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More Photos Of X Factor's Stacy Francis 'Being Unemployed' Surface!

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For an unemployed, single mother of two, she certainly has a lot of time to to further her career!

Check out this picture of Stacy Francis clearly, ahem, 'not working' during the 2006 Debbie Allen El Lay production of The Bayou Legend as one of the Bayou "Gossips" (above)!

And from her now deleted webpage:

Currently, Stacy is performing in THE BAYOU LEGEND - directed and produced by Debbie Allen, music by James Ingram. Also, starring Tisha Campbell and Loretta Divine.

You can learn more about the program by visiting the Debbie Allen Dance Acaedmy web site:


Now what's the excuse of the day for this one, gurl?

Such a shame that with that much talent, she's choosing to try and misrepresent herself to get ahead in the competition!

Tisk tisk!

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26 comments to “More Photos Of X Factor's Stacy Francis 'Being Unemployed' Surface!”

  1. 1

    Holy fuck, we get it already! Nobody cares.

  2. 2

    2006 you MORON! Jeez, leave her alone already.
    You are disgusting Perez.

  3. 3

    yeah! leave the fucking woman alone. god you're disgusting.

  4. 4

    Perez , a horse called me this morning it asked me to relay the following to you …

    Please stop beating me to death ….


  5. 5

    Can anyone say Casey Anthony? Pathological Liar.

    That's who Stacey now reminds me of. Both have no remorse in lieing their asses off to get what they they want. As if lieing means nothing and there are no consequences. This is not acceptable behavoir. She may not be hurting anyone, physically. But she is displaying immoral behavior, by cheating and lieing to further herself. And all these lies, who knows if she was really abused. She is not giving real victims of abuse a good name, by exaggerating and lieing to further her career by playing on others sympathy. How anyone can stand up for this bahavior? It's gross.
    This site has barely touched on what she was "not doing" during those last decade of being 'abused' and having 'no confidence' to try. There's a lot more out there other sites have reported on. Stacey put herself in it by asking to be famous and lieing all the way there. She dug her own hole. Nothing wrong with stating the facts. If the facts hurt it's because she lied.

  6. 6

    Well since you are on the subject Perez and constantly demand "equality" how about ranting and highlighting the fact that Leroy Bell has and equally more involved working professional history too and that he has written many songs for recording artists etc and is equally well connected according to your outlook? Why not bash that guy too? How terrible that people who have spent their entire lives dedicated. And struggling in the entertainment industry FINALLY habe a shot to become a household name and you can't help but try and ruin it for them. How about all those TV appearances you do that you take away from legitimate actors because YOU have opportunities. You are wrong and being a hypocrite.

  7. 7

    @xim. Wake up you fool. The producers SCRIPT and call the shots on these reality shows on how someone is portrayed. She has openly admitted her background and experience at the shows but THEY chose to edit those details out of what you see on the show once it gets on TV. Get a clue stupid.

  8. 8

    Get off her DICK!!!

  9. 9

    Re: Snookietoes – Actually no there is a huge difference, LEROY did not lie or pretend he didn't have a career. Stacey did and continues to lie about stuff she has done. The heart of the issue is not that Stacey or any contenstant had a worked prior to Xfactor, but that Stacy lied and said she didn't when she did.

    How can you not see that. People need to stop trying to compare her actions with others on a totally unrelated matter to excuse her lies. Next you will be saying, Drew likes to paint her nails too, so nothing wrong with her doing it.

    If she was upfront and honest about her past, and didn't pretend she hasn't been working on her career over the last decade and prior then no one would give a shit. But she keeps lieing about it.

  10. 10

    I don't care what anybody say.. keep exposing this bitch Perez!!!!! I'm still mad that I shed all those tears for her!!!

  11. 11

    The Evil Predatory $pace Alien Hypnotic Mind Control Hollywood CULT is a breeding ground and hangout for sociopaths and pathological liars.
    It's founder was a sociopath and pathological liar.
    They teach that, if you make it up in your mind, it's real.
    "Whatever is real to you is real."
    Sound like a sociopath and pathological liar?
    Yeah. I thought so too.

  12. 12

    Wrong ximi. The producers fully vet the contestants and they KNOW their history long before the season starts. She had to legally disclose her background and so AGAIN the producers puck and choose how each contestant is presented. Sorry but you are dead wrong.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    just stop your becoming a bully to her, shes just trying to be someone and better her life , i loved that your site became better when you stop bulyling

  15. 15

    Ir's very obvious Stacy is seriously mentally ill; when she says she NEVER was in the music industry she means SHE HAS NOT HAD A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR RECORD DEAL, SOLD MILLIONS OF ALBUMS, A HEADLINING WORLD TOUR, A 25,000 SF HOME, STALKERS, FANS, PRIVATE JETS, FAMOUS MEN IN HER BED; basically she hasn't lived Whitney's life (except the crack part)….

