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Kim Has To PAY Kris Humphries To Keep Her Engagement Ring

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Well, she did say she loved that ring.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially for Kim Kardashian since diamonds might be her only friend right now.

In her prenup with Kris Humphries, Kim included a clause that, in case of a divorce, she would be allowed to buy the 20.5 carat diamond ring back from him for its original price.

The original price being somewhere around $2 million!!

And looks Kim will be doing just that to keep the gorgeous piece of jewelry, which is it a big ironic because if she kept the clause out of the prenup, she would have still been able to keep the ring FOR FREE by law.

Yes, it's a beautiful ring, but why would she want to keep something that just reminds her of her failed, short-lived marriage??

Seems a little odd to us.

[Image via WENN.]

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61 comments to “Kim Has To PAY Kris Humphries To Keep Her Engagement Ring”

  1. 1

    most gaudy piece of crap I've ever seen. I guess it's true what they say, money can't buy you taste OR class

  2. 2

    To the GREEDY…nothing is too odd.

  3. 3

    She wants to keep it because: 1. it's big and tacky; 2. It's tacky as are those Sears trash bags she and her bovine sisters are selling; and 3. She is a total whore.

  4. 4

    you mean a "bit" ironic. not a big ironic. lol

  5. 5

    I thought she originally bought it for herself anyway

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Funny, way back (haha) not that far back actually when I said the whole thing was for publicity, I was positive she chose and purchased that ugly thing for herself! Why else would she want to keep it? She knew all along that was all (that, publicity and several million) she was getting out of this. She is so materialistic and stupid! If it wasnt a business deal her lawyer wouldnt have let her put that clause.

  8. 8

    @Kris Humphries.i admire the way you have been handleing this whole fiasco..clearly your family has a lot of class and you are representing well…your day will come..peace…

  9. 9

    shes keeping it because it will be worth more in the future, so she will make money on it. classless bitch.

  10. 10

    She wants to keep the ring but not the man. She wants to be able to say one day, somebody loved me so much they gave me this big diamond ring. She is so self absorbent. If I were him I would sell it to her at a profit since the marriage means nothing at all to her but material things do.

  11. 11

    I find it hard to believe that after discussions on the ring all week, this tidbit comes up now . . . I think she should give it back, but I wonder if it really is in the prenup?

  12. 12

    I don't care how much money someone's husband has, a gigantic engagement ring will never look good.

  13. 13

    The ringmaker(for free advertisement) cut the deal with Kim Kartrashian, not Kris; they didn't give it to him, and feel sure he didn't buy it . So they have to say this to explain why she still has it. I am not convinced he could afford the ring, even if he was an NBA player.

  14. 14

    @krish. so kim flew to minnesota last night to 'talk things over' man i hope you don't fall for it.for sure everything is backfiring on the krapda$$IAN FAMILY..i feel sorry for you buddy..i saw this coming,not sure you did but it's fake.[now i will butt out] good luck!

  15. 15

    Yes, bc the ring and the wedding…much more important than the actual marriages she has had..ugh!

  16. 16

    It's a really big rock, but i think she desrves to keep the ring, stop judjing her for that!

  17. 17

    She is not giving it back because it belongs to her. She bought her ring just like Jessica Simpson bought hers for her baby daddy. I don't think it cost her 2 million either, I agree with the poster that said she cut a deal with the jewler.

  18. 18

    Of course, she wants to keep the ring. THE RING mattered more to her than Kris Humphries did. She defiantly treated the ring better than she did Humphries. I mean can you imagine humiliating someone you truly loved in public the way she humiliated her husband? Blindsiding him with divorce? Blocking support–protecting assets? Discussing her name change with strangers on camera before discussing it with her husband??

    The RING, and the dress, and the wedding, and the attention are the only reason for her marriage. This broad is a total materialist oinker and people need to stop watching this show and approving of this behavior.

  19. 19

    My gut feeling is that she might of already chipped in for some of it. That may be why she was so intent on keeping it. She already bought it. She is a lot richer than him.

  20. 20

    Re: maaayhem
    "…a gigantic engagement ring will never look good."
    The only time a diamond is too big, is when it's on someone else's finger.

