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Herman Cain Agrees To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT!

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And such timing. We just heard that a fourth woman is coming forward to claim that the Republican presidential hopeful sexually harassed her. Bet he and Jimmy will talk all about that tonight!

Herman Cain may still be doing decently in the polls, but he's still got a lot of damage control to deal with if he's going to stay that way. That's mostly why Cain has decided to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, even after Jimmy didn't hold back on on the former Godfather's Pizza president and chief executive officer last month in a very personal (and funny) skit.

But J.D Gordon of Cain's campaign is calling Herman's appearance on the show tonight a "tremendous opportunity," one the whole staff is looking forward. Gordon says:

"Mr. Cain has said for months now that America needs a sense of humor and to the extent that he appears on shows like with Mr. Kimmel, I think he can help achieve that."

Hope he's ready to laugh about four different women claiming that his hands have gone places voters don't appreciate them going! That's most definitely on the agenda for sure!

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14 comments to “Herman Cain Agrees To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT!”

  1. 1

    the 4th woman is bs, but the first 2 arent.

    he obviously did it, sexual harassment is not exactly uncommon in the workplace, he didnt think he was going to run for president back when that happened, hes only hurting himself.

  2. 2

    I am now voting for Hermann. I didn't know he was such a powerhouse contender till this smear campaign.

  3. 3

    Smear campaign? Look, he did it. Whats to smear? The truth is the truth.

  4. 4

    Herman is a sick predator. These facts about Mr. Cain were released by the Republican scumbags not the Democratic Party.

  5. 5

    Never heard of him until about 2-3 weeks ago - Ron Paul!

  6. 6

    The latest accuser who held a press meeting today, along with her attorney
    Gloria RedDress, has quite a history
    In less than 12 hours it has come out she is hundreds of thousands in debt, she has lost several law suits, one from a man she claimed was her babies daddy,
    Has a string of jobs, that she can never keep, and seems to enjoy changing sex partners even more than changing her sheetsMy favorite is she worked for Revlon
    Remember that is the company Monica Lewinsky was off to work for,
    Bill clintonhad his buddy Vernon Jordan chauffeurer the slut to the job

  7. 7

    I dont know if the scuttlebutt is true - But I figure Kennedy and Clinton were constantly hitting on women. And the press kept saying it was no biggie. So Im not swayed by that. I am, however, increasingly impressed by the man. He seems confident - not just the typical egotistical type

  8. 8

    First off, PLEASE, PLEASE learn how to spell. If you are trying to be some pukey gossip journalist then atleast learn to type in English, thanks. By the way I'm a twenty year old high school drop out mind you, although I'm sure I could beat you out in ANY test of mental capabilities, I just don't like the standard way of school systems. SECOND, stay the fuck out of politics when you don't know what you are talking about. I al aksp voting for him, mqybe if all you fucking idiots weren't so busy with obsessing over useless celebrities lives then maybe you would know what is actually happening in the race for the prize.

  9. 9

    Back up off his shit, and I don't.expect to hear one more sexual thing about someone come out of your mouth because it can be considered "sexual harassment". Oh, and I forgot, people don't EVER make thing up about people to make them look bad in tje public eye, right?! I mean, that would just be UNHEARD of for some of these women to be exaggerating the truth. I'll make sure to file harassment on any man who hits on me or tries to have sex with me.

  10. 10

    Hey ladies, maybe if you quit dressing like a bunch of.skanks you wouldn't get "harassed" so much, ever thought of that? Screw all you media engrossed left wing fools, you are the people ruining.the future of.this country, you male.decisions based on such skewed "facts" and you don't even know it, and then you go and spread your foul.gossip to all you RETARDED FOLLOWERS. yeah I'm a fan of some flamer who tries to talk shit about a bunch of people who are highly more relevant than him who doesn't even know how to spell. Do the country a favor and keep your fat ass mouth out of this presidential race. YOU DON'T MATTER.

  11. 11

    @gegoryschmo and @mistique. I think it is EXTREMELY unfair for you to sit here and treat this man as if he is guilty. The fact is, unless you were there, you do not know what happened. In my opinion, it is as equally probable that this women (if there was any contact at all) threw herself at him but again, there are NO facts whatsoever proving either. The codes of common decency say you give a person the benefit of the doubt and the Law of this country says everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So give the guy a break please. It is extremely unfair to make snap judgments off of what you are seeing in the media or rather what the media is wanting you to see, because we ALL know the media never twists stories to get ratings. And do you ppl not find it odd that these "women" are coming out now: 15 YEARS after the fact. 15 YEARS! If there was any merit to these allegations, these women would have come out with this publicly back in the 1990's. And finally, is it not at least a little strange to you that this story is coming out RIGHT as Herman Cain became the front-runner? Think about it.

  12. 12

    Go Herman 2012! There's no cigar and stained dress in your closet! Or a love child with your photo journalist mistress, while your wife dies of cancer!

  13. 13

    Re: boston61 – you are honestly a blind fool. Do you not realize how left winged biased the media is? Yes, including the OH SO GREAT AND RELEVENT (NOT) PEREZ HILTON. ill make sure to bring up times when guys hit on me and o didn't like it to the authorities, but not until the guys happen to run for president of the united states so I can get my broke ass some media coverage and possibly money from the men, oh and possibly ruin their chances of winningeven though they have some of the best, kost effective ideas out of ANY candidate in the race. yeah lets all talk shit amd ruin the one chance we have to save this godforsaken land. Let's just keep spreading lies…that will certainly help us so much.

  14. 14

    Re: mistique – once again, you are a severely misinformed individual. I'm actually really sorry about that too. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, or what is going on. this is politics, and this whole situation is the definition of a smear campaign. Where is your proof that all of this happened? Oh, you must have been there! Going on 2 decades ago by the way. It's almost sick that these women would start making such accusations so many years later, it can't even be taken seriously. This is a race for the president of the united states, people are gonna be talking shit. But its fucked up to try to ruin the persons chances who is GOING TO SAVE THIS SHITTY ECONOMY and who knows what its like to start from the absolute bottom. Then YOU, "mistique" are just another idiot spreading lies you hear, just like in high school. Please never vote, you are way too uneducated on the candidates to make a proper decision. Don't ruin it for the rest of us