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Kim Does NOT Want The Camera Crews Around Until 2012!

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What? We're not going to get any "Kim's Fairytale Divorce Special?!"


Apparently, the reality starlet refuses to shoot any footage for Keeping Up With The Kardashians until the beginning of next year, as to prove to her fans and the public that she is not trying to exploit and profit off the end of her marriage to Kris Humphries!


But we can't help but wonder if she's only decided to do this given the amount of backlash she's received already?!

What do U think??

[Image via WENN.]

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139 comments to “Kim Does NOT Want The Camera Crews Around Until 2012!”

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  1. 101

    I feel so bad for Kris. This chick is losing fans left and right. The fact that she couldnt even give him the decency to try marriage therapy speaks volumes. That just proves everything was a scam. Her wedding pics showed NOTHING with him on the mag covers. Everything is and always has been about HER. What about her HUSBAND???? Then the BS where he got very little money from the money that came from this 'wedding' they BOTH participated in????? Im sure he thought this was real and maybe what went though his head was " well Im marrying her for LOVE, not money, so I guess she can have it". Well BAM the evil money grabbing bitch went and took it all and left him with nothing. Everything he prolly had was in that ring he gave her, if he paid for it. She could care less about anyone but her. In a relationship there are 2 people, NOT 1! Jesus, she wouldnt even allow his dogs to enter her house. What would she have done with a baby??? She grosses me out now. Im just sorry Kris has to deal with the reality of such a greedy bitch at such a young age. She used him like she uses everyone else. Pathetic.

  2. 102

    Shes gross, she should stick to porn, seems to be the only thing she is good at!

  3. 103

    KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KIM K IS A FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 104

    Re: LE BAMBI LOU BOP SHE BOP – Seriously, not only does a mama joke make you look desperate but to get that shitty towards someone expressing their own opinion is way below the belt. It's called, free speech biatch and if you do not like it, go on a Kardashian fan site and live in denial with the other scrambled brained fans. Free speech, bitch.

  5. 105

    Re: Monaynay – Not that I know what exactly was planned for this "wedding" but don't you think that Kris H might have been involved as well? although I did feel bad for him quite a bit in the special.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Whatever wedding money has already been made. Vacation time.

  7. 107

    hahaha until 2012? Doesn't she know that's like only 2 months or did her math tutor just teach her how to measure cocks? I f she really wanted privacy in the first place she never would have done the nasty things she has been doing for the past few years

  8. 108

    Re: Mergers – she got played? hello she's been playing the game…she and her fucked-up-nasty-looking-filthy-full-of-whores family

  9. 109

    Seriously guys I have a question-WHAT IS SHE FAMOUS FOR???? You can't say her clothing,make-up or whatever…she had to start somewhere…I think I know…her father was famous,they were living in Beverly Hills and she hung out with Paris Hilton and all those spoiled brats…so one day she decided to get her own fame and decided to LEAK HER PORN…which by the way is nothing special…I bet my grandma can do the things this fat cow was doing…

  10. 110

    She lost my respect a long time ago. Both Lohan's mother and Kim's mother should be sued by their children for screwing up their lives.

  11. 111

    Re: paddlegirl – to be honest shes not that good at that either…maybe she should mow lawns :)

  12. 112

    For Kris Jenner and Kim
    Signed up just so I could leave a comment. Am (was a big fan of your family till I just heard your comment about how you don't think Kim should give her ring back. You said you hate Indian givers.
    That statement is misfortunate about the Indian comment but was truly disgusting in encouraging her to keep the ring. SHE was the one who went back on her word not to stay married.. and
    after such a short time. For her to keep the ring actually makes me sick and as long as she keeps it I will be sickened by you and her. Really pathetic.
    Kim.. until you give the ring back (and all the presents!) every morning when you
    look at yourself in the mirror I hope you see the ugliness lurking beneath. Sad.

  13. 113

    Would someone just gas this bitch!

  14. 114

    Re: Mergers – Put down that crack pipe! Kim did not played. The whole thing was staged. The guy was the one being played. He probably throught she really loved him. It was all about Kim and her family makiung money. From the day she met him to the day she filed for divorce was 6 months!!! Don't be so stupid and think this money grubbing, back door porn star wasn't using him. She is gone after this one. Now even the stupid people have caught on to her scams.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    She doesn't want cameras around until 2012. I'm thinking she could be off to hang with Reggie Bush.

  16. 116

    YEs, I agree so she can makea winer come back on 2012 to make more milions on a new romance.

  17. 117

    Here is hoping the myan calendar is right and the world ends in 2012….

  18. 118

    She's too embarrassed because she shouldn't have gotten married in the first place!

  19. 119

    I like how the new E! Promos are starting to make kris look like the bad guy….. It's disgusting! It just proves that this was staged to begin with! No actual preview was shown for kktny till after the divorce was announced?!? step 1 announce divorce. step 2 take the public back lash. Step 3 air new season of kktny and make kris out to have been the cause of it all. Step 4 saint Kim comes back does countless talk shows saying how he wasn't who he was when they first met blah blah blah. And in the end we all start seeing that it was always kris who was the bad guy not Kim. LAME and cheap PR trick. Hope people aren't stupid to fall for this again!

