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As Michelle Williams struts her stuff as Marilyn Monroe in the newly released A Week With Marilyn, the late bombshell has always been an icon. Now, after… Read more…

35 comments to “Rare Marilyn Monroe Photos Hit The Web!”

  1. 1

    God, she was beautiful.

  2. 2

    In 50 years from now ppl then will look back and see Lindsay Lohan.

  3. 3

    Not sure Michelle Williams can pull it off. There's only one Marilyn, who btw wouldn't survive in today's Hollywood of the stick insect!

  4. 4

    You mean "nearly FIFTY years of absence". She died in 1962. Do your maths! *sigh*

  5. 5

    Wow- she was so breathtaking!! Love these pictures

  6. 6

    these were taken in banff, alberta! one of the prettiest town ever. i love going there.

  7. 7

    Lord, she was just so damn adorable. I love that bear photo. Her expression is precious and I love her little cheeky looks. When she had a natural smile, she was just the prettiest person.

  8. 8

    If she were a start today, they'd tell her to lose 20lbs, put out a sex tape, then maybe she'd have a shot….

  9. 9

    she comes alive in those photos. Not many people have such a genuine life in pictures, few do. I agree though with the comment above, she would be eaten alive if she was here today, just like Britney & Lindsay were.

  10. 10

    Perez, I submit you are among the ONLY people who looked at this photo and saw…crutches.
    Just sayin'.

  11. 11

    first thing i thought about seeing crutches was that betch from Bev Hills Housewives brandi lol.

  12. 12

    I had no idea Marilyn visited Alberta! I live only 30 minutes from this town :)

  13. 13

    absolute stunner. gorgeous, beautiful woman

  14. 14

    uhm I definitely saw these online like months ago …

  15. 15

    wow they are stunning

    old vintage photos just ooze character and charisma and the story just jumps out at you. And Norma jean just looks at her most beautiful and happy.

  16. 16

    She wasn't twig thin, didn't have plastic surgery or botox or implants. She was a natural brunette and she only colored her hair blonde. She was the dream of every man on the planet and every young boy. She was the envy of every woman. There never has, nor will there ever be another like her.

  17. 17

    She was a stunningly beautiful woman. If she could come back, all the Kardshians in the world couldn't compare to her. Yeah, she had her problems and was shagging a married president, but she had this aura of innocence and sadness that made her all the more intriguing.

  18. 18

    Re: Susie-Q – She had a couple of nose jobs, and other procedures google Norma jean she looks nothing like she was born to look like.

  19. xoxoj says – reply to this


    She reminds me of Elaine Hendrix in a lot of these pictures, especially the sixth one

  20. 20

    Please keep Liz Hurley away from these. Last thing I need is for her to spew her hateful drivel about a woman who will always be 100 times the human being she can ever hope to be.

  21. 21

    What A True Beauty! I Adore MM !

  22. 22

    Re: Susie-Q – She definitely did have plastic surgery. A nose job and some other minor tweaks. Her hair was (obviously) fake and she was actually fairly petite, despite some saying she was a size 12 (while in reality, she ranged from a size 6 or 8 in modern sizes).

  23. 23

    Re: Susie-Q – AGREE!

  24. 24

    No…she was a size 12. And is is beautiful!

  25. 25

    hey that's in banff!!! i live really close to banff, that's awesome!

  26. 26

    What a classic beauty. She was simply stunning…

  27. 27

    What a beauty - few if any can compare to her today (do not mention Angelina Jolie).

  28. 28

    Love Marilyn! I have nearly every book every written about her. She really was Norma Jean. A Candle in the Wind.

  29. 29

    WOW!!!! she looks so natural and happy up in the mountains..it is SO sad she didn't have kids with him..he loved her so…My grandmother, maternal side…went to high school with Marilyn in Los Angeles for a couple of years…Marilyn had quite the "Boy" reputation back in the day…as well as being known as quite the pothead..she was shunned by all the girls ..even then…SAD..and obviously a result of her horrific upbringing..being molested as a child…she was acting out as just a high schooler…to a peer audience

  30. 30

    She has to be the most overrated person in history of human kind.

  31. 31

    A photographer from Look magazine documented her visit to Banff, but only two of his photos ever appeared in print until last year, when they were released in a book called Marilyn, August 1953.

  32. 32

    Really adorable. One thing I noticed though is that she was really not all that busty.
    Maybe a C cup at best. Sophia Loren was way bustier (and 10 years younger) or even Jane Russell. Marilyn had that certain something though & nobody ever really imitates in exactly. Michelle Williams is too mousy to be Monroe & Lohan's stab at it was equally pathetic. Nice that they are releasing the real Monroe in these photos.

  33. 33

    Wow how beautiful she was. She looks so happy in these pictures. Even injured she looked amazing

  34. 34

    Lovely. Nice to see a natural looking woman, pre-fillers and puffy lips. Tweaks are fine over forty, little ones, but compare her to some of the "celebrities" of today and 2011's look like aliens.

  35. cdfhd says – reply to this


    discovered, what? these photos have been on display at the Banff Springs Hotel for as long as i can remember