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Brett Ratner Says Rehearsing Is For "F*gs"

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The epic fail of Brett Ratner continues.

As reported earlier, Ratner recently came and had to defend his sexuality when it came to….shrimp? Now the director is throwing around hurtful hate speech.

According to reports, Ratner was asked after a screening of his new flick, Tower Heist, if he rehearsed with his actors. Ratner casually waved the question off and said "Rehearsal is for f*gs."

Bad, Brett Ratner….just bad.

Ratner has already issued an apology, stating the following:

I apologize for any offense my remarks caused. It was a dumb way of expressing myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. But as a storyteller I should have been much more thoughtful about the power of language and my choice of words.

Do U think he's sincere?

[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “Brett Ratner Says Rehearsing Is For "F*gs"”

  1. 1

    "Do U think he's sincere?"
    Yes, we can all say things off the cuff that do not necessarily reflect our values.
    Get off his case.

  2. 2

    While what he said was inexcusable, haven't you called a certain Black Eyed Peas member a 'f*ggot' to his face before? Don't be so quick to judge others when you yourself are an insensitive dick at times.

  3. 3

    What ever happened to Freedom of Speech ??????
    All this PC BS of not using this word, or that word because someone may be offended is way out of control
    IM sure if Perez had a dollar for every time he was called a nasty name growing up, he could buy own clothes now

  4. 4

    Why repeat it??? He used a non pc word?? ANd

  5. 5

    GET OFF THE CROSS PEREZ. We need the wood

  6. 6

    well that explains why his movies suck - he doesn't rehearse his actors. idiot.

  7. 7

    Who cares what he says. He is not really classy and just speaks without thinking. No need to take everything so literally.

  8. 8

    I'm more offended that he finds rehearsing so unimportant.

    Although yes, the F word is bad and shouldn't be used.

  9. 9

    since he's basically a talentless hack who hangs with that other homophobe Eddie Murphy this shouldn't be so surprising. he probably forgot he was in public and was just being himself. was he also masturbating and eating shrimp at the same time when he made as he said this "offensive remark". first it was "I banged her a few times but I forgot her," and now "Rehearsal is for f*gs" such classy words for a "storyteller" LOL! god, please don't let him direct Wicked.

  10. 10

    There is nothing wrong with ""F@g". I hear people use it all the time.

  11. 11

    Wow, funny how you censor the word in question (I won't type it because I know this biased site automatically deletes any post with it in) when it's a truncated version of a word you called a particular black eyed pea.

  12. 12

    I'm glad there is some out there that speak their mind. Screw the PC.

  13. 13

    Maybe it is for f-a-gs who cares period at all?

  14. 14

    Isn't this the same guy who throws water ballons at homeless people for fun? I think he isn't such a nice person so its not surprising he says hurtful things.

  15. 15

    anyone hoos seen x3 can tell u the man doesnt like rehersal or thinking things out in general

  16. 16

    Ratner sucks and is a crappy director.

  17. 17

    You have the same freedom of speech as this guy has, Mario. He shouldn't have to apologize at all. He should be able to freely express himself just like you can.

  18. 18

    and directing films is for artists, not graceless schlubs who got lucky

  19. 19

    There are more pressing issues, don't be a f*g

  20. 20

    It amazes me how time after time you can lay jugement on people for doing EXACTLY what you did. Shame on you hypocrit!

  21. 21

    BTW you and your "PC Posse" will do more to harm your cause then help…wait and see.

  22. 22

    All things being EQUAL, he's entitled to exercise his FREEDOM OF SPEECH and say whatever he likes; even your own readers (the declining number of readers … LOL) rarely support you anymore with your p-h-a-g cause. Why? Because you're a whiny hypocritical girl and no one respects you. :D

  23. 23

    What's more offensive is how artless and classless the guy is. Most film directors are fairly well-educated and sensitive people. This guy is just…trashy.

  24. 24

    OK, so this is how it goes. Some random uber-testosteroned (or so he thinks), Hollywood figure uses the "F" word, then issues a "really super sincere" apology, which in straight dude secret code, (wink, wink) is no apology at all, so all the "F" hatin' dudes will go to his new action flick. "DUUUUDE!! He said "F#$"!" kewl, 'n shit.