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Holly Robinson Peete Opens Up About Being Fired From The Talk!

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Such an unbelievable shame how this entire thing was handled!

Holly Robinson Peete is opening up for the first time, in detail, about being booted from the second season of The Talk, the show she helped launch last year, and although she doesn't specifically mention co-host Julie Chen, who also happens to be married CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves, as the main factor in she and Leah Remini being replaced with Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood, she certainly alludes to it!

She explains:

"Usually when you get fired, your boss brings you in, sits you down and tells you why they can’t keep you. They say we have to downsize or you’re not doing this, you’re not doing that. I was never given that opportunity. So, I just started hearing rumors that other people were hired. So, I’m like, ‘That’s going to be a crowded table.’ And I couldn’t get anything from my agents, no one could get anything from anybody – just that I wasn’t released [from my contract]. It was the most peculiar situation. I tuned into the show thinking I may hear something about why there, and of course, I heard nothing. It was a very, very frustrating time – the most frustrating time of my professional life. The main issue with The Talk is when you have somebody who’s in a power position and who can make decisions, there’s not a lot of recourse, there’s not a lot of discussion. And so because of that, they can pretty much do what they want. Still to this day, I don’t know. I speculate in my mind, but in trying to move forward all I can say is, ‘Hey, is it because of my performance?’ I don’t think so. We had developed these real relationships and the audience connected to it. We were like mommy, friends, sister-friends and when the show decided it didn’t need to offer an explanation, people were mad. And that’s what you were seeing, that’s what Leah and I saw. If anything I was lifted by it. I wasn’t happy about the decision, but it’s always great to see people go ‘Wait a second, I’m just as mad as you.’ I was surprised at how passionate people were and remain passionate — they are not giving up! So, when those same mom bloggers wondered what happened to those two girls who we’ve connected with and they got stonewalled by the network PR machine, they got pissed. They helped to make the show and they felt disrespected. I feel bad for [Sara], because I think about her original concept for the show. I don’t know where that is now. I mean the two ladies they brought on are fantastic and great TV personalities, but they’re not moms. So, I guess they abandoned the whole mom brand. That was Sara’s initial concept. I haven’t really spoken to her much since, so I don’t know what she thinks about that concept being dismantled. All you can do is control how you respond. And my major response to you and to everyone is that I’m not going to lie and say it was great the way it happened, but I’m also going to say that it was a great opportunity to get my feet wet in a genre I’ve been wanting to be in. And that is the best part of this. Now, I know I can do this. And I can move forward to try and find something else.”

Wow. You can tell that she's definitely biting her tongue here, and we can't say we blame her!

There is nothing remotely professional about the way her exit was handled! At all!

But we give her all the credit in the world for handling it with so much dignity, grace, and self-respect!

Stay strong, gurl! It's their loss!

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Holly Robinson Peete Opens Up About Being Fired From The Talk!”

  1. 1

    Holly and Leah were my 2 favorites! i stopped watching The Talk after that. :(

  2. 2

    I really like Aisha Tyler but I don't see why it was necessary to fire Holly Robinson Peete in exchange for her. The way they tell stories and the way they interact with the other hosts are very similar. It's like they exchanged one funny, smart, black girl for another. Doesn't quite make sense. As for Sheryl…she's pretty much a loud, slightly obnoxious personality (much like Leah Remini was lol). Just doesn't make sense to me because the dynamic of the original group was so great.

  3. 3

    She is a nightmare! She is a nobody who thinks she's special. Tired of hearing about her son.

  4. 4

    I liked the show but because they were all babies all the time, I felt alienated. Its great that they expanded to all women & aren't leaving out women who don't/can't have children

  5. 5

    Holly would be perfect for the OWN network. She should have a meeting with Oprah.

  6. 6

    Re: chels468 – So true. My only guess is that Miss "married to the CEO of CBS" felt a little intimidated by the other ladies, especially by Leah. Leah stole her shine and she was mad all of the attention wasn't on her. Leah Remini is that chick.Love her!

  7. 7

    Julie Chen is a home wrecking hardened girl. I tuned in the other day, and JC was saying how awful cheating is, and how awful cheating spouses are…blah blah blah….it was at least a GOOD laugh though!

  8. 8

    At the least, the should have sat her down & talked to her some, just like she said. Really sad.

  9. 9

    I don't/won't watch The Talk anymore because of how they handled the new season. I miss Holly and Leah!!

  10. 10

    The constant "Mom" talk is what put me off too. I felt alienated as I don't have children. I also find it strange when the subject comes up about tolerating your husband talking to other women on any level and JC gets all defensive of how she wouldn't talerate that. I guess when you've stolen someones husband you get fearful that the same could happen to you. But the MAIN turn off with this show is the constant children being the center of their lives almost to the point that we that those who couldn't/decided not have children are disfunctional. I think taking on the subject of promoting ALL women in their different endeavors would be much more interesting. Holly was a spontaneous good additin to the show. Sad to see her leave.

  11. 11


    Anyone who watched that HaRPy on Celeb Apprentice saw that she was a self-involved, back-stabbing, lazy bitch.

    Even her husband(s) can't take having her around.

    How is it a surprise that Mrs. "My Shit Don't Stink" would get shit canned from the View-knock off?

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Ahhh. I really wondered how Julie Chen managed to get on that show.

  13. 13

    well julie chan is all over this firing of two great talents. It is hard to listen to her try and be relatable so I never watch the show now. I also don't watch it on the off chance Gosseling or Kardashian might be on but that is another story. The ratings are low and I will never forget CBS cancelling Jericho and see this crap on t.v. knowing that Julie's husband is keeping it going even though by rights it should be cancelled. Sorry Sara and Mrs. Osborne but Julie should just sit at the table by herself and talk to her reflection.

  14. 14

    This is a fucked up show! Who the hell wants to watch BITCHES talk about their BRATS anyway?

  15. 15

    It's called "The Talk" not the friggin Mom show, that already exists. Sours grapes Holly. You were mean and terrible on the Celebrity Apprentice and Leah is just loud. I now watch the show because the two of you are NOT on it!!!

  16. 16

    Wow - a whole lotta "feelings" there and guess what… it doesn't matter one bit. She got fired. And it sucks. People get fired every day and they're "mad" and they move on. She needs to move on. Yawn!

  17. 17

    I've never watched the show, and I find Julie Chen to be a loathsome hypocrite and homewrecker.
    But wasn't Sharon Osbourne supposed to be canned also? Did she make a deal with the devil to stay on? Boo on her. I thought there would be some solidarity, but I guess it's each man for himself.

  18. 18

    Well, Did any one see Holly on the Apprentice? She was such a nasty woman…I hated her…she would have stabbed you in the back if she thought she could get a inch further in the game…she plays this sweet thing but it is all fake…she really is not a very genuine person & you could really see that if you watched & read between the lines & all the nasty backstabbing that went on on celebrity apprentice…so I bet the show had enough of her personality and booted her for that reason!

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Not a big fan of Peete either. I certainly understand if they allegedly backed off of firing Sharon. She has a formidable pair along with probably a very good contract.

  20. 20

    Only watch the shoe once since Leah and Holly left. Just not the same without them. Lost all respect for Julie and Sara over this. Now watch the Doctor's everday at this time.