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40 comments to “The Latest Lie From Stacy Francis!”

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    I only see 1 review. And maybe she meant that she never sold any copies of it. From the looks of things, it wasn't exactly a best seller.

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    Chill out bitch boy. The people at the X Factor said they know everything, she didn't keep anything from them. They also said that having a career in the business b4 is not a problem to be on the show. If they don't have a problem, why should we?

  3. 3

    OMG! Get over it Perez. There is obviously no rule about not doing the work she has done. Jealous much?

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    I'll back you when you're right, but your a tad off about the reviews here. It is clear there was only one review on CD Universe and none on Amazon. You are free not to support her (and she is not even close to being my favorite), but I think you should just cut her some slack and ignore her at this point.

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    CDbaby is a website where you can go to sell your own material. You don't need to have a record label to try to sell the music you've made. I could sign up right now and end up on I-tunes and Amazon and I'm not signed. You are so stupid Perez. By the way, one review of the CD clearly shows no one knew who the hell she was before X-factor. I want to know who is paying you to destroy this woman's reputation. You will clearly do and say anything for money. Do you even have a soul?

  7. 7

    leave her aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..gosh

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    Ok Perez, You just needa get over this girl. Like no one cares except for you…

  9. yeez says – reply to this


    Anyone with money can record a CD and sell it. You don't need a label. A demo is technically anything that is released without a label and therefore not finished professionally. Some underground artists put out nothing but demos, as they choose to release albums and songs directly to fans without an intermediary.

  10. 10

    Perez, we understand. Let it go. By the way, there's only one customer review.

  11. 11

    Perez, you are way off base here. I don't care about this woman one way or the other, but CD Baby and Amazon.com etc are DIY platforms. So what, she recorded an album and put it up on-line, hoping to sell something. Probably sold 100 albums, if lucky. Whoopie. Ok, she's been lucky lucky lucky in her youth to be hired on some tours and cool shows. Did she ever "make it"? No. Did she ever become a star, a household name, or even a D Lister? No. She was hustling, and it ultimately led to NOTHING. So now she has a shot. Why are you so rabid about this woman? I totally don't get it. She's the perfect contestant for X Factor — someone who constantly had "it" in her grasp and never made it, was constantly disappointed, constantly chasing pavements — and ultimately chewed up and spit out. Give her a frickin' break, please.

  12. 12

    Re: trinigirl123 – For fucks sake are you completely dimwitted??? NOBODY has a problem with Stacy having a past but DO have a problem with the constant lies about it. There it is in black and white and she STILL lies!!! she's a pompous brainwashed Scientologist who thinks it quite acceptable to lie to wogs as we are beneath her! Stuck up bitch!

  13. 13

    You are a fucked up bully. Leave this woman alone. My boyfriend's shitty band is on itunes. Does that make him famous??? No. Move on to the next target.

  14. 14

    well yes she is a deluded liar

    and I am amused by how you just wont stop harrassing her! its like youve grabbed her weave and wont let go until she begs forgiveness!

  15. 15

    leave this lady alone dude…youre the only one who gives a fuck…if you don't like her, don't watch her segment of the show…

  16. 16

    that CD actually sold pretty well…..TO SCIENTOLOGISTS! and you could pick one up at selected Scientology bookstores …after a long session of auditing away alien thetan space parasites…that Is if you could still afford to buy a CD after the confessional

  17. 17

    You really need to get over it and leave her alone. She's obviously been trying for a career for a long time, but despite all the efforts you point out and try to exaggerate as her being "someone" - they are all just efforts that anyone trying to make it in the biz would try to glorify to be more than they are. I don't see anything so far that leads me to believe she has been any less than truthful about her life, and her struggle to try to make it in the music business. You really are being a bully. Leave her alone.

  18. 18

    seriously give it a rest. back the hell off!

  19. 19

    Get over it Perez. People honestly don't care. Adam Lambert was in Wicked before he was on American Idol yet you didn't put him on blast. No one knew Stacy Francis before X Factor therefore she hadn't "made it". Drop it already.

  20. 20

    Seriously Perez! why are you being such a bully! leave her alone! everyone deserves a chance at success! Who cares she recorded an album that no one bought! get over it!

  21. 21

    lol perez you look like a fool…!!!! get over her it's like you are ln love with her or something don't hate on good talent, you hate beyonce & xtina now stacy francis….you should hate on no-talent people like katy perry or britney spears lol

  22. 22

    BTW Perez, ANYONE can sell CD's on Amazon/CD Universe. You just need to input some info. Perhaps you created the only two pages where this CD that has never been heard of appears?

    It's clear that you're jealous of Stacy Francis….Is she the woman you've always wanted to be???

  23. 23

    Re: Lasqueesha – Did you miss the part where she had and a interview and said that Perez actually lied and made up the story about her having a CD because it wasn't real it was a "fake" and "demo" CD? If she hadn't said anything and lied, he wouldn't be writing about it.

    It doesn't matter where the CD comes from, or where it was being sold, or how much money it earnt. It is not a fake or demo CD, if you are actually selling it.

  24. 24

    Having a "record label" from CD Baby is a joke… That's doing everything by yourself! versus a contract from SONY on X-Factor… Um, yes, SONY please. So time to LET IT GO, Perez.

  25. 25

    seems to me that x factor is not the talent show I thought it was. First there are working talent that auditioned and made it through Stacy for one and of course the very obvious lip synching, I think the hostility between El A read and simon is just for show. I am sure that they just make it look like a duel between to titans when it is two guys trying to get a show off the ground. This show is all fat and no meat. I am not interested in watching it anymore. sad that there was legitimate amateurs who thought they had a chance.

