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Our Least Favorite Bad Girl Is….

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Every season there is one! One housemate we just can't stand!

Who was it this season on the Bad Girls Club????

Find out (above)!!!

The Perez-hosted two-part Bad Girls Club reunion special premieres this evening, Monday, at 9 PM on Oxygen.

You MUST watch!!!

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12 comments to “Our Least Favorite Bad Girl Is….”

  1. 1

    she speaks as if she smokes about 20pks a day. You don't like because she is homophobic, which was annoying, but the others were just to dumb to care.

  2. 2

    Its Tasha isn't it? But I think the "least favorited" bad girl was Stasi, she was the fakest one there.

  3. 3

    Just shows what a fraud you are for hosting a show where bullying is the main theme. Money talks and Hilton sells out yet again. The campaign is full of hypocrites.

  4. 4

    Bitch still hating on the females. Damn you're a one trick pony.

  5. 5

    hahahahaha i loveee you perez!!!! this is an award that i am giving to you for being my LEAST FAVORITE HOUSEMATE!!!!…#hero

  6. 6

    Re: Lady Who?
    really? grow up you're going to accuse him of fraud get off his site if you actually pay attention he says violence is not the answer no where in this video did i see him go against that so keep your comments to yourself your award will be next

  7. 7

    Re: briemariexo – You're a fool if you actually respect Hilton, lmfao. Violence may not be the answer but getting paid to endorse a show about bullies sure is. Idots like you deserve each other.

  8. 8

    Re: Lady Who? – first off i do respect him and you can keep running your mouth because you're the "fool/idiot" that obviously still follows his site. second i don't watch the show but the fact is it's just a SHOW. i'm pretty sure you go and see movies with violence and bullying in it so get over yourself you act all anti bully well you were attacking him on his own site who's the fraud now? just stop..

  9. 9

    Re: briemariexo – You just don't get it. This site was created on hate and bullying, Hilton now says he's anti-bully but is paid to endorse a show about bullying. He's a phony and a fraud, his sites are dieing and we're only here to to see him fail and make an ass of himself. And you respecting this sick pedophile who posts pics of himself shitting in Bieber's mouth just shows you're not all there.

  10. 10

    Re: Lady Who? – for someone who keeps arguing and cares too much to write comments on his falling site i would take a look at yourself there budd before you say someone else isn't all there. and i could honestly care less i came on here to see the video for conrad murray and saw this and was laughing, but he's doing something he wants to do if he's failing there's no need for assholes like you to rub it in your face that's like going up to a homeless person and taunting them for living on the streets. he's not the only one who has business falling out. but for someone who thinks they know everything and can't get off their high horse i greatly appreciate your insight on how i'm not all there cause it's pure humor for me to see that coming from someone like you as well. i'm done with this now kthanks byeeee :)

  11. 11

    Re: Lady Who?
    p.s this site wasn't created for hate/bullying it was for people to be up to date on their favorite stars, etc but for a professional blogger obviously he puts his own opinions in that's the whole point in order to get business..go to college you'll learn all about it

  12. 12

    Ok So Tasha was definetly the most annoying although they all had thier moments.