  21. 21

    There's no way Kris Humphries has 2 mill in cash sitting around to buy a ring. I'm just sayin'

  22. 22

    If she is willing to pay for it! Then alright. Give him the money and move on. Mario got one thing right Diamonds are a girls best friend. Hope this makes her happy.

  23. 23

    Re: Gay Republican
    I totally agree with you. She bought it. She's the one with the money.
    He's lucky to make timely payments on his Porche or whatever he has.
    To have $2 million sitting around after taxes, just for the ring…he's not Trump.

  24. 24

    When will her last desperate gasps at famewhoredom end? She should go back to what shes best at sex tapes.

  25. 25

    Seriously people? You actually believe Kris bought a ring for 2 mil? It belongs to her to begin with.

  26. 26

    He had to strap a 2×4 to his ass…so he wouldn't fall in.

  27. 27

    a grifter that's who.

  28. 28

    BECAUSE she wants BADLY to be Elizabeth Taylor. She wants a giant jewelry collection worth tens of millions. She wants to be like Liz so bad…too bad she forgot Liz was a talented actress, extremely charitable person ….and naturally beautiful.
    RIP Elizabeth please take care of Michael. xoxo

  29. 29

    Its odd– but my guess is, this is the way to cover up the fact that she had bought the thing herself. This way by adding the clause it could still be rightfully hers without spending anything. For some reason she decided to add the clause..probably to make sure her beau wouldnt f.. her over after a shortlived marriage or even annulment. She planned on divorcing him ever since she got married..people!

  30. 30

    wait didn't her mother say in an interview that the price of the ring was not even half of 2 mil and now in the prenup it says its worth 2 mil. i always knew this family was nothing but liars. they will do anything for money including selling their souls.

  31. 31

    she wants to keep it because : she bought it and because it meant nothing to her but media coverage. She's a media whore nut case.

  32. 32

    Isn't it "rumored"{ that she paid for over half of it anyway? He paid a portion of it because that way she could say that he paid for it and not be totallying lying.

  33. 33

    she had the ring since 2007. she bought it …..

  34. 34

    humphries' salary wouldnt even cover the cost of the band itself. lol

  35. 35

    The only thing she cared about was the ring and money. Kris was just a way to get a hold of it.

  36. 36

    Re: dustbalzonmehbAk – As i understood gift is not asked back, it is up to the person to give back but you should to ask for back.

  37. 37

    Re: luvs2hustle – lol that was a good one.

    I think she wants to keep it desperately cause she likes the attention, 2 million in her back doesnt get the attention that ring with a failure history does. She is just trashy.

  38. 38

    well for someone who feels she is equivalent to Liz Taylor, I don't think Liz ever had to buy her own jewellery back. Not that I think that ring belongs to you but hey, your not liz you never will be even if you marry 16 x's. Liz was given jewellery by men who worshipped her, who saw beauty like never before. She had peices of jewerlly specially made for her and diamonds given to her that we will never see the likes of again. So ho, how sad that you have to buy your own ring and now running off to see Khris after brainstorming about how to save your brand..run kris run. If you think getting blindsided by her divorce announcement was rotton just wait because they are going to set you up so kim looks like a victim.

  39. 39

    to ILOVERICKYMARTIN; let's be honest here, the Kardashians have no issues about lying. I think at this point Kim is going to try to get Kris to take the blame for the divorce. she is going to offer him anything to put this on him. Khris J. already posted a headline that there is "Something Horrendous Happened" and you will be the fall guy. This is all PR and you will be used again. Don't be as dump as you are portrayed in the public. Respect your family as Kim respected her dad's words "Go with your heart" and "go do a dispicable sex tape where someone will pee on you and bonk you up the butt." Thank you daddy for that great advice. Anyway, Kris, they are the most hated family in america, stay away from her and let see if Reggie Bush is going to make a fool of himself by hooking up with her. He will be the biggest laughting stock ever after this family showed their true colors. Not red because Indians are red and we know Kris hates Indian givers.

  40. 40

    Oh for heavens sake give him back the F**ing ring.

  41. 41

    It is her ring, she bought it, why would she give it back?
    This useless family needs to just go away.

  42. 42

    Dust Balls is correct. The ring was procured by Kris Jenner and heavily promoted in the media when the engagement was announced. Kris H. did not pay $2M for the ring. He wasn't involved in the transaction. Momager Kris bartered for the ring along with everything else in that so called wedding. Shame on Vera , Wolfie and the others involved in promotion via the wedding of Armenican trash. Of course Kim is going to keep the ring. It looks completely ridiculous. Kim is no Elizabeth Taylor. There was only one Liz and no one can ever take her place.

