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This Is Way Over The Line, Family Guy

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We know Family Guy likes to push buttons, but this has gone WAY over the line.

On last week's episode, the Fox animated sitcom decided to take on the hilarious topic of…domestic abuse??

In the episode, we're introduced to Quagmire's little sister Brenda who is an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Jeff.

What happens (above) is just completely unreal. SO NOT FUNNY.

Showing a character drag his girlfriend off-screen where you can actually hear the physical abuse?? Giving her a black eye?? Expecting a laugh??? Disgusting.

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142 comments to “This Is Way Over The Line, Family Guy

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  1. 101

    i saw the episode, they were definately not trying to be funny. they were being serious for once. do you not understand that? do you think evvery episode is going to be meant to be funny?

  2. 102

    I thought they did that quite well.

  3. 103

    I agree with Lorili… it was neither trying to make it funny (or acceptable) or make a stance against it (which would be nice, but not in the theme of the show). Unfortunatelly abusers won't see the sarcasm and might take it as a confirmation of "yep, that's the way it is", so I'm torn about it's value.

  4. Glen says – reply to this


    um hello this was on last sunday? and your commenting a week later? Did it take you that long to rip off another web site's work or outrage?

  5. 105

    why are you being such a sissy over it.

  6. 106

    Re: tutorgirl19 – you are right we do think they will change, my ex even acted like he had women texting or emailing him although when I would ask to see them he would say he accidentally deleted them. He used one girl in particulary the same girl who broke up his marriage without even knowing as he did the same thing to his wife. My ex later told me as part of his fake confession that he said these things because it made me work harder as a girlfriend to keep him and I think he was right. He also cried and told me that he was abusive as a result of being raped by his older brother etc., and I found out he was the guy raping his younger brothers. I never dealt with this, he owed me thousands and thousands of dollars and he was always saying he would kill himself. I was stupid, gullible and in the end mentally unstable. But bottom line is, we feel if we are better people they will observe that and be better people too. It only makes them meaner and it gives them power as they see we will take anything and stay. I was a fool

  7. 107

    I love you, Perez, but you're way off base! Family Guy wasn't making fun of domestic violence! I think if anything, the extreme version of domestic violence in that episode, and the characters reaction to it, underscore how incredibly serious that sort of a situation is. Every episode is over the top in some way or another about a variety of different sensitive subjects. I see no reason why they should take a creatively different approach to domestic violence.

  8. 108

    for goodness sake, get a bloody GRIP!!! this is FAMILY GUY we are talking about!!!! they have ripped into EVERYTHING!!!!!! it is 1 of the BEST shows on tv!!!!!!!!!!! gays/paedos/rascism/ageism/highschool/abuse/beastiality/bullying its ALL fair game, its all been covered in family guy! for fucks sake!!!

  9. 109

    Perez. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? This is in SUPPORT of women who are abused. It is in SUPPORT of all who love someone who is abused. The message is that law enforcement fails, intervention fails, the system fails. It's a POWERFUL and BRILLIANT portrayal (not advocacy) of a sad reality. PLEASE understand CONTEXT before posting ignorant criticisms like these.

  10. 110

    Finally an episode that mocks people caught up in abusive relationships too stupid to just say "k im done bye" and call the police.

  11. 111

    it's brilliant. opens the dialogue about domestic abuse and is poignant. i wish writers on this site would stop trying to find the "politically correct" side to everything… those blinders can stop you from really seeing

  12. 112

    well…first of all, it's family guy…they do that! and second of all, if this is over the line, what do you call several brutal deaths of dictators being broadcasted during day time programme??? wait!, don't tell me….u call it democracy right?!???

  13. 113

    I think the results of the vote are clearly in if you look a your comments. You are an idiot. That is all.

  14. 114

    H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S !

  15. 115

    Family Guy has never been a family show. That said, I thought the episode treated abuse fairly. They weren't mocking it as you claim and they certainly weren't going for the "very special episode" angle.

  16. 116

    I don't think they were hoping for a laugh. I think they were trying to open the eyes of at least one woman who is staying in an abusive relationship. Watching that shows how an abuser can brainwash their victim. It's hard to see it when it's you.

  17. rory! says – reply to this


    Yeah it's not meant to be funny, I didn't laugh throughout.