  20. 120

    KOURTNEY stop defending Kim… She fucked up once again and way too much… she's having some plastic tune-ups now, she is using these 2 months wisely for her regular niptucks and some serious maintenance…. Ironically she'll be filming MARRIAGE COUNSELOR soon.. She should have gone to one… Anyway.. stop defending her.. she nor your mom would do that for you!!!!! You are just a money cow for your mom and Kim will step on you whenever she can to get FAME

  21. 121

    And Kim can deny all she wants, she also heavily denied having a sex-tape. So much for her honesty….

  22. 122

    wow, kim…what a commitment. A whole month without cameras. That will make you seem totally normal.NOT.

    (what a trashy skankzilla)

  23. 123

    If everybody and their mother…including Perez, would stop writing about every move she makes, people would soon tire of her. She is a fame whore, from a fame whore family. Enough already.

  24. 124

    Re: LE BAMBI LOU BOP SHE BOP – Le bambi, WOW, anger issues? I can understand if you disagree with some posting,that is your right. But to mention killing someone and then calling other posters vile names and implying they are crazy is stepping over the line. If you do not like what is being posted it is easy just to stop reading it. At least do it for your health, it is not good for you to work yourself in such frenzy.

  25. 125

    At 31 she has so much botox. Even people in their 20s have some expression lines. She looks like she can be a wax figure.

  26. 126

    Inside Edition reported that E! is re-editing the Kim and Kourtney Take New York series to make Kris H look as bad as possible This in an effort to improve the Kardashian and E!'s image. E! has renewed the Kardashians and Khloe and Lamar for another year. Have they no shame? When will it end?

  27. 127

    Is anyone going to report on Kris Humphries Foundation for Needy Children? www.krishumphries.com This is a great guy who spends his time and money helping kids. Lets give him a break.

  28. 128

    librans cant handle hatred even after the scam they expect to be adored

    so sad too bad
    boohoo hoo she wont keep her fat ass off camera that long shes too addicted to the spot light shell worry shell fade and be forgotten ..

  29. 129

    exactly how did kris get to be the bad guy only a whore slut would screw someone in love with them over THEN try and paint the guy as the bad guy to try and hold on to her fans ..

  30. 130


  31. 131

    Stop hating and the rest of the fams for ones…gosh!
    what is wrong with you people…dont u gys think u gys r a little
    bit over reacting??! to be honest with u gys…i love them,no matter how much
    other people accuse kardashian fans for loving them….
    u rude/no humor people….
    dont u gyz ever go to church ?

  32. 132

    Wouldn't it be nice to make as much as Kim Kardashian does? Even a fraction of that would be awesome! I made about $200 last week taking online paid surveys! See how much cash you can make just by answering a few questions!

  33. 133

    Oh nooo, she doesnt want cameras until the 2012… it will truly be the end of the world! looooooooooooool

  34. 134

    Re: Monaynay – And you forget about the ring!!!!!!!!. She is a greedy piggy.

  35. 135

    Re: T-gurl – Erm.. what it has made Hollywood to be as big as it is now at days it has ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be the… GOSSIP surrounding the celebrities!. Most celebrities dont really read this things, they just get told by their publicists where they are standing in the day and what they should do regarding that. So honestly, writing whatevs you think , it wont really affect them. Its their certain behaviours which will make them look bad, like in this case. People dont hate or talk bad about artists like Meryl Streep or even oldies like Robert Redford, and its because they knew how to manage their private lifes and still do things right in the public eye aswell as show their work is worthy to look for.
    Now let us enjoy the feast upon Kim Katrashcan.

  36. 136

    this reminds me of the great paris hilton lol everything must come to an end when you have no talent or some kinda credibility which is loss already not only her ass is fake but everything about her is fake. paris hilton introduce her to the world and now she will be in her same footsteps.forgotten

  37. 137

    why dont kim kardashian go away forever go to fuji or something im sick of disick and all that fakeass family just leave e channel please do something else stop this sickness with these people. these people know they play with cameras only for money dont give them money no more let them get their own jobs they are like parasites come e you better than that you should clean the mess you create it.

  38. 138

    Her statements are a lie. She is a coward, this woman craves and is addicted to cameras. she will pose for anyone and anything, she will pose in any position requested. she believes she is the worlds goddess, has confessed she will take America. Now her actions have backfired, so now she is saying she wants to prove to her fans she didnt do it for the money? Bull, she did it for the fame, to be admired, now she wants to run and hide. She doesnt want any cameras following her because she is hoping you will forget and let the past die. Sign the petition, get them off the air. Her family doesnt care about the morals of our kids and TV certainly doesnt care. Its all in the money, dont be fooled. IF you dont stand for the kids, who will? tired of her bull—- and lies. She can stare in her own mirror and admire herself.

  39. 139

    do us all a favor and stay out of the cameras, we are sick of you and your family. Take nene with you.

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