  43. 43

    You make me sick Kardashian
    17 million dollars for a wedding only to file for divorce soon after, while people are homeless and starving in your own country

  44. 44

    Re: CanadianBacon – You are Absolutely right!!!!

  45. 45

    No piece of ass is worth 2 million, sorry. That ring, tops, is worth 100k. I love how naive celebrities are confronted by a gemologist.

  46. 46

    if kim has any self respect, she will give kris his ring back.

  47. 47

    Yeah, that's a "big ironic." LOL. Who knows. Koo koo.

  48. 48

    I was a fan of the Kardashian's until now. I refuse to watch any of their shows. She is nothing more than a money hungry fame whore!! I loved watching Kris H put her in her place on the show! She should of stayed with him. Maybe he could bring her back to "reality." Kim you need to take every single dollar you and your disgusting family of trolls made off of this so called fairy tale wedding and give it to a homeless shelter or a charity! Auction off that ridiculous ring and donate that money too! There are so many people in need in the world! You make me sick!! Kris H. I admire you! Hang in there! You are too good for this disaster of a family. You need to find a real woman to take care of you like a wife should. She used you to make a hell of alot of money!!

  49. 49

    Give or sell him back the ring and buy a nice, tasteful emeral (or maybe sapphire). When I got married my husband to be was amazed at how much more expensive good emeralds were than diamonds.

  50. 50


  51. 51


  52. 52

    Yeah!!!! Kris gets back the $$$ and the Kris Humphries Foundation for Needy Children is saved from closing its doors!!! Thank God someone thought the prenup through. I am so happy I could sing. Hopefully Kris H wont believe anything Kim K tells him now.

  53. 53

    The sad part is, people are actually defending Kim..this skank deserves to be taken for all shes worth..Oh wait, women are the only ones allowed to completely screw someone over in a divorce and drain a man dry..CLEAN HER OUT!

    To the idiots saying she bought the ring. Uhh no, it was more than likely given to her for free..Just like her wedding dress, the photographers for the wedding..Its called free advertisement. This fame whore wasted Kris's time with a fake marriage for publicity and money. Despite her being the more famous one he deserves half of whatever she got for that wedding..considering she will go onto profit from idiotic magazines and new stations for post divorce interviews. Why can't this family die in a final destination type manner?

  54. 54

    yeah those big diamonds look ridiculous and pretentious and they don't really sparkle.
    how can anyone walk around with that!!!! and they should give some money to armenia is struggling. my husband and i have a child there that we sponsor through world vision. why do they not give $$$$ to armenia!!!!!!!!! oh wait, no they need to scam millions by having a fake wedding. these people have brain damage. they are people who have had everything handed to them but that is still not enough is it!!!! greedy, liars, con-artists.

  55. 55

    Why would she keep it? I don't care how much it is worth. It's not like she would ever wear it out in public again. The only reason I could see her keeping it would be to sell it off. GREED.

  56. 56

    Why? Because she is a materialistic bitch who only cares about "things" Did you really need to ask that question? Looks fake anyway.

  57. 57

    And people say that Gays ruin the sanctity of marriage?? Really??

  58. 58

    Sounds like Perez is jealous…get your own ex-husband freak!

  59. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why didn't they pop this bit of info out right away to protect her rep as a greedy ex and quell the maelstrom? Is this even true?

  60. 60

    It is strange to put such a clause in your prenup. It's seems as if it was more of a business deal than a marriage. However, these are "celebrities" let's be honest there has probably been worst. I never thought the marriage was going to last anyways, when he proposed to her in the 1st place she liked what she saw but when he asked the question she froze til she saw that big diamond staring at her then she said yes. I can't believe they didn't make money off of that. Seems like kris was the one person that wasn't going to kiss her butt and do whatever she wanted, he spoke his mind to much and that's not good for business .

  61. 61

    What a sleezy slut dog!!! She doesn't like kris and wants nothing more to do with him, but she likes the ring? go figure!! Oh well she can pay him off.. He would never be able to get what he paid for it anyway. Might as well let his greedy bitch have it. Stupid!!!