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How To Win An Election In Romania!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TruePolitik

Romanian Politician Magazine

Werk it, Romania cabinent minister of tourism Elena Udrea!

Rocking a magazine cover in a skin tight rubber dress and some thigh-high boots, Elena posed for the magazine's edition about powerful women!

Here's what she said about the experience:

'There were some women who were able to show that they want to become a little bit more than simple workers. I am referring here to the iconic females who changed the way the politics is done in the world. These women proved they could be even better than the men in the game they have invented. According to this logic, I would like very much to see that in Romania, one of the biggest political parties is open enough to propose a courageous and skillful woman in the most important state functions.'

We hear that! And we think you look fab!

So, the question is to U, dear readers:

Do U think this is empowering? Or does this weaken her professional politics??

[Image via TABU.]

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14 comments to “How To Win An Election In Romania!”

  1. 1

    this is a remake of madonna cover magazine …. haha vanity fair 2008 love it

  2. 2

    Photoshop. They could have at least tried to make her head more proportional to the model's body. It's so fake, it's disturbing.

  3. gmk8 says – reply to this


    I'm torn on this…in one sense, I love the idea that women don't have to choose between being "sexy" and "being taken seriously." Women are so often judged by their appearances that they may not want to step into a role that could be deemed masculine. I like that she is taking a powerful role but is not conforming to a masculine image to do so - she's just changing the rules and rocking it out as a hottie. I'm cool with that message. That said, I think this look is too cheap and too young for her. She could have gone sexy without going the trampy route…

  4. 4

    Being from Romania and knowing what Mrs. Udrea is all about, I would say that in her case, posing on a magazine cover is not empowering. It is widely known that she has climbed through the party ranks by any means other than political prowess and it is rumored if not blatantly obvious that she is the president's mistress. Being plastered on a magazine and comparing herself to empowering women in politics (i.e. Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel) is a joke, and a sad one at the most

  5. 5

    Everyone is ripping off Madonna.

  6. 6

    So you don't know Axl Rose, and you don't recognize a famous Madonna's cover….

  7. 7


  8. 8

    That's madonna's body.

  9. hth says – reply to this


    It's not Madonna's body, she was posing as Madonna. the magazine issue is about powerful women and she was also posing as Cleopatra, Jackie Kennedy…etc..but she is far from being compared to those Ladies! I don't like her!! For who she is, she could have opted for a more elegant outfit..imagine how all the politicians see her now! instead of congratulating her for her work, they'll congratulate her for her sexy pose.. bleahh.. women can be powerful in other ways!!that's what I think!!

  10. 10

    Her lack of political and moral substance is legendary in Romania.
    She's provocative and slutty because she needs to maintain a high level of public exposure… to sell us tons of lies and pure mediocrity.
    Yeah, Our National Saucy Sausage of Plescoi…

  11. 11

    Um…I'm from Romania! And I think that you should know that she sucks at her job.We're on a low budget and she spends our money in a ridiculous way! Oh,and this more photoshoped that SJP!Love you,Perez!

  12. 12

    1. consindering her lack of positive results in all her political roles in past years, her way of being ellected and getting the minister role ,and the still open questions regarding how did she manage to gather so much money in the last couple of years ( and manage to get her husband all nice state-contracts for all sorts of construction works), thinking that usually one of her outfits costs more than 100.000 Euros ( while the medium salary in Romania is less than 200 euro/month), I would say her posing ( again) for such a magazine just proves how little she cares about her current role and romanian voters. Perez, instead of supporting such attitude, I would rather write a column regarding how 2008 elections were a complete fraud, and how we can prevent that next year, and make sure such "mistresses" don't get a role ever again.
    2. On a more "tabloid" note , I ask Elena to share the secret of one day being fluffy, next day posing with 15 Kg less in a magazine, and next day again, looking at her fluffiest in the Parliament. :) )))))

  13. 13

    Hi Perez! Unfortunately, this lady over here isn't an example for anybody in Romania. She is part of a cabinet that most people in Romania hate because they steal from people. She is a woman who brings a 100.000 Euros dress to a meeting where she announces that all pensions will be lowered, in a country where the average pension for a person who worked 54 years is less than 200 Euros.
    So, that she usually does is actually humiliating and not at all empowering.

  14. 14

    Ha, ha good way to find out how many romanian readers you have :)

    We know what Americans feel about looks, just remember Obama vs Hillary, not much in terms of political agenda but oh boy were the looks different. As for Photoshop, no amount of Photoshop could get Merkel or Hillary to look like this, so if Ms Udrea misses some trucker votes I say Go, go, go!

    However even if sex sells, it does make you think why you'd use it when you're in office and have probably more important and pressing stuff to answer to, like why does Romania attract so few tourists.