is Cher Lloyd music going to be released here in the United States?

Cher Lloyd: [Watch above.]

Perez: Okay, well the album is being released in the UK. When does that come out there?

Cher Lloyd: November 7th.

Perez: So in a matter of days it's coming out. And you already have a number one single under your belt.

Cher Lloyd: Yeah.

Perez: And "Your love" goes, did that one go on sale digitally yet?

Cher Lloyd: Yeah, it's out now. It came out on Sunday.

Perez: So that one might be another number one for you. How are you feeling going into the album release?

Cher Lloyd: Very nervous.

Perez: Does it matter to you if it sells a lot or not?

Cher Lloyd: It matters to me that people enjoy it, because I've worked really hard. So it's whether people really like it, or not. But I think people are going to enjoy it.


Perez: You performed on the X-factor recently, and it was your first time back on the show. What was that experience like?

Cher Lloyd: Nerve wracking because –

Perez: Really? You still get nervous?

Cher Lloyd: I was more nervous than what I used to be.

Perez: Why?

Cher Lloyd: Because I, you know I had a lot to prove. Like I wanted to do really well because I knew that people would be like, "So has she got better or is she just the same as she used to be?" So, yeah, I had to put out all the stops for that one.

Perez: And that show has changed so much. There are three new judges. That's crazy to me. Have you been watching this season on and off?

Cher Lloyd: On and off because I'm really busy, and there's a lot going on. But I make sure that I catch it because you know that's where I came from, so it's fun to watch though, but its changed. Like it's completely different.

Perez: Do you have the rest of your year planned out, and next year? Like are you going to be going on tour?

Cher Lloyd: Hopefully. I think that would be really good if I did that. And then I get to show people what I'm like live. Because obviously, you know to be an artist, you need to be able to perform live. And I want to get out there and do that.

Perez: I love that. And you know speaking of being an artist, one of the important things in this day in age, we live in a very visual world, are music videos. And I love both of the music videos you've done.

Cher Lloyd: Good.

Perez: What was that process like? Were you very involved in coming up with the treatments, and all of that?

Cher Lloyd: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, we've got to a point now where we think you know it should be my ideas because then the fans realize that this is all me, and not other people are doing it for me. Because it's got to be really involved, because then you end up with a product that you really, really like. A finished product that you think that was all me.


Perez: Now Cher Lloyd, there have been reports about some drama between you and Cheryl Cole.

Cher Lloyd: [Watch above.]

Perez: You know a lot of people they go, and they do other things, like releasing a fashion line. You're known for being very stylish. Is that something that you would like to do to or is that in the works?

Cher Lloyd: Do you know what, I'm not really thinking about it at the moment, but in the future maybe. You know things pop up, and you get good ideas for stuff. But if I did, I'd want it to be about a particular thing. I'd want to base it around you know girls with lower self esteem and stuff like that. I'd want to make it so everyone gets a chance to wear something really fashionable.

Perez: So its been great catching up. I wish you the best of luck with the album release. And I'll chat with you soon.

Cher Lloyd: Thank you. Bye.

Perez: Bye.

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7 comments to “Chatting With… Cher Lloyd! Singer Denies Drama With Cheryl Cole - And More!”

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    why the world is giving time to talented, arsey little slags like this, promoted by the fake staged relity shows and pimped out by MTV (the channel that used to play music) is a sad indication that the music has truly died. Keep ypour worthless opinions to yourself u delusional little tramp, the world doesnt care.

  2. 2

    Can't you tell by now that the space on this web site is available to the highest bidder?

    For the right price you too can get your music praised as the newest world craze.

    Perez integrity 5 years ago - at least some
    Perez integrity now - zero

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    Dude, the hair plugs aren't growing in very well. You need to go back for another treatment. Or better yet, just shave your head.

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    Bet shes sick of being asked about cheryl cole who btw never contacted her again after the UK X factor. Some mentor huh?

  6. 6

    I love this interview and I'm so pleased Cher has both got a No. 1 single and a chance to put out an album. But why do the jealous mediocrity come here and try to put her down with nasty comments? Their time would be better spent trying to improve their own situation wouldn't it? Why should Cher care what those incapable of producing anything worthwhile have to say? It's sad really that these people advertise their own existence.

  7. 7

    Re: Truth_Is_A-Virus – It's very controlling to claim to speak for everyone else. I think Cher Lloyd is very talented.