  26. 26

    Re: Lasqueesha – don't you get it, she lied, she portrayed herself as a struggling single mom. That touched me and I was routing for her. I feel as duped by her as I do by those grifters the Kardashians. I have almost had my fill of reality shows. They seem more scripted the television dramas.

  27. 27

    I don't know what has crawled up Perez's vagina. I think he is still bitter about not being picked as a judge. They research all this shit before allowing them on the program so give a rest you bitter fuckin betty, it's annoying and desperate.

  28. 28

    Re: gwen01 – well you need to get over it because it's called REALITY TV - and if shows like the KARDASHIANS touch your heart then maybe you shouldn't be watching tv… It's NOT REAL.. it's TV!!!!!!

  29. 29

    Re: gwen01 – She still is a struggling single mom. Just because she's had multiple attempts at a career, and perhaps has gone farther than many, doesn't mean she has been successful with any of them and isn't still looking for that big break. This show, as with some others enables people to get exposure that they would not normally have. She's just as entitled to that as anyone else who's been struggling for years.

  30. 30

    For the last time Perez, let it go! Simon don't care or did you miss that article!!!! Oh! and after all, didn't you say yourself that Simon would be upset if he find all this out!!! Hmm it is apparent that Simon knew before hand what Stacy was trying to do!!! My advice to you is leave this woman alone!! And like someone said you must be getting paid and awful lot to try to humiliate someone that didn't do anything to you! I hope it is surely worth it because in the end you will be the only one looking stupid!!!! Hell I knew about Stacy's CD and the fact of the matter is it was never released and it is evident that she released it underground which other artists do i.e. Steven Russell and Allan McNeil from Troop who both sold their solo CD's from CD baby. But nobody ever knew they had CD's out because they released them by themselves through CD baby. Was she ever nominated for any kind of award? no!! Did you hear any of her music played on the radio? NO! It's time to let it go!!! and if I were her I would sue your ass for defamation and libel!!!!

  31. 31

    OMG Perez!! You're such a BULLY QUEEN! LET IT GO ALREADY! Simon Freaking COWELL is the PRODUCER of the show. HIS SHOW, HIS RULES! When you INSIST on BULLYING someone this way, it makes us want to SMASH YOUR FACE IN!
    You keep it up and you are QUITE likely to be SUED! If you simply have money to burn, go for it! But don't whine to any of us when it happens!

  32. 32

    WHO CARES! she's not the only person on a singing competition that has tried to get herself out there before! I don't understand why this is such a big deal.. and there is only one review? how is that "quite a few". stupid.

  33. 33

    Wow, you are obsessed, obviously because you are SUCH a liar yourself, not to mention one of the worst bullies on the planet. Here is a little education about when people make a demo or a self released CD. At the most they'll have 1000 CD's made up, of that figure they give away at least half of them. That leaves a possible windfall of a whopping $5000 from the remaining CD's. To put out a CD or demo, it costs WAY more than that. So your insistence that she has a thriving career in music already is blatantly false information and YOU KNOW IT. You have lost your mind on this one. Bully.

  34. 34

    WTF is your problem with this girl? She has a talent, unlike you so leave her the hell alone. Now I know where my votes will go, thanks for bashing her you fuking shitface!

  35. 35

    I cannot stand Stacy Francis. She is a whining brat. WHAT A FRAUD! She should have told the truth from the beginning instead of lying to the public. I can't wait to see that bitch cry when she gets the boot! SWEET REVENGE! HA HA HA See if Scientology will help ya then bitch. People keep saying the X Factor does not care if you had a successful career. NO SHIT! WE CARE because we were lied to! SHE LIED! How many times do we have to say it! BITCH!

  36. 36

    Today at church Pastor sang," I pray for you… you pray for me… I love you… I need you to survive…. I won't harm you with words from my mouth cause I love you and need you to survive." This beautiful song by Hezekiah Walker made me think of you.

    Two things Mr. Hilton:

    When are you going to stop hurting people with words from your mouth?

    Stacy Francis has been emotionally and verbally abused and you continue to find new ways to abuse her.

    Can you please stop this behavior?…….. Thank you!

  37. 37

    Re: Davelandia – I agree, Stacy deserves a chance just like anyone else.

  38. 38

    Re: gwen01 – It is true Stacy is a struggling mom, I knew her before appearing on X Factor. She has been a victim of domestic violence and earlier this year she was not the vibrant person you see on the show but was emotionally batten with no confidence.

    I am so proud of Stacy for having the courage to make her dreams come true and make a future for her children. As a woman you should be proud of her too!

  39. 39

    Perez is just doing his job, Stacy lied and exaggerated her story to get sympathy from the public and the judges, she new it would be a good sell for this show, and then to make it unforgivable see lied over and over when confronted. I was actually rooting for her because I felt and believed her story, now that the truth is out I feel like a victim myself, pulling on the publics heartstrings with lie(s) is wrong in so many ways, even her fake crying makes me want to vomit now. Good job Perez, investigative reporting on the hollywood scene is what keeps things real.

  40. Clari says – reply to this


    Re: Softbaked –  people seem to lose 90% of their intellect when they tie it to their emotions.   Someone using just their intellect says "She's a liar bc of 1  2 & 3" or "No she's not bc of extenuating circumstances a, b & c" Someone who is JUST AS intelligent but emotionally invested w/o fail looks at everything and says "But I FEEL like she isn't a liar bc my heart has been lifted so high since she came into my life and all you guys doubting her word are just HATERS!" or sone variation thereof lol. So it's funny. You have the black & whiters (moi -she's been on broadway for yrs proving that she is 1. A songstress  2. An actress & because she denies said facts 3. A liar) 
    VS the feel gooders heheh.