  18. 118

    What I got from these clips are a group of friends and family worried and concerned about an individual and highlighting what many abused people do, which is justify the abuse they are recieving to those around them. It also highlights the insufficiant rules regarding police intervention and the lack of powers they have to step in to this situation and stop it. If there is any 'light relief' it comes in the form of Peter, who is well established as being an idiotic character. I in no way felt these clips were condoning or making fun of Domestic Abuse in any way! (Also, as a side note, we have met these characters before in the episode where Brian discovers that Quagmire doesn't like him.)

  19. 119

    Re: gwen01 – That's a psychopath. If you meet someone with those traits again, stay the hell away. Break the pattern.

  20. 120

    So lame… Perez's team takes "offense," to this and yet posts it to give it more air time? Not only that, you're making money off it by collecting advertising dollars on the clip. So in essence, you're collecting money off of people "making fun of" domestic abuse and turning around acting outraged? You're more offensive than Family Guy ever could be.

  21. 121

    I don't really like the family guy, but I can see that they're not jabbing at spousal abuse. It's social commentary. Yea there's some jokes here and there, after all it is a comedy, but they're addressing the issue. Of course they aren't going to address it with sensitivity, it's family guy, but little lines like "The police can't intervene until it's too late" is very obvious that they're commenting on the cycle of abuse. You are viewing this from a very uppity, juvenile stance.

    It's people that can't even stand to see it, that make it continue. Thank you Perez, for yet another insight into how truly stupid you are.

  22. URDmb says – reply to this


    perez, you are such a poser! its so obvious that you write these lame-ass quips solely based on what your pea-brain thinks will gain you the support of the majority. as for the satirical cartoon you proclaim crossed the line (LMFAO!) it is further proof that you're not only an f'n poser, but a complete idiot too.

  23. Went says – reply to this


    I think they handled this in a very topical, great way that still kept true to the show. It's a sad fact that many women feel trapped in abusive relationships and that's what they were showing. Of course, being Family Guy, they injected a little humor. So what! That's what FG does.

  24. 124

    It's called Satire… whether appropriate or not, at least it brings up the subject for discussion. People….we are really becoming too much of a sensitive society….in other words…CRY BABIES…. Little by little our freedom of speech is becoming extinct.

  25. 125

    Perez Hilton: Go Away. No one likes you. No one ever has - no one ever will. You worry so much about gay kids being bullied, but you are a huge fucking bully always pushing your agenda.

    Seriously - even celebrities hate you.

  26. Muse says – reply to this


    It's not over the line, by even addressing it in jest is bringing the seriousness to attention to those who are the abusers and the abused. Lois sat down with Brenda and told her that if he hurts her, it's not love - which is what a lot of abused people tend to believe the opposite. You can make fun of serious issues and still be funny about it. It sometimes is easier to take parody than an intervention and still get the message.

  27. 127

    Typical Fox right wing BS. Another reason our deregulated America stinks.

  28. 128

    I love ya Perez, but these days you need to lighten up a bit more. I appreciate that you're trying to grow as a person, but don't lose sight & get it twisted when a satirical cartoon is bringing to light a topic like this.
    I really don't believe the writers thought this was "funny". I believe they were showing how ignorant abusers are & how the cycle goes for these ppl in this type of relationship.

  29. 129

    There's actually nothing over the line in this. Family Guy HAS resorted to some disgusting things to make up for running out of actually funny jokes. You can see them getting more and more outlandish and purposely offensive over the years, especially about racism and rape, but this was dealt with well. I don't know what you're so upset about.

  30. 130

    WOW Perez, this offends you? I found this to actually be very realistic and very tastefully done.. Yes, there were a few tasteless jokes from Peter, but its Peter for fuck sake! You should never expect Peter to be classy or smart or tactful.
    And, for the record, I can tick off 150 other family guy themes right now that are wayyy more offensive, but Family Guy is an equal opportunity offender, so I never once have been offended by it!!
    Like the old pedophile neighbor who always hits on Chris - hilarious even though in real life most people detest pedophiles…
    Or the constant Asian stereotypes…
    Or gay stereotypes, or Consuela the stereotypical mexican maid, or drunk irish people, or treating Meg like shit… I can go on and on and on and ITS ALL FUNNY SO GET OVER IT!