  16. Clari says – reply to this


    Re: Snookietoes – UR right it doesn’t matter had she been n a million Broadway plays, HOWEVER, it DOES MATTER that she potrayed herself as a struggling single mother that only gets 2 sing n the bathroom when the kids r sleepn but has sang w/Prince, Madonna, & Chaka Khan. I absolutely believed that Ms. Francis was as the show had drilled into my head – a woman who had tragically believed the words of an abusive boyfriend who, in addition to “pushing [her] around sometimes,” had very sadly convinced her 12 years ago that she was 2 old 2 try 2 make a name for herself in the business, she had believed him, & let another 12 years pass w/o even giving it a try. When she auditioned, her sister crying said “i just didn’t know if they were going to see it” – as if no one had ever assessed her singing ability until that moment…after all, if she was not to make it here, on x factor, y, she was to “die with this music in [her]” – are you kidding me?..a professional who has made the rounds for years in NYC, on Broadway — and touring with Madonna, Prince. I’m disgusted in the show for this complete mischaracterization of a contestant’s story/history. I find it especially disgusting that she has cried her eyes out before and/or after every performance, stating how much she wants or needs this….as if it is her first and last opportunity to make music her profession!

  17. 17

    I think people like you better when you are sassy and give a fun, bitchy take on things.

    There is nothing funny or sassy about this RIDICULOUS stories and smear campaign. Being a bully and singling out a contestant when every single other one has inconsistencies is unfair–go back to Perez that claimed to forget bullying when you were promoting your book.

  18. 18

    you realize that you are bullying her in another way right? WHO GIVES A SHIT!!! we get it, move along!!! jeeeez!!!

  19. 19

    Re: ximisaps – CASEY ANTHONY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? no.

  20. 20

    You're such a bully! Why don't you leave her alone already? You try to say you're beyond bullying but you still have certain people you constantly pick on. I'm no longer logging on to your site. You're just a bitter hateful queen.

  21. 21

    Take no heed of the Scientologists sent here to attack you Perez, keep exposing this lying bitch. She can't even admit she's part of the cult either!

  22. 22

    Right on for exposing this liar. She has a chance at the XFactor prize based on her audition. You know, the one where she's the poor single mom with no experience? I LOLd at her attempts to remove her website and accounts. The internets never forgets!

  23. 23

    Perez YOU ARE SICK.. Do you remember last year on Ellen when you said you were going to stop bullying? I have never been a huge follower of yours because I think your annoying as all hell & pathetic! But I thought that was great that you realized you needed to change yourself for being SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON and being a BULLY, I see you haven’t changed rumors like this is ridiculous!! and you know it!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE!! 2006 was 5 years ago! FIVE years!! your sick. I hope you feel better about yourself teaming up with her ex who was mentally and physically abusive to her, THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON HERE! ITS NOT RIGHT!! And you definitely have some ulterior motives you must know one of the contestants or want your favorite (whoever that may be) so your trying to sabotage the hardest competition i.e Stacy. You should get sued for deformation of character!!! I hope Stacy Francis slaps you in the face like will I Am because that’s exactly what you’ve done to her you ****ing BULLY!! and to whomever even went there with the casey anthony crap.. HA! PuuuuhLEASE

  24. 24

    I cannot stand Stacy Francis. She is a whining brat. The nerve of her to make the American public think that the only singing she was able to do in years was in her little bathroom after her kids went to bed. Her comment about borrowing her outfit for the competition was a joke too. Who was it borrowed from….Cha Ka Kahn, Madonna…Whitney Houston…hmmmmm WHAT A FRAUD! She should have told the truth from the beginning instead of lying to the public. I can't wait to see that bitch cry when she gets the boot! SWEET REVENGE! HA HA HA See if Scientology will help ya then bitch.

  25. 25

    BULLY THIS BITCH PEREZ! You are the best! Thank you for telling us who this woman really is. She really fooled alot of us. I know people that actually shed tears because of this cow.

  26. 26

    Please leave the Stacy alone! what you guys should admire is that her voice is magic and she is in competiion to showcase her talent which most of you wish to have and are all jealous about her! Accept the fact that she can sing and you guys can not! so be it ! what a sad life condemning and being so jealous JUT GET RAEL WILL YOU !!