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Shakira Gets Her Star On The Walk Of Fame!!

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Shakira Star Hollywood Walk of Fame

A super big CONGRATS goes out to Shakira!!!

The she-wolf accepted her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame Tuesday. Plated with a record, the star honors her for her talent and achievements in the music industry.

Shakira is the first Colombian to receive a star on the famous Walk, and the day was made even sweeter with her parents in attendance to cheer her on. Aww.

It's always so wonderful when we see someone get a star who truly deserves it for their contributions to the world of entertainment!

Please! Peruse the rest of the photos below. Enjoy 'em! And congrats again, girl!

[Image via FayesVisionWENN.]

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11 comments to “Shakira Gets Her Star On The Walk Of Fame!!”

  1. 1

    This is a pet-peeve of mine. I have nothing against this singer, but I do have something against every minor celebrity on the planet getting a star on the walk of fame. If everyone has a star, then how special is having a star? Not very, I'd say.

  2. 2

    i hate thef fact that she wants to loook white i mean she is still blond , please google her name and look at her old pictures with old natural black hair l she used to look like a mexican that cleans toiltets for a living .

  3. 3

    The fuck did she ever do besides write some mediocre pop songs?

  4. 4

    she has like one hit every 5 years. LOL.

  5. 5

    Shakira, Shakira her hips don't lie.

  6. 6

    IGNORANCE is sad.

    Shakira is one of or dare i say the biggest International singer and performer of this generation. Her career has had its ups and downs but she has always managed to finish on top. It's about time they give her that star, and for the record they wouldn't give Shakira a star if the committee didn't think she deserved it, I could go on and on about her UNICEF work and all 10+ Grammys she owns but I just love the way some of you guys's blood boils to know that a simple girl from Colombia could some day have a star in the walk of fame :-)
    Peace and love

  7. 7

    Really??? WHY??? I mean.. she has some catchy tunes but… she is NOT a good vocalist… It may be a matter of opinion, but come on! Really listen to her voice… it's NOT pure… it's just not good!!!!!! These things kinda piss me off!!! If you're gonna give out stars anyway, pick some GOOD vocalists!!!

  8. 8

    Oh Please! Shakira's voice is flawless!

  9. 9

    Re: brupmedi – Your hearing must be permanently damaged if you honestly think Shakira's voice is flawless. I admire what she has done for her community and underprivileged children; however, her voice sounds like a yodeling donkey. Average people who sing karaoke sound better than her.

  10. 10

    You ask what she's done? Hello, she is the biggest Latin music artist ever! Sure Gloria Estefan and Selena may have paved the way for her but none of them have had the continued success worldwide that she has had. She writes or co writes all of her music, plays a few instruments, is in control of her career in much the same way that Madonna has been. I'm going to probably piss a lot of people off here but she is pretty much up their with Madonna and Michael in that she has crossed culture barriers. Her album Fijacion Oral is the highest debut in the U.S. for an all Spanish album. She was the first Latin artist to perform an all Spanish song at the MTV Awards. She's the first Colombian to have a star on the walk of fame. She has been doing philanthropy since she was 18…something you can't say for many American celebrities (Britney, Christina). Her career has never been marred by scandal like all your American pop stars. She has been able to flawlessly merge her music career, sexy image, and charity…something I can't even say Madonna has done. Everytime Madonna tries to do something charitable, scandal always follows because of her past. She sells out arenas in countries where Spanish isn't even spoken all that much.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's been huge in the rest of the world. America only gets shavings of what this girl's been up to the last decade.