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Jon Stewart Scolds Occupy Oakland Protestors!

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Jon Stewart really gets it like no other!

Check out his opening monologue from last night's The Daily Show, during which he scolds the Occupy Oakland protesters who recently vandalized a Whole Foods store (above)!

"Use your words!" Exactly!

Insightful and HIGHlarious take down, as always, Sir!

Now why isn't he running for President again?


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7 comments to “Jon Stewart Scolds Occupy Oakland Protestors!”

  1. 1

    "Now why isn't he running for President again?" cuz he couldn't get elected dogcatcher

  2. 2

    Speaking of "judging people by their worst elements"… Jon Stewart's brother runs the NYSE.

    Jon Stewart's brother is a huge part of WALL STREET. I wouldn't trust one word that comes out of Jon Stewarts mouth about this issue because there's a serious conflict of interest here.

  3. 3

    Who's taller him or Chewy ?

  4. 4

    "Now why isn't he running for President again?" Umm cause he is a douchebag almost as big as you Mario?

  5. 5

    Jon Stewart's brother is the head of the (NYSE) New York Stock Exchange.

  6. 6

    The entire Occupy movement is being financed by The Tides Foundation, ProgressiveDirect Insurance, PETER B. LEWIS and GEORGE SOROS. PETER B. LEWIS is Soros' best friend. He meets often with Soros and the head of the House of Rothschild. Other contributors to the movement are Bill Ayers (ACORN) and David Graeber (hardcore marxist out of the University of Yale and London).

  7. 7

    The vandalism WAS NOT DONE BY OCCUPY SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe media reports have twisted this. In that small clip you'll see a group dressed in all black rushing the crowd. This group is Black Bloc and they are not part of the occupy movement and occupy protestors do not condone their actions, if you look for other media coverage, you'll see occupy protestors attempting to stop the Black Bloc group from vandalizing other businesses. Some of the Black Bloc memebrs have been arrested and charged for the vandalism.