  31. 131

    well the issue is real but mocking it is not cool. I stopped watching FG a long time ago when they crossed the line with animals. Animal abuse/torture isnt funny either, both are real issued but should NOT be mocked in my opinion.

  32. 132

    I think the episode was good,. this is what happens in real life. It almost makes u realize that yes why do u choose to stay with abusive men. It wasnt meant to be funny.. its a story.

  33. 133

    I don't watch Family Guy because I don't find humor in things like poop or vomit. It's just diguesting! In my opinion, from what I have seen of this episode and from people talking about it, I think Seth Macfarland didn't intend for this episode to be funny.

    Then again, one can argue that Family Guy isn't really the kind of show you look to for awareness. When you have based your show on trying to create humor from terrorism, disabled people, and sexual abuse, you don't exactly have the platform to then say "Hey, on a serious note…" because the truth is, no one takes you seriously.

  34. 134

    I didn't see any part of that where they laughed as if it were a funny issue. They were trying to help the girl. Get over it.

  35. 135

    I loved that episode. It showed how abusive men fly off the handle at the most ridiculous things. It was exaggerated, but a great way to show what being in an abusive relationship is like.

  36. 136

    says the website who makes fun of celebrities children! lmfao

  37. 137

    Seriously Perez?! Really?? Did you even watch the frickin episode? It wasn't FUNNY 4 the exception of Peters offness.Look as a Domestic Violence survivor i thought it was tasteful. The episode wasn't demeaning at all. It showed the pain and heartbreak of not only the Victim of Domestic abuse but those around them. Like i said to you before, for someone who is openly Gay you know the hardships. What makes you sooo damn close minded! Shame on you! Bravo Family Guy! Thanks for airing that episode and opening the eyes of your viewers about something that is hidden not only by victims but also those of victimizers.

  38. 138

    Yeah I think the bigger picture was overlooked in the episode..

    It's Family Guy! It's a comedy. Seth Macfarlane is a very intelligent guy that has a very intelligent view on our society. I haven't seen the entire episode, but from the 4 minutes shown, I see that Quagmire is not his usual self because he is hurt by his sister's decision to stay with her boyfriend. (And of course since it's Family Guy, Peter has to say a dumb thig or two.) In real life, THIS DOES HAPPEN. Women are either very brainwashed in to staying with their abusive boyfriends or they are too scared to leave. If anything, people are getting the seriousness of the episode and when people are sitting here bashing the content of it, it just proves how genius Seth is. It's more about awareness.

    People are so consumed with watching happy, fake things on television and not so much gaining knowledge on serious events. For example, the abortion episode on Family Guy was never even aired because people get so fucking sensitive.

    So I 100% back up Family Guy and Seth Macfarlane's decision to make an episode of this nature. And if you are sensitive to the "button pushing" content of the show, simply turn your tv off.

  39. 139

    Re: carrie676 – It has nothing to do with whether Perez is either a man or gay, that is a ridiculous statement. (And frankly, leaves more than little air of homophobia) Both women and men are effected by abusive relationships, and anyone has the right to comment on whether a show takes the issue too far for the sake of awareness or just cheap laughs. In this case, it clearly is gunning for the latter. There are no clever overtones of satire going on to make a greater point (for example the way "South Park" handles sensitive material). This is just juvenile and poorly done.

  40. 140

    Oh come on, Family Guy take the piss out of every "sacred cow" in existence, and its usually very tongue in cheek and subtly makes its point (as opposed to South Park which rams it down your throat with a 6 foot pole). Family Guy's controversy generally has a point to it and I am sure this episode has also. I have a feeling we have only heard part of the story here, I'd have to see the episode to fully judge it but unfortunately I live in the UK and this series hasn't reached here yet ;o)

  41. 141

    Re: carrie676 – As another woman, and a human being, I'm a little concerned by what you just said. First, saying "stick to your gay issues" is offensive. Second, any minority or oppressed group needs the help of the outside majority to overcome their oppression. So if he wants to support women's issues, I think that's a good thing.

  42. 142

    I hope perez was joking about his comment…. I think he's smart enough to get this episode…. Being dramatic or causing a stir was probably intentional to see what others thought about the episode and domestic violence.. like many of you I also agree that its just showing the dangers of domestic violence…not everything on family guy has to be a big joke

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